Self-hosted image hosting script (deprecated old version)
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Chevereto is an image hosting script that allows you to create a beautiful and full featured image hosting website in your own server. It's your hosting and your rules, say goodbye to closures and restrictions.

Chevereto 2.X

Chevereto 2.X home

About this repo

This is the repository of Chevereto 2.X series. This Chevereto edition is very stable and solid but is old and it doesn't come with support for mobile devices. If you are looking for recent versions of Chevereto (free to use) you should check Chevereto Free.

Versus newest editions

Newest Chevereto editions comes with user accounts, galleries, responsive layout, support for multi-servers, one-click update, HTML 5 uploader and more. Chevereto 2.X comes with a one-click uploader plus some basic features. It will work perfect if you want to replace you current method of upload images to your server from your desktop.


Chevereto 2.X features the following:

  • Multiple image upload (Flash based)
  • File manager
  • Password protect website
  • Basic API
  • Multilanguage
  • Watermarks
  • Flood protection
  • Theme support
  • Embed codes generatio
  • Support for custom short URL service
  • Image resizing


There won't be more updates or new features for this edition which is considered to be deprecated due the usage of a Flash uploader and the fact that is extremely old. Updates will be only pushed only for security concerns and things like that. Chevereto 2.X is a system in its final form and we aren't developing it anymore. For newest Chevereto editions you should refer to Chevereto Free or Chevereto paid edition.

About the author

Chevereto is created by Rodolfo Berrios, an old-school developer from Chile.


Copyrighted Rodolfo Berríos - Released under MIT License. You can use Chevereto 2.X freely in any project you want no strings attached.

Minimum system requirements

  • Apache web server (NGiNX will also works)
  • PHP 5.0 with PDO, GD Library, cURL and BCMath
  • MySQL 4


  • Upload the contents of the chevereto folder to your website.
  • Edit the contents of includes/config.php with your database details.
  • Change the default string changeme to anything you want in includes/definitions.php
  • Go to and that's all

Update to newest editions

Chevereto 2.X can be updated to newest Chevereto editions (Chevereto Free or Chevereto paid edition). Check the update instructions at our documentation for more details about it.