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Homework 6

Grading: 70% correctness, 30% style

Due Oct 31 at 9PM


There are two parts to this homework.


In the last homework, you wrote edit specialized to vector<int>, list<int>, and deque<int>. Rewrite edit from homework 5 as a function template in edit.hpp. The template argument should abstract over the argument type, so edit should now have the declaration template <typename T> void edit(T &).


Write your own unique_pointer class template, a simplified version of unique_ptr. Implement the member functions declared in unique_pointer.hpp. You can implement them in the header file or write your own implementation file and #include it in the header.

The class member functions should behave the same way as the standard unique_ptr (see the reference) If you need to throw an exception, throwing anything (like an int or string) is fine.

Submission instructions

Submit edit.hpp and unique_pointer.hpp, and implementation file(s) if you chose to separate the interface and implementation of your templates.

In our main1.cpp files we will #include "edit.hpp", and in main2.cpp we will #include "unique_pointer.hpp".

The code should compile without errors or warnings with the options g++ -Wall -std=c++17 -g main1.cpp (and for main2.cpp). Your executables should never leak memory (test using valgrind!).

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