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* Wed Feb 13 2013 Andrew Beekhof <> Pacemaker-1.0.13-1
- Update source tarball to revision: fe0f133
- Statistics:
Changesets: 129
Diff: 173 files changed, 12206 insertions(+), 767 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-1.0.12
+ build: Fix compilation - crm_report is a script
+ cib: Don't halt disk writes if the previous digest is missing
+ cib: Fix coverity RESOURCE_LEAK defect
+ Core: Avoid assertion error when underflowing days of the month in iso8601 date code
+ Core: Correctly determine when an XML file should be decompressed
+ Core: Ensure signals are handled eventually in the absense of timer sources or IPC messages
+ Core: Strip text nodes from on disk xml files
+ crmd: cl#5051 - Fixes file leak in pe ipc connection initialization.
+ crmd: cl#5057 - Restart sub-systems correctly (bnc#755671)
+ crmd: Fast-track shutdown if we couldn't request it via attrd
+ crmd: Leave it up to the PE to decide which ops can/cannot be reload
+ crmd: Prevent use-of-NULL when free'ing empty hashtables
+ crmd: Supply format arguments in the correct order
+ Fix memory leak in cib when writing the cib contents.
+ legacy: Set to the minimum scheduling priority when using SCHED_RR policy (bnc#779259)
+ pengine: Bug #5007, Fixes use of colocation constraints with multi-state resources
+ pengine: Bug cl#5038 - Prevent restart of anonymous clones when clone-max decreases
+ pengine: Bug cl#5101 - Ensure stop order is preserved for partially active groups
+ pengine: cl#5069 - Honor 'on-fail=ignore' even when operation is disabled.
+ pengine: cl#5072 - Fixes monitor op stopping after rsc promotion.
+ pengine: Ensure post-migration stop actions occur before node shutdown
+ pengine: Fix coverity REVERSE_INULL defects
+ pengine: Fix use-after-free errors detected by coverity
+ pengine: Fix use-after-free errors detected in check_action_definition() by coverity
+ pengine: Prevent segfault when ensuring unmanaged resources don't prevent shutdown
+ pengine: Reload of a resource no longer causes a restart of dependant resources
+ RA: controld - use the correct dlm_controld when membership comes from corosync directly
+ tools: crm_resource - Fix coverity FORWARD_NULL defect
+ Tools: crm_shadow - Bug cl#5062 - Correctly set argv[0] when forking a shell process
+ tools: Install crm_report
* Wed Nov 23 2011 Andrew Beekhof <> 1.0.12-1
- Update source tarball to Git revision: 6118778
- Statistics:
Changesets: 96
Diff: 121 files changed, 8617 insertions(+), 988 deletions(-)
High: cib: Call gnutls_bye() and shutdown() when disconnecting from remote TLS connections
High: cib: Remove disconnected remote connections from mainloop
High: crmd: Cancel timers for actions that were pending on dead nodes
High: crmd: Do not wait for actions that were pending on dead nodes
High: crmd: Ensure we do not attempt to perform action on failed nodes
High: PE: Correctly recognise which recurring operations are currently active
High: PE: Demote from Master does not clear previous errors
High: PE: Ensure restarts due to definition changes cause the start action to be re-issued not probes
High: PE: Ensure role is preserved for unmanaged resources
High: PE: Ensure unmanaged resources have the correct role set so the correct monitor operation is chosen
High: PE: Move master based on failure of colocated group
High: pengine: Correctly determine the state of multi-state resources with a partial operation history
High: PE: Only allocate master/slave resources once
High: Shell: implement -w,--wait option to wait for the transition to finish
High: Shell: repair template list command
Medium: agents: ping - Support timeouts with units
Medium: ais: Bug lf#2587 - Prevent memory leak in error path
Medium: Build: Fix construction of Pacemaker Explained
Medium: cib: Attempt a graceful sign-off for remote TLS connections
Medium: cib: Bug lf#2229 - Use SIGPIPE for re-enabling disk writes after an error
Medium: Core: Amend 15782:5e2266d8894f to build stonithdtest correctly.
Medium: core: Don't try to print unprintable option values in crm_help
Medium: Core: Treat GNUTLS_E_UNEXPECTED_PACKET_LENGTH as normal termination of a TLS session
Medium: Core: Use pre-glib2-2.28 version of g_str_hash to ensure consistent score calculation for clone instances
Medium: extra: Incorporate fping functionality from Dan Urist
Medium: Extras: ping - use a fixed backoff of 1.0 to avoid pushing complex timeout calculations to the user
Medium: PE: Bug lf#2606 - A demote operation is implied by the stonith operation
Medium: PE: Indicate resource failures even if on-fail="ignore"
Medium: PE: Resolve memory leak when retrieving failure counts
Medium: PE: Set reasonable limits for the number of input files saved
Medium: Resolve a number of coverity leak defects
Medium: Shell: Check for violations of uniqueness for instance parameters during commit Implemented in CibObjectSet.semantic_check()
Medium: Shell: invoke cibadmin with --force when requested by user
Medium: Shell: print warning if start or stop interval is not zero
Medium: Shell: repair readline history file save
Medium: Shell: suppress warning when start or stop interval is specified with units
Medium: Tools: attrd - Do not initiate updates for deleted attributes
Medium: tools: Backport crm_report fixes from 1.1
Medium: tools: Backport updates to crm_report
Medium: Tools: Bug lf#2621 - Correctly log corosync node IDs
* Fri Apr 29 2011 Andrew Beekhof <> 1.0.11-1
- Update source tarball to revision: bc6104efe006 (stable-1.0) tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 85
Diff: 500 files changed, 69642 insertions(+), 58270 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-1.0.10
+ High: cib: Fix compilation of 1.1 backport
+ High: cib: Repair the processing of updates sent from peer nodes
+ High: crmd: All pending operations should be recorded, even recurring ones with high start delays
+ High: crmd: Bug lf#2509 - Watch for config option changes from the CIB even if we're not the DC
+ High: crmd: Bug lf#2528 - Introduce a slight delay when creating a transition to allow attrd time to perform its updates
+ High: crmd: Bug lf#2545 - Ensure notify variables are accurate for stop operations
+ High: crmd: Bug lf#2559 - Fail actions that were scheduled for a failed/fenced node
+ High: crmd: Cancel recurring operations while we're still connected to the lrmd
+ High: crmd: Don't abort transitions when probes are completed on a node
+ High: crmd: Ensure the CIB is always writable on the DC by removing a timing hole
+ High: crmd: Update failcount for failed promote and demote operations
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2495 - Prevent segfault by validating the contents of ordering sets
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2508 - Correctly reconstruct the status of anonymous cloned groups
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2544 - Prevent unstable clone placement by factoring in the current node's score before all others
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2554 - target-role alone is not sufficient to promote resources
+ High: PE: Ensure fencing of the DC preceeds the STONITH_DONE operation
+ High: PE: Ensure that fencing has completed for stop actions on stonith-dependent resources (lf#2551)
+ High: PE: Prevent clones from being stopped because resources colocated with them cannot be active
+ High: PE: Prevet use-after-free resulting from unintended recursion when chosing a node to promote master/slave resources
+ High: Shell: don't create empty optional sections (bnc#665131)
+ High: Tools: Bug lf#2528 - Make progress when attrd_updater is called repeatedly within the dampen interval but with the same value
+ High: Tools: Prevent crm_resource commands from being lost due to the use of cib_scope_local
+ Medium: cib: Downgrade development logging from ERROR
+ Medium: Core: Bug lf#2511 - Correctly parse the resource name from notificiation action IDs
+ Medium: Core: Do not store last-run for recurring operations, since it is misleading
+ Medium: crmd: Allow operations in the PE state
+ Medium: crmd: Bug lf#2309 - Cancel recurring monitor ops at shutdown
+ Medium: crmd: Bug lf#2536 - Purge status for resourcs that no longer live in the LRMd
+ Medium: PE: Additional sanity checking of constraint set members
+ Medium: PE: Bug lf#2529 - Protect against constraints that require stonith devices to stop before 'normal' ones
+ Medium: PE: Regression test updates (lf#2551)
+ Medium: PE: Re-organise the logic for determining what considitons an action requires in order to be performed
+ Medium: RA: Allow a list of filesystems/devices to be queried for free space - by Matthew Richardson
+ Medium: RA: Fix handling of 'devices' in the HealthSMART agent (Patch from Keisuke MORI)
+ Medium: RA: Overhaul of the HealthSMART RA by Matthew Richardson
+ Medium: Shell: allow adding node attributes in configure when the attributes set doesn't already exist
+ Medium: Shell: ask for confirmation for node fence and clearstate (bnc#642268)
+ Medium: Shell: combine crmd and PE meta-data (lf#2373,2419)
+ Medium: Shell: fix exception when HOME is not set
+ Medium: Shell: fix rsc/op_defaults edit
+ Medium: Shell: Let crm_resource handle node & resource iteration during resource cleanup (skips down nodes: bnc#647378)
+ Medium: Shell: merge properties and rsc/op_defaults on load update (lf#2454)
+ Medium: Shell: node clearstate must flush LRM state too (bnc#653795)
+ Medium: Shell: repair ability to display multiple property sets
+ Medium: Shell: repair management of cloned groups
+ Medium: Shell: update shadow file directory processing
+ Medium: Shell: wait for the stop transition to finish before invoking start in the resource restart command (lf#2516)
