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With single-spa@4, we made some major enhancements and new features, while keeping the API almost completely backwards compatible. Here were the changes:


  • Parcels: framework agnostic components that can be mounted, updated, and unmounted by any framework. Parcels are similar to applications, except that they are mounted and unmounted with a function call instead of based on routing. Read more in the parcel docs. You can also read more in this blog post. (#194)
  • Decreased byte size. Despite adding features, we decreased the library size from 57kb to 28kb. Single-spa is now 7kb gzipped! (#199 and #99)

Breaking changes

  • props.customProps has been removed, in favor of just merging custom props right onto props. This means that if your applications use customProps that they will break when you upgrade to single-spa@4. To fix, just remove the reference to customProps and instead get the custom props off of the props object itself. (#200)
  • The built in appName prop has been renamed to name. Please upgrade your helper library versions (single-spa-react, single-spa-angular1), to make sure that they correctly access the app name. (#210)
  • Removing singleSpa.setLoader api that had been deprecated in single-spa@3. (#175)