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  1. mediapress mediapress Public

    The Most advanced Media Gallery Plugin for BuddyPress

    PHP 33 17

  2. blog-categories-for-groups blog-categories-for-groups Public

    BuddyPress Blog Categories for groups Plugin

    PHP 13 6

  3. buddypress-notifications-widget buddypress-notifications-widget Public

    BuddyPress Notification Widget

    PHP 9 10

  4. bp-force-profile-photo bp-force-profile-photo Public

    Force Users to upload profile photo before they can use the site.

    PHP 9 3

  5. bp-xprofile-custom-field-types bp-xprofile-custom-field-types Public

    Xprofile Custom field types for BuddyPress

    PHP 9 9

  6. bp-limit-group-membership-per-user bp-limit-group-membership-per-user Public

    Limit how many groups a user can join

    PHP 8 3


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