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1. Create a new issue to ask onboarding questions.

We want the technical aspects of the project to be accessible to newcomers. As you're working through the set-up and installation, please create issues for roadblocks you encounter or anything that's confusing in the documentation. We're committed to helping you resolve these and improving the onboarding experience.

2. Open a Pull Request to talk about code and show us how things are going.

In this project, making a Pull Request is a just way to start a conversation about a piece of code. 🙂 Opening a Pull Request helps us see how things are going. If you get stuck, you can use a Pull Request to show us your code and get feedback.

3. Use "WIP" to indicate that a Pull Request is incomplete

Prepend the title of all Pull Requests containing incomplete code with WIP: , which stands for work-in-progress. Once the code is done, remove WIP: from the title. This helps us prioritize PRs and know when you are "done" with your work.

4. Keep the tests green

We use Travis CI to check that tests pass and to maintain consistent style. Before marking your Pull Request as done, please make sure there are no failing checks and that the branch does not conflict with the master branch. A passing branch is indicated by green checkmarks at the bottom of the pull request page; a failing branch has red X’s.

If you have any questions about failing checks or merge conflicts, please reach out on Slack!

5. Inactive Pull Requests and Issues will be closed or reassigned

Pull Requests with no activity from the original contributor for 30 days will be closed and the work possibly reassigned. But feel free to reopen the Pull Request if you come back to it later and the work has still not been completed.

Likewise, issues without activity for 30 days may be reassigned or closed.

6. We will do our best to respond to you promptly

If you request feedback or ask questions in your Pull Request, a maintainer will respond in 5 days (and hopefully sooner). If you don't hear from us in that time, please ping us on Slack. We are not intentionally ignoring you, but from time to time, an email or message falls through the cracks. 😉