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About the PPSR Core

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This is the home for the Public Participation in Scientific Research (PPSR) Core metadata standards repository.

Notice: this repository is a work in progress and is under construction.

What is the PPSR-Core?

PPSR-Core is a set of global, transdisciplinary data and metadata standards describing contextualized details about PPSR projects (Project Data Model, or PDM), datasets (Dataset Data Model, or DDM), and data (Observation Data Model, or ODM). These standards are united, supported, and underlined by a common framework, the PPSR-Core common data model (CDM), which illustrates how information is structured within the citizen science domain (figure 1). Figure 1. PPSR-Core model relationship diagram Figure 1. PPSR-Core model relationship diagram

The PPSR-Core is not setting out to create a new data standard for the sake of creating a new standard. Instead it aims to unify a suite of existing data and metadata standards and ontologies into a standardized framework for application in the citizen science domain. In this respect it either uses the terms already applied in existing standards or provides attribute-level mappings between terms used in the PPSR-Core and equivalent terms used in other applicable standards (sometimes several). Where the PPSR context requires it or where there is no equivalent term available in other applicable standards, this standard will specify new attribute terms in the ppsr namespace.

Rationale for Developing the PPSR-Core

Sharing information across databases maximizes everyone’s efforts, getting more “bang for the buck” out of information about citizen science projects everywhere. It leads to current, up-to-date, synchronized project lists and promotes a broader understanding of the global practice of citizen science.

Governance and Maintenance of the PPSR-Core Standard

During the 2018 European Citizen Science conference in Geneva, Switzerland, a workshop was held in which matters relating to governance of citizen science data and metadata standards, in particular the PPSR-Core, were discussed. This resulted in the group collectively discussing and making amendments to a draft document tabled by Luigi Ceccaroni, and it's subsequent publishing as the "Geneva Declaration on Citizen Science Data and Metadata Standards".

Amongst other things, this document provides a consensus basis for the establishment of a Governance Committee for the PPSR-Core, as well as the initial membership of that Committee and some broad general principles for consideration of amendments to the PPSR-Core standard. However, it does not go further to deal with the operating and decision-making frameworks by which the Committee should operate, including how to authorize amendment proposals into the cannonical version of the standard. Some of these matters have since been addressed through collaborative discussions of the Working Group.

The following process for updates and maintenance of the PPSR-Core Standard will apply from March 2019:

  • Proposals for corrections, updates or extensions to the PPSR-Core standard should be submitted to the governance group chairperson. A proforma template for this will be attached to this repository for this purpose.
  • Proposals will be considered by the governance group and may involve discussions with the proposer before a decision is made.
  • Successful proposals will be notified to the proposer by the governance group chairperson.
  • If successful, a member of the governance group will update the cannonical version of the standard in this GitHub repository and issue the next appropriate version number. This GitHub repository will be used for version control.
  • Details of the version updates will be posted in reverse chronological order on the version change management wiki page in this GitHub repository. A communication of the update will also be actioned via the D&MWG communications channels and sent to all Citizen Science Associations for publishing in their respective newsletters.
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