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We use Webpack HMR to develop Boostnote. You can use following commands to use default configuration at the top of project directory.

Install requirement packages.

$ npm install

Build codes.

$ npm run webpack

After a few seconds, you will see this message.

webpack: bundle is now VALID.

Then, we have to run the app.

$ npm run hot

Actually the app can be start with npm start. However, the app will use the compiled script.

By this, webpack will watch the code changes and apply it automatically.


There are some cases you have to refresh app yourself. 1. When editing constructor method of a component 2. When adding a new css class(same to 1: CSS class is re-written by each component. This process occurs at Constructor method.)


We use Grunt. Acutal deploy can be run by grunt. However, you shouldn't use because the default task is including codesign and authenticode.

So, we prepare a script which just make an executable file.

grunt pre-build

You will find the executable from dist. In this case, auto updater won't work because the app isn't signed.

If you are necessary, you can do codesign or authenticode by this excutable.