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Campaign Lab is a community of political analysts, researchers, developers and data scientists organised around a simple idea, to develop an evidence-based approach to electoral campaigning in the UK. A little known fact, the Labour Party has never undertaken a retroactive analysis of it's electoral campaigning methods. This sounds a little farfetched, how can the Labour movement iterate on how we communicate our ideas to the public and win elections if we're unwilling, despite our resources, to understand how we failed and succeeded in the past?

As a result, we're committed to kickstarting a change in how political parties conduct electoral campaigning analysis - and that begins with you and me.

We've run a series of events crowdsourcing datasets and running analysis on what data we have, to better understand what happened in the 2018 Local Elections as a starting point. We're focusing on identifying local areas that buck the national demographic and politics trends, then diving down into interviews and qualitative research of those areas to get a handle on the ground situation. With that, we'll hopefully have some understanding of what worked and what didn't.

Below are a range of resources you'll need for your first Campaign Lab:

  1. Here's a doc outlining our key work strands/goals which have been decided by our community and who is working on each bit

  2. Work out how you can help!

Are you a Data scientist?

Are you a Developer?

Are you a researcher or activist?

  • Contribute to the Campaign Lab Data Inventory where we're building a list of datasets, check the GAPS tab for missing required data or add in additional data you are aware of or find then add it in!
  • If you are an organiser, activist or you have experience of running a committee room - help work with developers on creating a new dashboard for managing information for Get Out the Vote Operations(LINK)
  • Or help us build the new Campaign Library, a new resource for activists and campaign organisers of campaign theory and practice in the UK providing accessible summaries to academic studies. You can help by finding academic papers about campaigning and summarising them using this form or by updating the airtable here.
  1. Whatever you are working on - don't forget to join our Campaign Lab Team Chat <- where we discuss all things Campaign Lab, remember to join the relevant channels!**

  2. Want to help drive the direction of Campaign Lab? <- Add new topics, discuss and vote on current issues and proposals on our Loomio page [NEW]

  3. Campaign Lab Code of Conduct <- Making everyone feel welcome at our events

  4. Don't understand a thing? Check out our Glossary of Terms <-- contribute to this at your leisure

  5. Unsure of how you can help? Ask James or Hannah for help via Twitter, Slack or in person at an event, or those around you who may have contributed to previous Campaign Labs

Making it easier to build a new range of websites demonstrating the impact of austerity in your community

A great byproduct of this work includes building the UK's first comprehensive austerity impact dataset that groups like Outlandish and others are able to quickly build into actionable portals to engage the public such as the SchoolCuts and NHSCuts websites that took last year's General Election by storm, winning millions of votes. This information doesn't currently exist, and should an election be called it would take significant time and effort to build new websites demonstrating the impact of cuts and austerity policies in this way.

Campaign Lab is supported by:

  • Newspeak House
  • Labour Together
  • Police Rewired

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