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Center for Biomedical Image Computing & Analytics (CBICA)

CBICA focuses on the development and application of advanced computation techniques.


  1. CaPTk CaPTk Public

    Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk) is a software platform to perform image analysis and predictive modeling tasks. Documentation:

    C++ 166 63

  2. Tutorials Tutorials Public

    Here, we will be showcasing our seminar series “CPP for Image Processing and Machine Learning” including presentations and code examples. There are image processing and machine learning libraries o…

    C++ 54 26

  3. CmdParser CmdParser Public

    An easy to use Command Line Parser and Common Workflow Language (CWL) specification creater/reader

    C++ 5

  4. CBICA_Toolkit CBICA_Toolkit Public

    This is a toolkit with basic functionality to help C++ projects

    C++ 4 2

  5. FigureGenerator FigureGenerator Public

    This helps creating high quality figures for use in manuscripts and presentations.

    Python 10 2


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