+ Medium: stonithd: return RA code on stonith RA op timeout (lf#2530)
+ Medium: Tools: Add crm_report from 1.1
+ Medium: Tools: Bug lf#2477 - crm_resource - Indicate master/slave state when querying the parent resource
* Fri Nov 12 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> 1.0.10-1
- Update source tarball to revision: 4172c2ad2756 (stable-1.0) tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 75
Diff: 146 files changed, 4151 insertions(+), 2135 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-
+ High: ais: Fix unterminated recursion in init_ais_connection()
+ High: ais: Move the code for finding uid before the fork so that the child does no logging
+ High: ais: Never allow quorum plugins to affect connection to the pacemaker plugin
+ High: Core: Correctly unpack HA_Messages containing multiple entries with the same name
+ High: crmd: Bug lf#2458 - Ensure stop actions always have the relevant resource attributes
+ High: crmd: Don't hide stop events that time out - allowing faster recovery in the presence of overloaded hosts
+ High: crmd: Ensure we activate the DC timer if we detect an alternate DC
+ High: crmd: Fix assertion failure when performing async resource failures
+ High: crmd: Fix handling of async resource deletion results
+ High: crmd: Include the action for crm graph operations
+ High: crmd: Make sure we always poke the FSA after a transition to clear any TE_HALT actions
+ High: crmd: Prevent assertion failure for stop actions resulting from cs: 3c0bc17c6daf
+ High: crmd: Reschedule the PE_START action if its not already running when we try to use it
+ High: crmd: several fixes for async resource delete (thanks to beekhof)
+ High: crmd: Use the correct define/size for lrm resource IDs
+ High: crmd: Use the supplied timeout for stop actions
+ High: PE: Avoid creating invalid ordering constraints for probes that aren't needed
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2476 - Repair on-fail=block for groups and primitive resources
+ High: PE: Correctly handle pseudo action creation
+ High: PE: Correctly order clone startup after group/clone start
+ High: PE: Do not demote resources because something that requires it can't run
+ High: PE: Fix use-after-free in order_actions() reported by valgrind
+ High: PE: Only update the node's promotion score if the resource is active there
+ High: PE: Only use the promotion score from the current clone instance
+ High: PE: Wait until stonith is available, don't fall back to shutdown for nodes requesting termination
+ High: Tools: Bug lf#2456 - Fix assertion failure in crm_resource
+ Medium: after signing in with heartbeat, change the heartbeat side ipc send queue len
+ Medium: cib: Allow backup files to proceed after wrap-around (bnc#630322)
+ Medium: cib: Bug lf#2469 - Clean up disconnected remote connections
+ Medium: Core: Enable coredumps properly for MCP and AIS plugin (lf#2463)
+ Medium: Core: Fix compilation when both heartbeat and corosync are supported
+ Medium: PE: Ensure resource op timeout takes precedence over op_defaults (lf#2474)
+ Medium: PE: Fix memory leak when unpacking recurring operations
+ Medium: PE: Ignore failed actions on nodes that have been shutdown - Patch from Hideo Yamauchi
+ Medium: Shell: add exit codes for non-interactive use
+ Medium: Shell: add support for classes to the providers command
+ Medium: Shell: allow adding force parameter to resource migrate
+ Medium: Shell: refine the node delete command
+ Medium: Shell: set shadow directory properly (bnc#626638)
+ Medium: Shell: test early for duplicate elements in edit (bnc#620460)
+ Medium: Tools: Bug lf#2477 - Have crm_resource --locate indicate which instances are promoted
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Display node attributes. Patch by Yuusuke IIDA
+ Medium: tools: crm_mon - Enable 'connectivity' mode for 'ping' resources too
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Only display attributes of online nodes (and sort them)
+ Medium: tools: Make sure crm_resource waits for the completion of crmd operations it sent
+ xml: allow upstart primitives in resources.rng
* Wed Jun 23 2010 Andrew Beekhof <>
- Update source tarball to revision: c9a5915827d0 (stable-1.0) tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 4
Diff: 2 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-1.0.9
+ High: ais: Fix unterminated recursion in init_ais_connection()
* Wed Jun 23 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> 1.0.9-1
- Update source tarball to revision: 0796085f3833+ (stable-1.0) tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 152
Diff: 266 files changed, 14324 insertions(+), 3842 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-1.0.8
+ High: ais: Ensure the list of active processes sent to clients is always up-to-date
+ High: ais: Fix previous commit, actually return a result in get_process_list()
+ High: ais: Fix two more uses of getpwnam() in non-thread-safe locations
+ High: ais: Look for the correct conf variable for turning on file logging
+ High: ais: Need to find a better and thread-safe way to set core_uses_pid. Disable for now.
+ High: ais: Use the threadsafe version of getpwnam
+ High: cib: Also free query result for xpath operations that return more than one hit
+ High: cib: Fix the application of unversioned diffs
+ High: cib: Remove old developmental error logging
+ High: Core: Bug lf#2414 - Prevent use-after-free reported by valgrind when doing xpath based deletions
+ High: Core: Fix memory leak in replace_xml_child() reported by valgrind
+ High: Core: fix memory leaks exposed by valgrind
+ High: crmd: Bug 2401 - Improved detection of partially active peers
+ High: crmd: Bug lf#2379 - Ensure the cluster terminates when the PE is not available
+ High: crmd: Bug lf#2414 - Prevent use-after-free of the PE connection after it dies
+ High: crmd: Bug lf#2439 - cancel_op() can also return HA_RSCBUSY
+ High: crmd: Bug lf#2439 - Handle asynchronous notification of resource deletion events
+ High: crmd: Do not allow the target_rc to be misused by resource agents
+ High: crmd: Do not ignore action timeouts based on FSA state
+ High: crmd: Ensure we dont get stuck in S_PENDING if we loose an election to someone that never talks to us again
+ High: crmd: Fix memory leaks exposed by valgrind
+ High: crmd: Remove race condition that could lead to multiple instances of a clone being active on a machine
+ High: crmd: Send erase_status_tag() calls to the local CIB when the DC is fenced, since there is no DC to accept them
+ High: PE: Bug lf#1959 - Fail unmanaged resources should not prevent other services from shutting down
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2383 - Combine failcounts for all instances of an anonymous clone on a host
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2384 - Fix intra-set colocation and ordering
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2403 - Enforce mandatory promotion (colocation) constraints
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2412 - Correctly locate clone instances by their prefix
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2422 - Ordering dependencies on partially active groups not observed properly
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2424 - Use notify oepration definition if it exists in the configuration
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2433 - No services should be stopped until probes finish
+ High: PE: Do not be so quick to pull the trigger on nodes that are coming up
+ High: PE: Fix colocation for interleaved clones
+ High: PE: Fix colocation with partially active groups
+ High: PE: Fix memory leaks reported by valgrind
+ High: PE: Make the current data set a global variable so it does not need to be passed around everywhere
+ High: PE: Prevent endless loop when looking for operation definitions in the configuration
+ High: PE: Rewrite native_merge_weights() to avoid Fix use-after-free
+ High: Shell: always reload status if working with the cluster (bnc#590035)
+ High: Tools: crm_mon - fix memory leaks exposed by valgrind
+ Medium: ais: Correctly set logfile permissions in all cases
+ Medium: ais: create the final directory too for resource agents (bnc#603190)
+ Medium: ais: Make sure debug messages make it into the logfiles too
+ Medium: Build: Do not enable the -ansi compiler option by default, prevents use of strtoll()
+ Medium: cib: Bug lf#2352 - Changes to group order are not detected or broadcast to peers
+ Medium: cib: Correctly free the cib contents at signoff when in file-based mode
+ Medium: cib: xpath - Allow all hits to be deleted, allow the no_children option to return multiple hits
+ Medium: PE: Bug lf#2391 - Ensure important options (notify, unique, etc) are always exposed during resource operations
+ Medium: PE: Bug lf#2410 - Do not complain about missing agents during probes of a-symetric clusters
+ Medium: PE: Bug lf#2426 - stop-all-resources should not apply to stonith resources
+ Medium: PE: Bug lf#2435 - Support colocation sets with negative scores
+ Medium: PE: Check for use-of-NULL in dump_node_scores()
+ Medium: PE: Do not overwrite existing meta attributes (like timeout) for notify operations
+ Medium: PE: Ensure deallocated resources are stopped
+ Medium: PE: If there are no compatible peers when interleaving clones, ensure the instance is stopped
+ Medium: PE: Ignore colocation weights from clone instances
+ Medium: RA: SystemHealth: exit properly when the required software is not installed (bnc#587940)
+ Medium: Shell: do not error on missing resource agent with asymmetrical clusters (lf#2410)
+ Medium: Shell: do not verify empty configurations (bnc#602711)
+ Medium: shell: find hb_delnode in correct directory
+ Medium: Shell: observe op_defaults when verifying primitives (bnc#590033)
