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šŸ“±šŸŒ® TrustApp Cases for Obvious Security šŸŒ®šŸ“±
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šŸ“± šŸŒ® TACOS - Security in your smartphone šŸ“± šŸŒ®

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TACOS is the mobile application by CASES.

TACOS provides a spam detection feature. It allows you to check for spam phone numbers from your incoming calls. Our database of spam is built among other thanks to the MISP project. Of course you can also contribute to our database by reporting spam phone numbers.

Besides that, TACOS is also an awareness application for cybersecurity. We included some tools like a password cards generator, some security and privacy awareness games.

Check out the website of TACOS.


  • Detect and report spam phone numbers
  • Generate and manage password cards
  • Security and privacy awareness games
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Security news curated by the CASES team


This software is licensed under GNU General Public License version 3

Copyright (C) 2019 SMILE gie

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