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User interface components for Starling Framework
Latest commit 41148e5 @joshtynjala joshtynjala LayoutGroup: when the background skin changes, calls setRequiresRedra…
…w() so that the background will render properly (since no display list functions are called to trigger it) (closes #1266)

Feathers UI 3.0.0-prerelease Build Status

Warning: This is a pre-release version of Feathers UI. It may contain bugs or unfinished features. It is not recommended for production apps because it is considered potentially unstable. Use at your own risk. To download a stable build, visit the Feathers website.

Say hello to Feathers UI, a library of light-weight, skinnable, and extensible UI controls for mobile and desktop. The components run on Starling Framework and the Adobe Flash runtimes — offering blazing fast GPU powered graphics to create a smooth and responsive experience. Build completely standalone, native applications on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X, or target Adobe Flash Player in desktop browsers. Created by Josh Tynjala from Bowler Hat LLC, Feathers UI is free and open source.

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To download the latest stable version of Feathers UI, visit

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