+ Medium: Shell: on no id match the first of property-like elements (lf#2420)
+ Medium: Shell: skip resource checks for property-like elements (lf#2420)
+ Medium: Shell: verify meta attributes and properties (bnc#589867)
+ Medium: Shell: verify only changed elements on commit (bnc#590033)
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon: refresh screen on terminal resize (bnc#589811)
* Thu Apr 15 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.8-6
- Rebuild for glue 1.0.5
* Thu Apr 15 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.8-5
- Rebuild for glue 1.0.4, agents 1.0.3, and heartbeat 3.0.3
* Thu Apr 08 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.8-4
- Rebuild for corosync 1.2.1
* Wed Apr 07 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.8-3
- Rebuild with correct 1.0.8 tarball
* Thu Mar 25 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.8-2
- Rebuild with correct net-snmp version requirements
* Wed Mar 10 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.8-1
- Update source tarball to revision: 6b3c8ac50a90 (stable-1.0) tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 181
Diff 329 files changed, 22172 insertions(+), 12297 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-1.0.7
+ High: Agents: ping - Prevent shell expansion of '*' when there are files in /var/lib/heartbeat/cores/root (Patch from Sébastien PRUDHOMME)
+ High: ais: Bug lf#2340 - Force rogue child processes to terminate after waiting 2.5 minutes
+ High: ais: Bug lf#2359 - Default expected votes to 2 inside Corosync/OpenAIS plugin
+ High: ais: Bug lf#2359 - expected-quorum-votes not correctly updated after membership change
+ High: ais: Bug rhbz#525552 - Move non-threadsafe calls to setenv() to after the fork()
+ High: crmd: Bug bnc#578644 - Improve handling of cancelled operations caused by resource cleanup
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2317 - Avoid needless restart of primitive depending on a clone
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2358 - Fix master-master anti-colocation
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2361 - Ensure clones observe mandatory ordering constraints if the LHS is unrunnable
+ High: PE: Correctly implement optional colocation between primitives and clone resources
+ High: Shell: add support for xml in cli
+ High: Shell: check timeouts also against the default-action-timeout property
+ High: Shell: edit multiple meta_attributes sets in resource management (lf#2315)
+ High: Shell: improve configure commit (lf#2336)
+ High: Shell: new cibstatus import command (bnc#585471)
+ High: Shell: restore error reporting in options
+ High: Shell: update previous node lookup procedure to include the id where necessary
+ High: Shell: move scores from resource sets to the constraint element (lf#2331)
+ High: Shell: recovery from bad/outdated help index file
+ Medium: ais: getpwnam() is also not thread safe, move after the call to fork()
+ Medium: ais: Set permissions to allow 'to_file' logging to function correctly
+ Medium: Core: Give signal handlers higher priority - patch based on Lars Ellenbergs work
+ Medium: crmd: Bug bnc#578644 - Do not send operation updates for deleted resources
+ Medium: PE: Bug bnc#586710 - Make sure migration ops use the correct meta options (eg. timeouts)
+ Medium: PE: Deprecate the lifetime tag in constraints
+ Medium: Tools: attrd - Only ignore the update if the attributes value is completely stable (ie. supplied, current, and stored all match)
+ Medium: Tools: Bug lf#2302 - Use the same resource printing logic for html and non-html output
+ Medium: Tools: Bug LF#2312 - crm_mon - Prevent zombie child processes when using custom traps (Patch from Bernd Schubert)
+ Medium: Tools: Bug lf#2330 - Add a blank line after the subject to indicate the beginning of the mail body
+ Medium: Tools: Bug lf#2330 - Move the blank line before the body text instead
+ Medium: Tools: Bug lf#2330 - Use \r in addition to \n for line endings
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Add support for older versions of SNMP - Patch derived from the work of sato yuki
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Display the true fail-count, not the effective value
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Use node uname in snmp/smtp/etc events
+ Medium: Tools: hb2openais: add support for corosync (and more)
+ Medium: Shell: add option to control sorting of cib elements (lf#2290)
+ Medium: Shell: do not cache node and resource ids (lf#2368)
+ Medium: Shell: fix commit for new clones of new groups (bnc#585471)
+ Medium: Shell: help: unsort help items
+ Medium: Shell: implement lifetime for rsc migrate and node standby (lf#2353)
+ Medium: Shell: load update should update existing elements
+ Medium: Shell: node attributes update in configure (bnc#582767)
+ Medium: Shell: parse lists not tupples
+ Medium: Shell: Repair "cib cibstatus op" functionality (bnc#585641)
+ Medium: Shell: repair node show (thanks to T. Schraitle) (bnc#587883)
+ Medium: Shell: repare clone/ms cleanup (nbc#583288)
+ Medium: Shell: catch IOErrors when opening files
+ Medium: Shell: check for duplicate children when creating groups (lf#2326)
+ Medium: Shell: do not allow score-attribute in orders
+ Medium: Shell: do not fiddle with cib when there is no cib (bnc#575701)
+ Medium: Shell: do not produce empty resource sets when adding roles/actions
+ Medium: Shell: do not verify empty configurations (lf#2316)
+ Medium: Shell: fix CIB upgrade command (bnc#578637)
+ Medium: Shell: fix exit code for template apply
+ Medium: Shell: fix reference replacement in resource sets
+ Medium: Shell: install crm_cli.txt also in the datadir
+ Medium: Shell: use the CRM_HELP_FILE variable if set
* Wed Feb 10 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.7-4
- Rebuild for heartbeat 3.0.2-2
* Wed Feb 10 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.7-3
- Rebuild for cluster-glue 1.0.3
* Tue Jan 19 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.7-2
- Rebuild for corosync 1.2.0
* Mon Jan 18 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.7-1
- Update source tarball to revision: 2eed906f43e9 (stable-1.0) tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 193
Diff: 220 files changed, 15933 insertions(+), 8782 deletions(-)
- Changes since 1.0.5-4
+ High: PE: Bug 2213 - Ensure groups process location constraints so that clone-node-max works for cloned groups
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2153 - non-clones should not restart when clones stop/start on other nodes
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2209 - Clone ordering should be able to prevent startup of dependant clones
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2216 - Correctly identify the state of anonymous clones when deciding when to probe
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2225 - Operations that require fencing should wait for 'stonith_complete' not 'all_stopped'.
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2225 - Prevent clone peers from stopping while another is instance is (potentially) being fenced
+ High: PE: Correctly anti-colocate with a group
+ High: PE: Correctly unpack ordering constraints for resource sets to avoid graph loops
+ High: Tools: crm: load help from crm_cli.txt
+ High: Tools: crm: resource sets (bnc#550923)
+ High: Tools: crm: support for comments (LF 2221)
+ High: Tools: crm: support for description attribute in resources/operations (bnc#548690)
+ High: Tools: hb2openais: add EVMS2 CSM processing (and other changes) (bnc#548093)
+ High: Tools: hb2openais: do not allow empty rules, clones, or groups (LF 2215)
+ High: Tools: hb2openais: refuse to convert pure EVMS volumes
+ High: cib: Ensure the loop for login message terminates
+ High: cib: Finally fix reliability of receiving large messages over remote plaintext connections
+ High: cib: Fix remote notifications
+ High: cib: For remote connections, default to CRM_DAEMON_USER since thats the only one that the cib can validate the password for using PAM
+ High: cib: Remote plaintext - Retry sending parts of the message that did not fit the first time
+ High: crmd: Ensure batch-limit is correctly enforced
+ High: crmd: Ensure we have the latest status after a transition abort
+ High (bnc#547579,547582): Tools: crm: status section editing support
+ High: shell: Add allow-migrate as allowed meta-attribute (bnc#539968)
+ Medium: Build: Do not automatically add -L/lib, it could cause 64-bit arches to break
+ Medium: PE: Bug lf#2206 - rsc_order constraints always use score at the top level
+ Medium: PE: Only complain about target-role=master for non m/s resources
+ Medium: PE: Prevent non-multistate resources from being promoted through target-role
+ Medium: PE: Provide a default action for resource-set ordering
+ Medium: PE: Silently fix requires=fencing for stonith resources so that it can be set in op_defaults
+ Medium: Tools: Bug lf#2286 - Allow the shell to accept template parameters on the command line
+ Medium: Tools: Bug lf#2307 - Provide a way to determin the nodeid of past cluster members
+ Medium: Tools: crm: add update method to template apply (LF 2289)
+ Medium: Tools: crm: direct RA interface for ocf class resource agents (LF 2270)
+ Medium: Tools: crm: direct RA interface for stonith class resource agents (LF 2270)
+ Medium: Tools: crm: do not add score which does not exist
+ Medium: Tools: crm: do not consider warnings as errors (LF 2274)
+ Medium: Tools: crm: do not remove sets which contain id-ref attribute (LF 2304)
+ Medium: Tools: crm: drop empty attributes elements
+ Medium: Tools: crm: exclude locations when testing for pathological constraints (LF 2300)
+ Medium: Tools: crm: fix exit code on single shot commands
+ Medium: Tools: crm: fix node delete (LF 2305)
