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* Do a "manual persistence" version of the multi-process web demo
* Refactor the demos to a final state - rename files to be simpler,
remove old crap code, move XML / HTML files in to sub-directories.
* Review and add API support for Amqp transactions.
* Add support for sending multiple Amqp messages in a single "write
session". May be best to use a "send stack"
* Alter the build sequence to refuse to build in cases where a class
and method field name clashes. This should mean that the
simplified field handling in the wire\Method class is safe.
* Consider persistence WRT Connection exit strategy helpers.
* Ensure that if a channel is removed, all undelivered and partial
messages for that channel are also removed. Warn if content gets
* Figure out how to support RMQ HA queues:
In particular: "As a result of the requeuing, clients that
re-consume from the queue must be aware that they are likely to
subsequently receive messages that they have seen previously"