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@madsen madsen add CPAN Once a Week 892edc3
@skarfacegc skarfacegc added CPANDash ae17fc9
@reneeb reneeb Added "Mojolicious Plugin Matrix" 00b0543
@theory theory rpmcpan now OSS, so added the link. 2ed9cce
@theory theory I kant spel. 0f3b7a9
@theory theory Link to my GitHub account. 7b36dda
@theory theory Adding rpmcpan, a tool I'm developing at work to build RPMs for CPAN modules. fc9e8b0
@heytitle heytitle Add DuckDuckGo MetaCPAN Instant Answer as a consumer c7614a2
@akarelas akarelas Updated API Consumers (markdown) 52477ed
@akarelas akarelas Updated API Consumers (markdown) ed6c98a
@andk andk Updated API Consumers (markdown) b5b8cfd
@tsibley tsibley Move note back up under "" heading; mistakenly split by "alfred" entry 2e124c5
@2shortplanks 2shortplanks Updated API Consumers (markdown) a162edc
@tsibley tsibley Add as a consumer 4098135
@reneeb reneeb Updated API Consumers (markdown) aa69264
@miyagawa miyagawa Updated API Consumers (markdown) 5058596
@scottksmith95 scottksmith95 Updated API Consumers (markdown) bf920ff
@SineSwiper SineSwiper Dist::Zilla::Role::MetaCPANInterfacer 4ab8039
@sartak sartak Add cpandoc c045a28
@ddillard-symc ddillard-symc Updated API Consumers (markdown) 3c9ed02
@ddillard-symc ddillard-symc Just adding my "app" (a Yahoo Pipe) to the list. 1d51ff6
@trinitum trinitum added MetaCPAN Notify f29571c
@grantm grantm Added map of CPAN cdb2cf4
@awwaiid awwaiid add cpans f0db348
@oalders oalders Created API Consumers (markdown) a7d37a1
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