+ Medium: Tools: crm: implement -F (--force) option
+ Medium: Tools: crm: rename status to cibstatus (LF 2236)
+ Medium: Tools: crm: revisit configure commit
+ Medium: Tools: crm: stay in crm if user specified level only (LF 2286)
+ Medium: Tools: crm: verify changes on exit from the configure level
+ Medium: ais: Some clients such as gfs_controld want a cluster name, allow one to be specified in corosync.conf
+ Medium: cib: Clean up logic for receiving remote messages
+ Medium: cib: Create valid notification control messages
+ Medium: cib: Indicate where the remote connection came from
+ Medium: cib: Send password prompt to stderr so that stdout can be redirected
+ Medium: cts: Fix rsh handling when stdout is not required
+ Medium: doc: Fill in the section on removing a node from an AIS-based cluster
+ Medium: doc: Update the docs to reflect the 0.6/1.0 rolling upgrade problem
+ Medium: doc: Use Publican for docbook based documentation
+ Medium: fencing: stonithd: add metadata for stonithd instance attributes (and support in the shell)
+ Medium: fencing: stonithd: ignore case when comparing host names (LF 2292)
+ Medium: tools: Make crm_mon functional with remote connections
+ Medium: xml: Add stopped as a supported role for operations
+ Medium: xml: Bug bnc#552713 - Treat node unames as text fields not IDs
+ Medium: xml: Bug lf#2215 - Create an always-true expression for empty rules when upgrading from 0.6
* Thu Oct 29 2009 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.5-4
- Include the fixes from CoroSync integration testing
- Move the resource templates - they are not documentation
- Ensure documentation is placed in a standard location
- Exclude documentation that is included elsewhere in the package
- Update the tarball from upstream to version ee19d8e83c2a
+ High: cib: Correctly clean up when both plaintext and tls remote ports are requested
+ High: PE: Bug bnc#515172 - Provide better defaults for lt(e) and gt(e) comparisions
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2197 - Allow master instances placemaker to be influenced by colocation constraints
+ High: PE: Make sure promote/demote pseudo actions are created correctly
+ High: PE: Prevent target-role from promoting more than master-max instances
+ High: ais: Bug lf#2199 - Prevent expected-quorum-votes from being populated with garbage
+ High: ais: Prevent deadlock - dont try to release IPC message if the connection failed
+ High: cib: For validation errors, send back the full CIB so the client can display the errors
+ High: cib: Prevent use-after-free for remote plaintext connections
+ High: crmd: Bug lf#2201 - Prevent use-of-NULL when running heartbeat
* Wed Oct 13 2009 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.5-3
- Update the tarball from upstream to version 38cd629e5c3c
+ High: Core: Bug lf#2169 - Allow dtd/schema validation to be disabled
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2106 - Not all anonymous clone children are restarted after configuration change
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2170 - stop-all-resources option had no effect
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2171 - Prevent groups from starting if they depend on a complex resource which can not
+ High: PE: Disable resource management if stonith-enabled=true and no stonith resources are defined
+ High: PE: do not include master score if it would prevent allocation
+ High: ais: Avoid excessive load by checking for dead children every 1s (instead of 100ms)
+ High: ais: Bug rh#525589 - Prevent shutdown deadlocks when running on CoroSync
+ High: ais: Gracefully handle changes to the AIS nodeid
+ High: crmd: Bug bnc#527530 - Wait for the transition to complete before leaving S_TRANSITION_ENGINE
+ High: crmd: Prevent use-after-free with LOG_DEBUG_3
+ Medium: xml: Mask the "symmetrical" attribute on rsc_colocation constraints (bnc#540672)
+ Medium (bnc#520707): Tools: crm: new templates ocfs2 and clvm
+ Medium: Build: Invert the disable ais/heartbeat logic so that --without (ais|heartbeat) is available to rpmbuild
+ Medium: PE: Bug lf#2178 - Indicate unmanaged clones
+ Medium: PE: Bug lf#2180 - Include node information for all failed ops
+ Medium: PE: Bug lf#2189 - Incorrect error message when unpacking simple ordering constraint
+ Medium: PE: Correctly log resources that would like to start but can not
+ Medium: PE: Stop ptest from logging to syslog
+ Medium: ais: Include version details in plugin name
+ Medium: crmd: Requery the resource metadata after every start operation
* Fri Aug 21 2009 Tomas Mraz <> - 1.0.5-2.1
- rebuilt with new openssl
* Wed Aug 19 2009 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.5-2
- Add versioned perl dependency as specified by
- No longer remove RPATH data, it prevents us finding and no other
libraries were being hardcoded
- Compile in support for heartbeat
- Conditionally add heartbeat-devel and corosynclib-devel to the -devel requirements
depending on which stacks are supported
* Mon Aug 17 2009 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.5-1
- Add dependency on resource-agents
- Use the version of the configure macro that supplies --prefix, --libdir, etc
- Update the tarball from upstream to version 462f1569a437 (Pacemaker 1.0.5 final)
+ High: Tools: crm_resource - Advertise --move instead of --migrate
+ Medium: Extra: New node connectivity RA that uses system ping and attrd_updater
+ Medium: crmd: Note that dc-deadtime can be used to mask the brokeness of some switches
* Tue Aug 11 2009 Ville Skyttä <> - 1.0.5-0.7.c9120a53a6ae.hg
- Use bzipped upstream tarball.
* Wed Jul 29 2009 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.5-0.6.c9120a53a6ae.hg
- Add back missing build auto* dependancies
- Minor cleanups to the install directive
* Tue Jul 28 2009 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.5-0.5.c9120a53a6ae.hg
- Add a leading zero to the revision when alphatag is used
* Tue Jul 28 2009 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.5-0.4.c9120a53a6ae.hg
- Incorporate the feedback from the cluster-glue review
- Realistically, the version is a 1.0.5 pre-release
- Use the global directive instead of define for variables
- Use the haclient/hacluster group/user instead of daemon
- Use the _configure macro
- Fix install dependancies
* Fri Jul 24 2009 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.4-3
- Initial Fedora checkin
- Include an AUTHORS and license file in each package
- Change the library package name to pacemaker-libs to be more
Fedora compliant
- Remove execute permissions from xml related files
- Reference the new cluster-glue devel package name
- Update the tarball from upstream to version c9120a53a6ae
+ High: PE: Only prevent migration if the clone dependency is stopping/starting on the target node
+ High: PE: Bug 2160 - Dont shuffle clones due to colocation
+ High: PE: New implementation of the resource migration (not stop/start) logic
+ Medium: Tools: crm_resource - Prevent use-of-NULL by requiring a resource name for the -A and -a options
+ Medium: PE: Prevent use-of-NULL in find_first_action()
* Tue Jul 14 2009 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.4-2
- Reference authors from the project AUTHORS file instead of listing in description
- Change Source0 to reference the Mercurial repo
- Cleaned up the summaries and descriptions
- Incorporate the results of Fedora package self-review
* Thu Jun 04 2009 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.4-1
- Update source tarball to revision: 1d87d3e0fc7f (stable-1.0)
- Statistics:
Changesets: 209
Diff: 266 files changed, 12010 insertions(+), 8276 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-1.0.3
+ High (bnc#488291): ais: do not rely on byte endianness on ptr cast
+ High (bnc#507255): Tools: crm: delete rsc/op_defaults (these meta_attributes are killing me)
+ High (bnc#507255): Tools: crm: import properly rsc/op_defaults
+ High (LF 2114): Tools: crm: add support for operation instance attributes
+ High: ais: Bug lf#2126 - Messages replies cannot be routed to transient clients
+ High: ais: Fix compilation for the latest Corosync API (v1719)
+ High: attrd: Do not perform all updates as complete refreshes
+ High: cib: Fix huge memory leak affecting heartbeat-based clusters
+ High: Core: Allow xpath queries to match attributes
+ High: Core: Generate the help text directly from a tool options struct
+ High: Core: Handle differences in 0.6 messaging format
+ High: crmd: Bug lf#2120 - All transient node attribute updates need to go via attrd
+ High: crmd: Correctly calculate how long an FSA action took to avoid spamming the logs with errors
+ High: crmd: Fix another large memory leak affecting Heartbeat based clusters
+ High: lha: Restore compatability with older versions
+ High: PE: Bug bnc#495687 - Filesystem is not notified of successful STONITH under some conditions
+ High: PE: Make running a cluster with STONITH enabled but no STONITH resources an error and provide details on resolutions
+ High: PE: Prevent use-ofNULL when using resource ordering sets
+ High: PE: Provide inter-notification ordering guarantees
+ High: PE: Rewrite the notification code to be understanable and extendable
+ High: Tools: attrd - Prevent race condition resulting in the cluster forgetting the node wishes to shut down
+ High: Tools: crm: regression tests
+ High: Tools: crm_mon - Fix smtp notifications
+ High: Tools: crm_resource - Repair the ability to query meta attributes
+ Low Build: Bug lf#2105 - Debian package should contain pacemaker doc and crm templates
+ Medium (bnc#507255): Tools: crm: handle empty rsc/op_defaults properly
+ Medium (bnc#507255): Tools: crm: use the right obj_type when creating objects from xml nodes
+ Medium (LF 2107): Tools: crm: revisit exit codes in configure
