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Bumblebeed does not start on boot after upgrade to 3.1 (Linux Mint 13/14?) #337

porzechowski opened this Issue February 26, 2013 · 30 comments
Piotr "Orzech" Orzechowski

Distro: Linux Mint 14 Nadia (but Ubuntu 12.04 probably as well, as per

Bumblebeed does not start automatically on boot after upgrade (still can be run manually though). The workaround for this issue is to create /etc/init/bumblebeed.override file containing:

start on    (runlevel [2345])
stop on     (runlevel [016])

or to place these stanzas back in /etc/init/bumblebeed.conf file instead of the following:

start on    (login-session-start or desktop-session-start)
stop on     (desktop-shutdown)

EDIT by Lekensteyn: if you are a newb and do not know how to make these changes, follow the following instructions:

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Paste the below command:
printf 'start on    (runlevel [2345])\nstop on     (runlevel [016])\n' | sudo tee /etc/init/bumblebeed.override
  1. Press Enter to run this.
  2. Enter your password
  3. Profit!

EDIT: Please note that I didn't put much effort into finding any other workarounds. I have simply compared tag v3.0.1 to v3.1 and that was it. So maybe there's some other solution.

Bruno Pagani

But this change happened to solve issues, as said at 20b4ece.

@Lekensteyn, an idea about this?


I have same problem. I updated system today, bumblebee was on the list. I updated bumblebee many times and have not problems. But today after reboot my cooler still working and command "lshw -c video" showing me two cards instead of intel only. Starting bumblebee manually by "sudo start bumblebee" solving problem. My conf file after update have lines:

start on (login-session-start or desktop-session-start)
stop on (desktop-shutdown)

Linux Mint 14 64bit, XFCE
Kernell: 3.5.0-25
Dell XPS LX502 Nvidia Optimus GT 540M


same error here. Mint Linux 13 (based on Ubunt12.04).


Had the same issue. Editing the stanzas you specified fixed the problem. Registered an account just to thank you guys for figuring out the solution. :)

Peter Wu

Please post relevant lines of your syslog so we can see why bumblebeed did not start.

Piotr "Orzech" Orzechowski

This is the funniest part, because, at least in my case, there was nothing in syslog since upgrade, as if bumblebeed script simply wasn't run at boot. However, manual "service bumblebeed start" did append related stuff to syslog. That's why I started to look for solution in /etc/init*/bumblebeed*.

Peter Wu

Does /etc/init/bumblebeed.override exist? Is /etc/init/bumblebeed.conf still the original one? What about /etc/init.d/bumblebeed (should be a wrapper for the upstart script).

Piotr "Orzech" Orzechowski

It seems I didn't make it clear: after upgrade to 3.1, but before creating /etc/init/bumblebeed.override, no bumblebeed related logs were appended to syslog until I run script manually. Now everything is fine, but I use the override. I haven't changed /etc/init/bumblebeed.conf nor /etc/init.d/bumblebeed.

Peter Wu

@porzechowski Alright, that should be fine then. I have one other very likely cause, noone of the login-session-start or desktop-session-start events are emitted.

As far as dependencies go, I think that bumblebeed must:

  • start after the hybrid-detect service has run
  • before any desktop/Xorg has started (if possible)
  • before dkms has started (is there a dkms service that rebuilds kernel modules on start?)
  • after/before (?) pulseaudio (I remember a kernel oops bug somewhere in kernel 3.2 caused by bad interaction with the audio driver on HDMI audio hardware)

Then we can revert to the changes and use start-stop with those numeric levels instead.

Sam Worley

Thanks a lot! Solved the issue for me as well.

Peter Wu

@samworley I have seen your mail, you are also using Linux Mint (14). Is LM that different in regard with upstart hooks?

dibok commented March 04, 2013

I also noticied that I often have problems with my laptop power off. Just black screen, I must manually press power off button.

Chaitanya Andhare

I'm using Linux Mint 14 (fully updated) on an Asus N55SL laptop (Geforce GT 635M). Creating the /etc/init/bumblebeed.override worked for me.

@porzechowski Thanks for the workaround!

Sam Worley

You could just replace the two lines, as also suggested, in the .conf file and save creating a new file!

Chaitanya Andhare

I know! Either way works :)

Bruno Pagani

Definitely looks to be a Linux Mint issue...

Peter Wu

Confirmed to be true for LM 13.


Also after update to 3.1 at openSuSE 12.2 x64 from repository bumblebeed.service did not start.
I have a systemd, not system V.
A bumblebee-3.1-3.1.x86_64.rpm now installs bumblebeed.service to /usr/lib/systemd/system/, but not to /lib/systemd/system/.
After move it to /lib/systemd/system/ and run
#systemctl enable bumblebeed.service
service starts normally.

Bruno Pagani

@gorin666 This is a totally different issue, that is depending on openSuSE packaging.


Had the same problem on Linux Mint 13. Modifying /etc/init/bumblebeed.conf as in the OP, followed by a reboot, solved the problem. Thank you, @porzechowski !

Adler Brediks Medrado

Thank you guys.
The override solution worked well for me.


Thank you so much. I have changed the file /etc/init/bumblebeed.conf by changing the start and stop lines with your suggestion. It worked for me too.

I am on Linux Mint 13.

Bruno Pagani

@Lekensteyn What should we do here? Package Bumblebee differently for Linux Mint? Do we know what change exactly causes this.

Peter Wu

When reverting to the runlevel lines, test:

  • Whether pulseaudio still work with machines equipped with the HDMI audio port. (bad interaction with bbswitch caused an Oops in the patch in combination with the audio component of vgaswitcheroo)
  • Whether X starts without a black screen (probing for nvidia card during startup or something?)

I would keep packaging the same, diverging for such a small thing is an unnecessary maintenance burden.

Oh, and we likely need to disable PCI config space poking too to lower the chance of errors.

nO0B commented July 12, 2013

Hi everyone, so the solution here did not work for me. I tried manually starting the daemon, I tried re-installing nvidia drivers and bumblebee itself, and I have tried editing the conf file. Nothing works. I have an integrated graphics card (Intel HD 4000 and Nvidia Geforce 630m). syslog tells me that the device is not configured. I can provide you with more information if required, but I was wondering if there might be another thread that might be more relevant to the issue I am having.

Peter Wu

@nO0B If manually starting bumblebeed fails, then this is not related to this issue. Make sure to mention which distro you are using.

nO0B commented July 13, 2013

I am using linux mint 13. I am actually coming to realize that I might not have the nvidia card, only the Intel one. Not sure why I thought I had the nvidia, but I guess bumblebee doesn't apply to me.

Bruno Pagani

Is this still an issue for Mint user?

Piotr "Orzech" Orzechowski

@ArchangeGabriel, you mean on LM 13 and 14 or later? If later, I did not experience this problem on LM 16, and AFAIR neither on 15.

Bruno Pagani

Ok, LM 14 is still supported for some time (I will not consider LM 13 for this), so we will keep this issue open until there, in case some people are looking for this. To be closed on May 1st, 2014.

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