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Chevereto is an image hosting script that allows you to create a beautiful and full-featured image hosting website on your own server. It's your hosting and your rules, so say goodbye to closures and restrictions.

Chevereto Free

Chevereto Sugar Free Cola

About this repo

This is the repository of Chevereto Free edition which is forked from the Chevereto 3.x series. Chevereto Free has the same look and feel of our paid version, but it packs only the most essential features and it doesn't include any kind of support. It is Open Source software licensed under the AGPLv3 license.

Free vs Paid Chevereto

The paid edition includes all features (storages, banners, likes, followers, social login, etc.) and it gets more frequent updates. The free edition is always 6 months behind the paid edition and lots of sacrifices had to be made to be able to offer this product for free. The following table summarizes the differences between free/paid editions.

Item Free Paid
Updates Each 6 months Monthly
Features delay +6 months Zero
One-click system update Yes Yes
Upload plugin Yes Yes
Tech support No Yes
External storage support No Yes
Manage banners No Yes
Likes + Followers No Yes
Facebook, Twitter, Google and VK signup No Yes

Keep in mind that when you choose the paid edition, you contribute to keeping development ongoing. At Chevereto we don't sell any kind of extra paid plugins or offer additional support tiers. We believe in one-time payments and upgrade fees only for major versions. We don't even charge any yearly-based fees.

If you enjoy this software, then please consider purchasing our paid edition.

Minimum system requirements

Make sure your server meets the minimum system requirements which are:

  • Apache / NGiNX web server
  • PHP 5.5.0 (standard libraries)

On most servers, that's all you need. The system has a built-in system check that will tell you right away when you need to fix something on your server.

Install via Installer (recommended)

  1. Download the Chevereto Installer
  2. Upload this file to your target destination (usually the public_html folder)
  3. Open your website target destination URL and follow the installation process

Free installation service

We will be happy to install Chevereto for you. Just send us an installation request and we will do all the installation for you for free. This service is only available for cPanel-based websites.

Install via zip/tarball

  1. Download the latest release of Chevereto Free
  2. Upload the contents of your download to your server (usually the public_html folder)
  3. Go to your website and follow the instructions

For additional installation instructions, refer to our official documentation.


Chevereto has a built-in system that checks for new updates every day via the Chevereto API. The system will notify you when an update is available and it will guide you through the process.

Upgrade to paid edition

To upgrade to our paid edition, simply navigate to your dashboard panel and click on the upgrade button.


Chevereto Free is forked from previous paid releases and it inherits not only the new features and improvements, but also the bugs at that prior stage of development. Since this edition is always several months behind the paid edition, any support request or bug reporting is ignored.


Copyright Rodolfo Berríos - Released under the AGPLv3 license.


This software doesn't include support. It may contain bugs. Use it at your own risk. This software is offered on an “as-is” basis. No warranty, either expressed or implied, is given.