+ Medium: cib: Do not bother validating updates that only affect the status section
+ Medium: Core: Include supported stacks in version information
+ Medium: crmd: Record in the CIB, the cluster infrastructure being used
+ Medium: cts: Do not combine crm_standby arguments - the wrapper ca not process them
+ Medium: cts: Fix the CIBAusdit class
+ Medium: Extra: Refresh showscores script from Dominik
+ Medium: PE: Build a statically linked version of ptest
+ Medium: PE: Correctly log the actions for resources that are being recovered
+ Medium: PE: Correctly log the occurance of promotion events
+ Medium: PE: Implememt node health based on a patch from Mark Hamzy
+ Medium: Tools: Add examples to help text outputs
+ Medium: Tools: crm: catch syntax errors for configure load
+ Medium: Tools: crm: implement erasing nodes in configure erase
+ Medium: Tools: crm: work with parents only when managing xml objects
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Add option to run custom notification program on resource operations (Patch by Dominik Klein)
+ Medium: Tools: crm_resource - Allow --cleanup to function on complex resources and cluster-wide
+ Medium: Tools: - Patch from horms to fix conversion error
+ Medium: Tools: Include stack information in crm_mon output
+ Medium: Tools: Two new options (--stack,--constraints) to crm_resource for querying how a resource is configured
* Wed Apr 08 2009 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.3-1
- Update source tarball to revision: b133b3f19797 (stable-1.0) tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 383
Diff: 329 files changed, 15471 insertions(+), 15119 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-1.0.2
+ Added tag SLE11-HAE-GMC for changeset 9196be9830c2
+ High: ais plugin: Fix quorum calculation (bnc#487003)
+ High: ais: Another memory fix leak in error path
+ High: ais: Bug bnc#482847, bnc#482905 - Force a clean exit of OpenAIS once Pacemaker has finished unloading
+ High: ais: Bug bnc#486858 - Fix update_member() to prevent spamming clients with membership events containing no changes
+ High: ais: Centralize all quorum calculations in the ais plugin and allow expected votes to be configured int he cib
+ High: ais: Correctly handle a return value of zero from openais_dispatch_recv()
+ High: ais: Disable logging to a file
+ High: ais: Fix memory leak in error path
+ High: ais: IPC messages are only in scope until a response is sent
+ High: All signal handlers used with CL_SIGNAL() need to be as minimal as possible
+ High: cib: Bug bnc#482885 - Simplify CIB disk-writes to prevent data loss. Required a change to the backup filename format
+ High: cib: crmd: Revert part of 9782ab035003. Complex shutdown routines need G_main_add_SignalHandler to avoid race coditions
+ High: crm: Avoid infinite loop during crm configure edit (bnc#480327)
+ High: crmd: Avoid a race condition by waiting for the attrd update to trigger a transition automatically
+ High: crmd: Bug bnc#480977 - Prevent extra, partial, shutdown when a node restarts too quickly
+ High: crmd: Bug bnc#480977 - Prevent extra, partial, shutdown when a node restarts too quickly (verified)
+ High: crmd: Bug bnc#489063 - Ensure the DC is always unset after we 'loose' an election
+ High: crmd: Bug BSC#479543 - Correctly find the migration source for timed out migrate_from actions
+ High: crmd: Call crm_peer_init() before we start the FSA - prevents a race condition when used with Heartbeat
+ High: crmd: Erasing the status section should not be forced to the local node
+ High: crmd: Fix memory leak in cib notication processing code
+ High: crmd: Fix memory leak in transition graph processing
+ High: crmd: Fix memory leaks found by valgrind
+ High: crmd: More memory leaks fixes found by valgrind
+ High: fencing: stonithd: is_heartbeat_cluster is a no-no if there is no heartbeat support
+ High: PE: Bug bnc#466788 - Exclude nodes that can not run resources
+ High: PE: Bug bnc#466788 - Make colocation based on node attributes work
+ High: PE: Bug BNC#478687 - Do not crash when clone-max is 0
+ High: PE: Bug bnc#488721 - Fix id-ref expansion for clones, the doc-root for clone children is not the cib root
+ High: PE: Bug bnc#490418 - Correctly determine node state for nodes wishing to be terminated
+ High: PE: Bug LF#2087 - Correctly parse the state of anonymous clones that have multiple instances on a given node
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2089 - Meta attributes are not inherited by clone children
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2091 - Correctly restart modified resources that were found active by a probe
+ High: PE: Bug lf#2094 - Fix probe ordering for cloned groups
+ High: PE: Bug LF:2075 - Fix large pingd memory leaks
+ High: PE: Correctly attach orphaned clone children to their parent
+ High: PE: Correctly handle terminate node attributes that are set to the output from time()
+ High: PE: Ensure orphaned clone members are hooked up to the parent when clone-max=0
+ High: PE: Fix memory leak in LogActions
+ High: PE: Fix the determination of whether a group is active
+ High: PE: Look up the correct promotion preference for anonymous masters
+ High: PE: Simplify handling of start failures by changing the default migration-threshold to INFINITY
+ High: PE: The ordered option for clones no longer causes extra start/stop operations
+ High: RA: Bug bnc#490641 - Shut down dlm_controld with -TERM instead of -KILL
+ High: RA: pingd: Set default ping interval to 1 instead of 0 seconds
+ High: Resources: pingd - Correctly tell the ping daemon to shut down
+ High: Tools: Bug bnc#483365 - Ensure the command from cluster_test includes a value for --log-facility
+ High: Tools: cli: fix and improve delete command
+ High: Tools: crm: add and implement templates
+ High: Tools: crm: add support for command aliases and some common commands (i.e. cd,exit)
+ High: Tools: crm: create top configuration nodes if they are missing
+ High: Tools: crm: fix parsing attributes for rules (broken by the previous changeset)
+ High: Tools: crm: new ra set of commands
+ High: Tools: crm: resource agents information management
+ High: Tools: crm: rsc/op_defaults
+ High: Tools: crm: support for no value attribute in nvpairs
+ High: Tools: crm: the new configure monitor command
+ High: Tools: crm: the new configure node command
+ High: Tools: crm_mon - Prevent use-of-NULL when summarizing an orphan
+ High: Tools: hb2openais: create clvmd clone for respawn evmsd in
+ High: Tools: hb2openais: fix a serious recursion bug in xml node processing
+ High: Tools: hb2openais: fix ocfs2 processing
+ High: Tools: pingd - prevent double free of getaddrinfo() output in error path
+ High: Tools: The default re-ping interval for pingd should be 1s not 1ms
+ Medium (bnc#479049): Tools: crm: add validation of resource type for the configure primitive command
+ Medium (bnc#479050): Tools: crm: add help for RA parameters in tab completion
+ Medium (bnc#479050): Tools: crm: add tab completion for primitive params/meta/op
+ Medium (bnc#479050): Tools: crm: reimplement cluster properties completion
+ Medium (bnc#486968): Tools: crm: listnodes function requires no parameters (do not mix completion with other stuff)
+ Medium: ais: Remove the ugly hack for dampening AIS membership changes
+ Medium: cib: Fix memory leaks by using mainloop_add_signal
+ Medium: cib: Move more logging to the debug level (was info)
+ Medium: cib: Overhaul the processing of synchronous replies
+ Medium: Core: Add library functions for instructing the cluster to terminate nodes
+ Medium: crmd: Add new expected-quorum-votes option
+ Medium: crmd: Allow up to 5 retires when an attrd update fails
+ Medium: crmd: Automatically detect and use new values for crm_config options
+ Medium: crmd: Bug bnc#490426 - Escalated shutdowns stall when there are pending resource operations
+ Medium: crmd: Clean up and optimize the DC election algorithm
+ Medium: crmd: Fix memory leak in shutdown
+ Medium: crmd: Fix memory leaks spotted by Valgrind
+ Medium: crmd: Ingore join messages from hosts other than our DC
+ Medium: crmd: Limit the scope of resource updates to the status section
+ Medium: crmd: Prevent the crmd from being respawned if its told to shut down when it did not ask to be
+ Medium: crmd: Re-check the election status after membership events
+ Medium: crmd: Send resource updates via the local CIB during elections
+ Medium: PE: Bug bnc#491441 - crm_mon does not display operations returning 'uninstalled' correctly
+ Medium: PE: Bug lf#2101 - For location constraints, role=Slave is equivalent to role=Started
+ Medium: PE: Clean up the API - removed ->children() and renamed ->find_child() to fine_rsc()
+ Medium: PE: Compress the display of healthy anonymous clones
+ Medium: PE: Correctly log the actions for resources that are being recovered
+ Medium: PE: Determin a promotion score for complex resources
+ Medium: PE: Ensure clones always have a value for globally-unique
+ Medium: PE: Prevent orphan clones from being allocated
+ Medium: RA: controld: Return proper exit code for stop op.
+ Medium: Tools: Bug bnc#482558 - Fix logging test in cluster_test
+ Medium: Tools: Bug bnc#482828 - Fix quoting in cluster_test logging setup
+ Medium: Tools: Bug bnc#482840 - Include directory path to
+ Medium: Tools: crm: add more user input checks
+ Medium: Tools: crm: do not check resource status of we are working with a shadow
+ Medium: Tools: crm: fix id-refs and allow reference to top objects (i.e. primitive)
+ Medium: Tools: crm: ignore comments in the CIB
+ Medium: Tools: crm: multiple column output would not work with small lists
+ Medium: Tools: crm: refuse to delete running resources
+ Medium: Tools: crm: rudimentary if-else for templates
+ Medium: Tools: crm: Start/stop clones via target-role.
