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Using the CakeML translator to produce a verified deep embedding of the
simple BST implementation.
open preamble
ml_progLib ml_translatorLib
val _ = new_theory "simple_bstProg";
To translate a HOL function to CakeML, call translate on its definition. For
example, let us start by translating the singleton function from
The necessary datatypes (('a,'b) btree in this case) will be automatically
translated first.
The result is a certificate theorem indicating that the CakeML value
(singleton_v) that results from running the generated code for declaring the
CakeML version of the singleton function refines the HOL function singleton.
val res = translate singleton_def;
The translator maintains state, containing the entire current translated program.
For each top-level declaration in this program, the translator also defines a
constant representing the state of the CakeML semantics after this
As a side effect of calling translate, the program is appended to the state.
Let us look at the code in the current program.
(* TODO: this is too cumbersome! *)
fun get_current_prog() =
val state = get_ml_prog_state()
val state_thm =
state |> ml_progLib.remove_snocs
|> ml_progLib.clean_state
|> get_thm
val current_prog =
|> concl
|> strip_comb |> #2
|> el 3
in current_prog end
To print in concrete syntax:
To remove this pretty-printing:
val res = translate insert_def;
val res = translate lookup_def;
val res = translate member_def;
(* TODO: use of certificate theorem to show something about the generated code? *)
val _ = export_theory();