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3D Infinite Procedurally-Generated Art Gallery! This pulls from Reddit's r/Art and creates a procedural infinite art gallery from random (sfw-only) posts.

Rendered entirely with THREE.JS in the browser. (May) require a server couterpart to host and filter posts from the Reddit, Harvard Art Museum, and Met APIs.

How It Works

  • First, a world is created (using a ceiling and a floor tile) using a Minecraft-style chunk system. This way, the world will traverse (mostly) infinitely no matter what direction you move in.
  • Then, we use a middleman server to send random images from Reddit's art-related subreddits to the client. This can be intensive and the server is prone to crashing when there are too many people, so if there's any better solutions please contribute or post in the issues tab :))
  • We generate the images randomly 30 meters in front of the player. There is a 10% chance every second for an image to generate, and once it is generated, there is a mandated cooldown of 10 5 seconds.


  • Proper Crediting - right now, the server will etch the artist's name onto the image file. This is both hard to read and computationally intensive (and possibly a licensing violation in some cases?), so maybe a plaque with the author and title could be better. Unfortunately, Reddit's API is prone to many (many) issues and we can't just direct-link the image without the middleman server. Done!
  • VR Support. Some nice people online told me this would work really well in VR. Lucky I have a rift lying around to test the idea with!
  • Walls. Add some excitement to walking! Place art in frames on walls, above plaques with information about them. Done!
  • Server rewrite. Currently it's very slow and running on a machine less powerful than a raspberry pi, haha. Done!
  • 3D Art: Sculptures section! Single-colored 3d models in their own exhibits.
  • Art Submissions. Maybe people could manually submit their own art?
  • Classical Art. The Harvard Art Museum and The Met offer open-sourced APIs for serving classical images. This kind of goes against the point of the project though, which is to showcase art made by people like you and me - not classical artists. This one needs some discussion!
  • Mobile Phone Support!!!!!!! (figure out how to do controls on a phone) Done! This one was really hard. Thanks to @mese79's repo for help.
  • Firefox Support Done!
  • Mouse Direction Reversal Done!

front board and tutorial walls and art


3D Infinite Art Gallery! This pulls from Reddit's r/Art and creates a procedural infinite art gallery from random (sfw-only) posts.