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Compress the node status for healthy and offline nodes
+ Medium: Tools: crm_shadow - Return 0/cib_ok when --create-empty succeeds
+ Medium: Tools: crm_shadow - Support -e, the short form of --create-empty
+ Medium: Tools: Make attrd quieter
+ Medium: Tools: pingd - Avoid using various clplumbing functions as they seem to leak
+ Medium: Tools: Reduce pingd logging
* Mon Feb 16 2009 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.2-1
- Update source tarball to revision: d232d19daeb9 (stable-1.0) tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 441
Diff: 639 files changed, 20871 insertions(+), 21594 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-1.0.1
+ High (bnc#450815): Tools: crm cli: do not generate id for the operations tag
+ High: ais: Add support for the new AIS IPC layer
+ High: ais: Always set header.error to the correct default: SA_AIS_OK
+ High: ais: Bug BNC#456243 - Ensure the membership cache always contains an entry for the local node
+ High: ais: Bug BNC:456208 - Prevent deadlocks by not logging in the child process before exec()
+ High: ais: By default, disable supprt for the WIP openais IPC patch
+ High: ais: Detect and handle situations where ais and the crm disagree on the node name
+ High: ais: Ensure crm_peer_seq is updated after a membership update
+ High: ais: Make sure all IPC header fields are set to sane defaults
+ High: ais: Repair and streamline service load now that whitetank startup functions correctly
+ High: build: create and install doc files
+ High: cib: Allow clients without mainloop to connect to the cib
+ High: cib: CID:18 - Fix use-of-NULL in cib_perform_op
+ High: cib: CID:18 - Repair errors introduced in b5a18704477b - Fix use-of-NULL in cib_perform_op
+ High: cib: Ensure diffs contain the correct values of admin_epoch
+ High: cib: Fix four moderately sized memory leaks detected by Valgrind
+ High: Core: CID:10 - Prevent indexing into an array of schemas with a negative value
+ High: Core: CID:13 - Fix memory leak in log_data_element
+ High: Core: CID:15 - Fix memory leak in crm_get_peer
+ High: Core: CID:6 - Fix use-of-NULL in copy_ha_msg_input
+ High: Core: Fix crash in the membership code preventing node shutdown
+ High: Core: Fix more memory leaks foudn by valgrind
+ High: Core: Prevent unterminated strings after decompression
+ High: crmd: Bug BNC:467995 - Delay marking STONITH operations complete until STONITH tells us so
+ High: crmd: Bug LF:1962 - Do not NACK peers because they are not (yet) in our membership. Just ignore them.
+ High: crmd: Bug LF:2010 - Ensure fencing cib updates create the node_state entry if needed to preent re-fencing during cluster startup
+ High: crmd: Correctly handle reconnections to attrd
+ High: crmd: Ensure updates for lost migrate operations indicate which node it tried to migrating to
+ High: crmd: If there are no nodes to finalize, start an election.
+ High: crmd: If there are no nodes to welcome, start an election.
+ High: crmd: Prevent node attribute loss by detecting attrd disconnections immediately
+ High: crmd: Prevent node re-probe loops by ensuring manditory actions always complete
+ High: PE: Bug 2005 - Fix startup ordering of cloned stonith groups
+ High: PE: Bug 2006 - Correctly reprobe cloned groups
+ High: PE: Bug BNC:465484 - Fix the no-quorum-policy=suicide option
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1996 - Correctly process disabled monitor operations
+ High: PE: CID:19 - Fix use-of-NULL in determine_online_status
+ High: PE: Clones now default to globally-unique=false
+ High: PE: Correctly calculate the number of available nodes for the clone to use
+ High: PE: Only shoot online nodes with no-quorum-policy=suicide
+ High: PE: Prevent on-fail settings being ignored after a resource is successfully stopped
+ High: PE: Prevent use-of-NULL for failed migrate actions in process_rsc_state()
+ High: PE: Remove an optimization for the terminate node attribute that caused the cluster to block indefinitly
+ High: PE: Repar the ability to colocate based on node attributes other than uname
+ High: PE: Start the correct monitor operation for unmanaged masters
+ High: stonith: CID:3 - Fix another case of exceptionally poor error handling by the original stonith developers
+ High: stonith: CID:5 - Checking for NULL and then dereferencing it anyway is an interesting approach to error handling
+ High: stonithd: Sending IPC to the cluster is a privileged operation
+ High: stonithd: wrong checks for shmid (0 is a valid id)
+ High: Tools: attrd - Correctly determine when an attribute has stopped changing and should be committed to the CIB
+ High: Tools: Bug 2003 - pingd does not correctly detect failures when the interface is down
+ High: Tools: Bug 2003 - pingd does not correctly handle node-down events on multi-NIC systems
+ High: Tools: Bug 2021 - pingd does not detect sequence wrapping correctly, incorrectly reports nodes offline
+ High: Tools: Bug BNC:468066 - Do not use the result of uname() when its no longer in scope
+ High: Tools: Bug BNC:473265 - crm_resource -L dumps core
+ High: Tools: Bug LF:2001 - Transient node attributes should be set via attrd
+ High: Tools: Bug LF:2036 - crm_resource cannot set/get parameters for cloned resources
+ High: Tools: Bug LF:2046 - Node attribute updates are lost because attrd can take too long to start
+ High: Tools: Cause the correct clone instance to be failed with crm_resource -F
+ High: Tools: cluster_test - Allow the user to select a stack and fix CTS invocation
+ High: Tools: crm cli: allow rename only if the resource is stopped
+ High: Tools: crm cli: catch system errors on file operations
+ High: Tools: crm cli: completion for ids in configure
+ High: Tools: crm cli: drop '-rsc' from attributes for order constraint
+ High: Tools: crm cli: exit with an appropriate exit code
+ High: Tools: crm cli: fix wrong order of action and resource in order constraint
+ High: Tools: crm cli: fox wrong exit code
+ High: Tools: crm cli: improve handling of cib attributes
+ High: Tools: crm cli: new command: configure rename
+ High: Tools: crm cli: new command: configure upgrade
+ High: Tools: crm cli: new command: node delete
+ High: Tools: crm cli: prevent key errors on missing cib attributes
+ High: Tools: crm cli: print long help for help topics
+ High: Tools: crm cli: return on syntax error when parsing score
+ High: Tools: crm cli: rsc_location can be without nvpairs
+ High: Tools: crm cli: short node preference location constraint
+ High: Tools: crm cli: sometimes, on errors, level would change on single shot use
+ High: Tools: crm cli: syntax: drop a bunch of commas (remains of help tables conversion)
+ High: Tools: crm cli: verify user input for sanity
+ High: Tools: crm: find expressions within rules (do not always skip xml nodes due to used id)
+ High: Tools: crm_master should not define a set id now that attrd is used. Defining one can break lookups
+ High: Tools: crm_mon Use the OID assigned to the project by IANA for SNMP traps
+ Medium (bnc#445622): Tools: crm cli: improve the node show command and drop node status
+ Medium (LF 2009): stonithd: improve timeouts for remote fencing
+ Medium: ais: Allow dead peers to be removed from membership calculations
+ Medium: ais: Pass node deletion events on to clients
+ Medium: ais: Sanitize ipc usage
+ Medium: ais: Supply the node uname in addtion to the id
+ Medium: Build: Clean up configure to ensure NON_FATAL_CFLAGS is consistent with CFLAGS (ie. includes -g)
+ Medium: Build: Install cluster_test
+ Medium: Build: Use more restrictive CFLAGS and fix the resulting errors
+ Medium: cib: CID:20 - Fix potential use-after-free in cib_native_signon
+ Medium: Core: Bug BNC:474727 - Set a maximum time to wait for IPC messages
+ Medium: Core: CID:12 - Fix memory leak in decode_transition_magic error path
+ Medium: Core: CID:14 - Fix memory leak in calculate_xml_digest error path
+ Medium: Core: CID:16 - Fix memory leak in date_to_string error path
+ Medium: Core: Try to track down the cause of XML parsing errors
+ Medium: crmd: Bug BNC:472473 - Do not wait excessive amounts of time for lost actions
+ Medium: crmd: Bug BNC:472473 - Reduce the transition timeout to action_timeout+network_delay
+ Medium: crmd: Do not fast-track the processing of LRM refreshes when there are pending actions.
