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Hints and pseudo code for Exercise 5.9.2 (Map of Science)

  1. Read the file pubmed_results.txt, and extract all the US ZIP codes.

    Hints: one difficulty is that the ZIP codes could be split over two lines. For example, see line 43 onward:

    AD  - Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
          02115, USA. Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02115,
    • it is convenient to read all the text at once (open pubmed_results.txt as f and then use my_text =
    • now use regex to substitute the newline (\n) followed by six spaces with a single space
    • now that all ZIP codes are of the form 2-LETTER-STATE 6-DIGITS, USA write a regex to extract them all.


    open the file and read all of the text using
    my_text = re.sub(your regex here, ' ', my_text)
        use re.findall to extract all ZIP codes
    zipcodes = re.findall(another regex here, my_text)
  2. Create the lists zip_code, containing the ZIP codes, zip_long, zip_lat, and zip_count, containing the unique ZIP codes, their longitude, latitude, and count (number of occurrences in Science), respectively

    Hints: you need to first count the number of ZIP codes, and then extract the corresponding longitude and latitude from the file zipcodes_coordinates.txt.


    # list of distinct zipcodes
    unique_zipcodes = list(set(zipcodes))
    for each zipcode:
       extract number of occurrences
       extract latitude and longitude from zipcodes_coordinates.txt
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