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h1. <span>2009-09-20</span> Release 0.1.5
- new: retry uploading failed tracks automatically
h1. <span>2009-09-17</span> Release 0.1.4
- fixed: no feedback when sending a set
- new: error messages when sending a set fails
h1. <span>2009-09-10</span> Release 0.1.3
h2. Quickfix #2
CloudPost now uploads to
h1. <span>2009-09-10</span> Release 0.1.2
h2. Quickfix
- Removed 64 Bit support due to window background not showing up in 64 Bit mode.
h1. <span>2009-09-04</span> Release 0.1.0
h2. Initial release
Yay! First release.