+ Medium: crmd: do_dc_join_filter_offer - Check the 'join' message is for the current instance before deciding to NACK peers
+ Medium: crmd: Find option values without having to do a config upgrade
+ Medium: crmd: Implement shutdown using a transient node attribute
+ Medium: crmd: Update the crmd options to use dashes instead of underscores
+ Medium: cts: Add 'cluster reattach' to the suite of automated regression tests
+ Medium: cts: cluster_test - Make some usability enhancements
+ Medium: CTS: cluster_test - suggest a valid port number
+ Medium: CTS: Fix python import order
+ Medium: cts: Implement an automated SplitBrain test
+ Medium: CTS: Remove references to deleted classes
+ Medium: Extra: Resources - Use HA_VARRUN instead of HA_RSCTMP for state files as Heartbeat removes HA_RSCTMP at startup
+ Medium: HB: Bug 1933 - Fake crmd_client_status_callback() calls because HB does not provide them for already running processes
+ Medium: PE: CID:17 - Fix memory leak in find_actions_by_task error path
+ Medium: PE: CID:7,8 - Prevent hypothetical use-of-NULL in LogActions
+ Medium: PE: Defer logging the actions performed on a resource until we have processed ordering constraints
+ Medium: PE: Remove the symmetrical attribute of colocation constraints
+ Medium: Resources: pingd - fix the meta defaults
+ Medium: Resources: Stateful - Add missing meta defaults
+ Medium: stonithd: exit if we the pid file cannot be locked
+ Medium: Tools: Allow attrd clients to specify the ID the attribute should be created with
+ Medium: Tools: attrd - Allow attribute updates to be performed from a hosts peer
+ Medium: Tools: Bug LF:1994 - Clean up crm_verify return codes
+ Medium: Tools: Change the pingd defaults to ping hosts once every second (instead of 5 times every 10 seconds)
+ Medium: Tools: cibmin - Detect resource operations with a view to providing email/snmp/cim notification
+ Medium: Tools: crm cli: add back symmetrical for order constraints
+ Medium: Tools: crm cli: generate role in location when converting from xml
+ Medium: Tools: crm cli: handle shlex exceptions
+ Medium: Tools: crm cli: keep order of help topics
+ Medium: Tools: crm cli: refine completion for ids in configure
+ Medium: Tools: crm cli: replace inf with INFINITY
+ Medium: Tools: crm cli: streamline cib load and parsing
+ Medium: Tools: crm cli: supply provider only for ocf class primitives
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Add support for sending mail notifications of resource events
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Include the DC version in status summary
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Sanitize startup and option processing
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon - switch to event-driven updates and add support for sending snmp traps
+ Medium: Tools: crm_shadow - Replace the --locate option with the saner --edit
+ Medium: Tools: hb2openais: do not remove Evmsd resources, but replace them with clvmd
+ Medium: Tools: hb2openais: replace crmadmin with crm_mon
+ Medium: Tools: hb2openais: replace the lsb class with ocf for o2cb
+ Medium: Tools: hb2openais: reuse code
+ Medium: Tools: LF:2029 - Display an error if crm_resource is used to reset the operation history of non-primitive resources
+ Medium: Tools: Make pingd resilient to attrd failures
+ Medium: Tools: pingd - fix the command line switches
+ Medium: Tools: Rename ccm_tool to crm_node
* Tue Nov 18 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.1-1
- Update source tarball to revision: 6fc5ce8302ab (stable-1.0) tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 170
Diff: 816 files changed, 7633 insertions(+), 6286 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-1.0.1
+ High: ais: Allow the crmd to get callbacks whenever a node state changes
+ High: ais: Create an option for starting the mgmtd daemon automatically
+ High: ais: Ensure HA_RSCTMP exists for use by resource agents
+ High: ais: Hook up the openais.conf config logging options
+ High: ais: Zero out the PID of disconnecting clients
+ High: cib: Ensure global updates cause a disk write when appropriate
+ High: Core: Add an extra snaity check to getXpathResults() to prevent segfaults
+ High: Core: Do not redefine __FUNCTION__ unnecessarily
+ High: Core: Repair the ability to have comments in the configuration
+ High: crmd: Bug:1975 - crmd should wait indefinitely for stonith operations to complete
+ High: crmd: Ensure PE processing does not occur for all error cases in do_pe_invoke_callback
+ High: crmd: Requests to the CIB should cause any prior PE calculations to be ignored
+ High: heartbeat: Wait for membership 'up' events before removing stale node status data
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1988 - Ensure recurring operations always have the correct target-rc set
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1988 - For unmanaged resources we need to skip the usual can_run_resources() checks
+ High: PE: Ensure the terminate node attribute is handled correctly
+ High: PE: Fix optional colocation
+ High: PE: Improve up the detection of 'new' nodes joining the cluster
+ High: PE: Prevent assert failures in master_color() by ensuring unmanaged masters are always reallocated to their current location
+ High: Tools: crm cli: parser: return False on syntax error and None for comments
+ High: Tools: crm cli: unify template and edit commands
+ High: Tools: crm_shadow - Show more line number information after validation failures
+ High: Tools: hb2openais: add option to upgrade the CIB to v3.0
+ High: Tools: hb2openais: add U option to getopts and update usage
+ High: Tools: hb2openais: backup improved and multiple fixes
+ High: Tools: hb2openais: fix class/provider reversal
+ High: Tools: hb2openais: fix testing
+ High: Tools: hb2openais: move the CIB update to the end
+ High: Tools: hb2openais: update logging and set logfile appropriately
+ High: Tools: LF:1969 - Attrd never sets any properties in the cib
+ High: Tools: Make attrd functional on OpenAIS
+ Medium: ais: Hook up the options for specifying the expected number of nodes and total quorum votes
+ Medium: ais: Look for pacemaker options inside the service block with 'name: pacemaker' instead of creating an addtional configuration block
+ Medium: ais: Provide better feedback when nodes change nodeids (in openais.conf)
+ Medium: cib: Always store cib contents on disk with num_updates=0
+ Medium: cib: Ensure remote access ports are cleaned up on shutdown
+ Medium: crmd: Detect deleted resource operations automatically
+ Medium: crmd: Erase a nodes resource operations and transient attributes after a successful STONITH
+ Medium: crmd: Find a more appropriate place to update quorum and refresh attrd attributes
+ Medium: crmd: Fix the handling of unexpected PE exits to ensure the current CIB is stored
+ Medium: crmd: Fix the recording of pending operations in the CIB
+ Medium: crmd: Initiate an attrd refresh _after_ the status section has been fully repopulated
+ Medium: crmd: Only the DC should update quorum in an openais cluster
+ Medium: Ensure meta attributes are used consistantly
+ Medium: PE: Allow group and clone level resource attributes
+ Medium: PE: Bug N:437719 - Ensure scores from colocated resources count when allocating groups
+ Medium: PE: Prevent lsb scripts from being used in globally unique clones
+ Medium: PE: Make a best-effort guess at a migration threshold for people with 0.6 configs
+ Medium: Resources: controld - ensure we are part of a clone with globally_unique=false
+ Medium: Tools: attrd - Automatically refresh all attributes after a CIB replace operation
+ Medium: Tools: Bug LF:1985 - crm_mon - Correctly process failed cib queries to allow reconnection after cluster restarts
+ Medium: Tools: Bug LF:1987 - crm_verify incorrectly warns of configuration upgrades for the most recent version
+ Medium: Tools: crm (bnc#441028): check for key error in attributes management
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon - display the meaning of the operation rc code instead of the status
+ Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Fix the display of timing data
+ Medium: Tools: crm_verify - check that we are being asked to validate a complete config
+ Medium: xml: Relax the restriction on the contents of rsc_locaiton.node
* Thu Oct 16 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.0-1
- Update source tarball to revision: 388654dfef8f tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 261
Diff: 3021 files changed, 244985 insertions(+), 111596 deletions(-)
- Changes since f805e1b30103
+ High: add the crm cli program
+ High: ais: Move the service id definition to a common location and make sure it is always used
+ High: build: rename to .in and replace paths with vars
+ High: cib: Implement --create for crm_shadow
+ High: cib: Remove dead files
+ High: Core: Allow the expected number of quorum votes to be configrable
+ High: Core: cl_malloc and friends were removed from Heartbeat
+ High: Core: Only call xmlCleanupParser() if we parsed anything. Doing so unconditionally seems to cause a segfault
+ High: improve pingd handling; several bugs fixed
+ High: hb2openais: fix clone creation; replace EVMS strings
+ High: new conversion script
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1950 - Ensure the current values for all notification variables are always set (even if empty)
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1955 - Ensure unmanaged masters are unconditionally repromoted to ensure they are monitored correctly.
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1955 - Fix another case of filtering causing unmanaged master failures
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1955 - Umanaged mode prevents master resources from being allocated correctly
+ High: PE: Bug N:420538 - Anit-colocation caused a positive node preference
+ High: PE: Correctly handle unmanaged resources to prevent them from being started elsewhere
+ High: PE: crm_resource - Fix the --migrate command
+ High: PE: MAke stonith-enabled default to true and warn if no STONITH resources are found
+ High: PE: Make sure orphaned clone children are created correctly
+ High: PE: Monitors for unmanaged resources do not need to wait for start/promote/demote actions to complete
+ High: stonithd (LF 1951): fix remote stonith operations
+ High: stonithd: fix handling of timeouts
+ High: stonithd: fix logic for stonith resource priorities
+ High: stonithd: implement the fence-timeout instance attribute
+ High: stonithd: initialize value before reading fence-timeout
+ High: stonithd: set timeouts for fencing ops to the timeout of the start op
+ High: stonithd: stonith rsc priorities (new feature)
+ High: Tools: Add hb2openais - a tool for upgrading a Heartbeat cluster to use OpenAIS instead
+ High: Tools: crm_verify - clean up the upgrade logic to prevent crash on invalid configurations
+ High: Tools: Make pingd functional on Linux
+ High: Update version numbers for 1.0 candidates
+ Medium: ais: Add support for a synchronous call to retrieve the nodes nodeid
+ Medium: ais: Use the agreed service number
+ Medium: Build: Reliably detect heartbeat libraries during configure
+ Medium: Build: Supply prototypes for libreplace functions when needed
+ Medium: Build: Teach configure how to find corosync
+ Medium: Core: Provide better feedback if Pacemaker is started by a stack it does not support
+ Medium: crmd: Avoid calling GHashTable functions with NULL
+ Medium: crmd: Delay raising I_ERROR when the PE exits until we have had a chance to save the current CIB
+ Medium: crmd: Hook up the stonith-timeout option to stonithd
+ Medium: crmd: Prevent potential use-of-NULL in global_timer_callback
+ Medium: crmd: Rationalize the logging of graph aborts
+ Medium: PE: Add a stonith_timeout option and remove new options that are better set in rsc_defaults
+ Medium: PE: Allow external entities to ask for a node to be shot by creating a terminate=true transient node attribute
+ Medium: PE: Bug LF:1950 - Notifications do not contain all documented resource state fields
+ Medium: PE: Bug N:417585 - Do not restart group children whos individual score drops below zero
+ Medium: PE: Detect clients that disconnect before receiving their reply
+ Medium: PE: Implement a true maintenance mode
+ Medium: PE: Implement on-fail=standby for NTT. Derived from a patch by Satomi TANIGUCHI
+ Medium: PE: Print the correct message when stonith is disabled
+ Medium: PE: ptest - check the input is valid before proceeding
+ Medium: PE: Revert group stickiness to the 'old way'
+ Medium: PE: Use the correct attribute for action 'requires' (was prereq)
+ Medium: stonithd: Fix compilation without full heartbeat install
+ Medium: stonithd: exit with better code on empty host list
+ Medium: tools: Add a new regression test for CLI tools
+ Medium: tools: crm_resource - return with non-zero when a resource migration command is invalid
+ Medium: tools: crm_shadow - Allow the admin to start with an empty CIB (and no cluster connection)
+ Medium: xml: pacemaker-0.7 is now an alias for the 1.0 schema
* Mon Sep 22 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.7.3-1
- Update source tarball to revision: 33e677ab7764+ tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 133
Diff: 89 files changed, 7492 insertions(+), 1125 deletions(-)
- Changes since f805e1b30103
+ High: Tools: add the crm cli program
+ High: Core: cl_malloc and friends were removed from Heartbeat
+ High: Core: Only call xmlCleanupParser() if we parsed anything. Doing so unconditionally seems to cause a segfault
+ High: new conversion script
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1950 - Ensure the current values for all notification variables are always set (even if empty)
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1955 - Ensure unmanaged masters are unconditionally repromoted to ensure they are monitored correctly.
