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Welcome! (i mirëpritur; welkom; bienvenue; benvenuto; witamy; bienvenidos; 欢迎 أهلا بك; ようこそ; 환영; chào mừng; soo dhawow; karibu; Taŋyáŋ yahípi)

In CHAOSS, we help people better understand the health of the open source communities that they care about. As open source is now a critical part in nearly everything we do, understanding the health of open source communities is really important. Thanks for checking us out!

Finding Your Way

Joining an open source project can be overwhelming. In CHAOSS, there are a few key things to know about the project that might help you find your way:

  1. We develop metrics. The metrics are developed in different working groups that focus on different things like diversity, equity, and inclusion within an open source project, the risks associated with an open source project, and the evolution that projects might go through.
  2. We develop software. The software is developed in different groups - GrimoireLab and Augur. Both GrimoireLab and Augur are open source software tools that help display the CHAOSS metrics.
  3. We develop programs. The programs include our DEI Event Badging Program and our Metrics Model program. Both of these programs help bring select sets of metrics together to help people get a better understanding of open source community health.

Getting Started

Does this sound interesting? If it does, join us in building metrics, software, or programs (or all three!). To get started, we recommend that you:

  1. Join CHAOSS on Slack:
  2. Join the weekly NEWCOMERS Office Hours Call: Tuesdays at 9am US Central (
  3. Join the #newcomers channel on Slack:
  4. Join CHAOSS on our weekly Community Call: Tuesdays at 11am US Central (
  5. Follow us on Twitter (

From here, you can start to explore more parts and really become a key contributor -- helping people gain a better understanding of open source community health. Again, welcome and we hope to see you around.


  1. augur Public

    Python library and web service for Open Source Software Health and Sustainability metrics & data collection. You can find our documentation and new contributor information easily here: https://chao…

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  2. grimoirelab Public

    GrimoireLab: toolset for software development analytics

    Roff 424 156

  3. Working Group for Metrics Model

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  4. community Public

    This is the main CHAOSS community repository. Feel free to open an issue to discuss a topic of community interest! This repository also holds governance, mentorship, and other community-related doc…

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