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Youtube Trending Video Analysis


by Raul Maldonado

Click here to see the deployment via #GCP

Table of Contents


Youtube Views

This is a redux of my Youtube Analysis project back in January 2018.

I utilizied Kaggle user Mitchell J's, Trending Youtube Video dataset to answer the following questions:

  • What are the top 10 trending
  1. Youtube videos

  2. Categories

  3. Youtube Channels

based on user view counts

Now, I would like to both answer the above questions, and so much more by emulating that past project. This emulation is done through development of some additional analysis, creating a streamline ETL process, app, and so much more.


Project Demo

Version 1 (2018)



Database Search

Database Search

Version 1 (2018)

(Recommended) Directory Infrastructure

  • Data

    • X number of .csv files outputted from python script
  • Resources

    • file
    • templates
    • Images
  • database.sqlite




  • (Flask application)


Contact information:


Google Cloud Deployment

Funny Cloud

  1. Create requirements.txt file
  2. Create app.yaml file
  3. gcloud app deploy Note: This version uses instead of

Running Locally

  • If using Flask 0.12.4 or below, use;


  • If using Flask > 0.12.4 or above, use: flask run

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