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Stripes is a Java web framework with the goal of making Servlet/JSP based web development in Java as easy, intuitive and straight-forward as possible. Stripes has always been guided by the following principles:

  • Convention over configuration (CoC)
  • Extremely lightweight with very few external dependencies.
  • Quick, iterative code/deploy/test experience for developers.
  • Application stack agnostic. Developers can integrate Stripes into their existing application stacks.
  • Do a few things and do them extremely well.

For the last 10 years, Stripes has been used as the basis of applications of all types worldwide. We encourage you to download Stripes, browse the documentation, try the samples, and see why Stripes is considered among the best, lightweight Java web frameworks.

Project Wiki and documentation :

JIRA (features/defects) :

Javadoc :

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