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1955 - Fix another case of filtering causing unmanaged master failures
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1955 - Umanaged mode prevents master resources from being allocated correctly
+ High: PE: Bug N:420538 - Anit-colocation caused a positive node preference
+ High: PE: Correctly handle unmanaged resources to prevent them from being started elsewhere
+ High: PE: crm_resource - Fix the --migrate command
+ High: PE: MAke stonith-enabled default to true and warn if no STONITH resources are found
+ High: PE: Make sure orphaned clone children are created correctly
+ High: PE: Monitors for unmanaged resources do not need to wait for start/promote/demote actions to complete
+ High: stonithd (LF 1951): fix remote stonith operations
+ High: Tools: crm_verify - clean up the upgrade logic to prevent crash on invalid configurations
+ Medium: ais: Add support for a synchronous call to retrieve the nodes nodeid
+ Medium: ais: Use the agreed service number
+ Medium: PE: Allow external entities to ask for a node to be shot by creating a terminate=true transient node attribute
+ Medium: PE: Bug LF:1950 - Notifications do not contain all documented resource state fields
+ Medium: PE: Bug N:417585 - Do not restart group children whos individual score drops below zero
+ Medium: PE: Implement a true maintenance mode
+ Medium: PE: Print the correct message when stonith is disabled
+ Medium: stonithd: exit with better code on empty host list
+ Medium: xml: pacemaker-0.7 is now an alias for the 1.0 schema
* Wed Aug 20 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.7.1-1
- Update source tarball to revision: f805e1b30103+ tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 184
Diff: 513 files changed, 43408 insertions(+), 43783 deletions(-)
- Changes since 0.7.0-19
+ Fix compilation when GNUTLS isnt found
+ High: admin: Fix use-after-free in crm_mon
+ High: Build: Remove testing code that prevented heartbeat-only builds
+ High: cib: Use single quotes so that the xpath queries for nvpairs will succeed
+ High: crmd: Always connect to stonithd when the TE starts and ensure we notice if it dies
+ High: crmd: Correctly handle a dead PE process
+ High: crmd: Make sure async-failures cause the failcount to be incrimented
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1941 - Handle failed clone instance probes when clone-max < #nodes
+ High: PE: Parse resource ordering sets correctly
+ High: PE: Prevent use-of-NULL - order->rsc_rh will not always be non-NULL
+ High: PE: Unpack colocation sets correctly
+ High: Tools: crm_mon - Prevent use-of-NULL for orphaned resources
+ Medium: ais: Add support for a synchronous call to retrieve the nodes nodeid
+ Medium: ais: Allow transient clients to receive membership updates
+ Medium: ais: Avoid double-free in error path
+ Medium: ais: Include in the mebership nodes for which we have not determined their hostname
+ Medium: ais: Spawn the PE from the ais plugin instead of the crmd
+ Medium: cib: By default, new configurations use the latest schema
+ Medium: cib: Clean up the CIB if it was already disconnected
+ Medium: cib: Only incriment num_updates if something actually changed
+ Medium: cib: Prevent use-after-free in client after abnormal termination of the CIB
+ Medium: Core: Fix memory leak in xpath searches
+ Medium: Core: Get more details regarding parser errors
+ Medium: Core: Repair expand_plus_plus - do not call char2score on unexpanded values
+ Medium: Core: Switch to the libxml2 parser - its significantly faster
+ Medium: Core: Use a libxml2 library function for xml -> text conversion
+ Medium: crmd: Asynchronous failure actions have no parameters
+ Medium: crmd: Avoid calling glib functions with NULL
+ Medium: crmd: Do not allow an election to promote a node from S_STARTING
+ Medium: crmd: Do not vote if we have not completed the local startup
+ Medium: crmd: Fix te_update_diff() now that get_object_root() functions differently
+ Medium: crmd: Fix the lrmd xpath expressions to not contain quotes
+ Medium: crmd: If we get a join offer during an election, better restart the election
+ Medium: crmd: No further processing is needed when using the LRMs API call for failing resources
+ Medium: crmd: Only update have-quorum if the value changed
+ Medium: crmd: Repair the input validation logic in do_te_invoke
+ Medium: cts: CIBs can no longer contain comments
+ Medium: cts: Enable a bunch of tests that were incorrectly disabled
+ Medium: cts: The libxml2 parser wont allow v1 resources to use integers as parameter names
+ Medium: Do not use the cluster UID and GID directly. Look them up based on the configured value of HA_CCMUSER
+ Medium: Fix compilation when heartbeat is not supported
+ Medium: PE: Allow groups to be involved in optional ordering constraints
+ Medium: PE: Allow sets of operations to be reused by multiple resources
+ Medium: PE: Bug LF:1941 - Mark extra clone instances as orphans and do not show inactive ones
+ Medium: PE: Determin the correct migration-threshold during resource expansion
+ Medium: PE: Implement no-quorum-policy=suicide (FATE #303619)
+ Medium: pengine: Clean up resources after stopping old copies of the PE
+ Medium: pengine: Teach the PE how to stop old copies of itself
+ Medium: Tools: Backport hb_report updates
+ Medium: Tools: cib_shadow - On create, spawn a new shell with CIB_shadow and PS1 set accordingly
+ Medium: Tools: Rename cib_shadow to crm_shadow
* Fri Jul 18 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.7.0-19
- Update source tarball to revision: 007c3a1c50f5 (unstable) tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 108
Diff: 216 files changed, 4632 insertions(+), 4173 deletions(-)
- Changes added since unstable-0.7
+ High: admin: Fix use-after-free in crm_mon
+ High: ais: Change the tag for the ais plugin to "pacemaker" (used in openais.conf)
+ High: ais: Log terminated processes as an error
+ High: cib: Performance - Reorganize things to avoid calculating the XML diff twice
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1941 - Handle failed clone instance probes when clone-max < #nodes
+ High: PE: Fix memory leak in action2xml
+ High: PE: Make OCF_ERR_ARGS a node-level error rather than a cluster-level one
+ High: PE: Properly handle clones that are not installed on all nodes
+ Medium: admin: cibadmin - Show any validation errors if the upgrade failed
+ Medium: admin: cib_shadow - Implement --locate to display the underlying filename
+ Medium: admin: cib_shadow - Implement a --diff option
+ Medium: admin: cib_shadow - Implement a --switch option
+ Medium: admin: crm_resource - create more compact constraints that do not use lifetime (which is deprecated)
+ Medium: ais: Approximate born_on for OpenAIS based clusters
+ Medium: cib: Remove do_id_check, it is a poor substitute for ID validation by a schema
+ Medium: cib: Skip construction of pre-notify messages if no-one wants one
+ Medium: Core: Attempt to streamline some key functions to increase performance
+ Medium: Core: Clean up XML parser after validation
+ Medium: crmd: Detect and optimize the CRMs behavior when processing diffs of an LRM refresh
+ Medium: Fix memory leaks when resetting the name of an XML object
+ Medium: PE: Prefer the current location if it is one of a group of nodes with the same (highest) score
* Wed Jun 25 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.7.0-1
- Update source tarball to revision: bde0c7db74fb tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 439
Diff: 676 files changed, 41310 insertions(+), 52071 deletions(-)
- Changes added since stable-0.6
+ High: A new tool for setting up and invoking CTS
+ High: Admin: All tools now use --node (-N) for specifying node unames
+ High: Admin: All tools now use --xml-file (-x) and --xml-text (-X) for specifying where to find XML blobs
+ High: cib: Cleanup the API - remove redundant input fields
+ High: cib: Implement CIB_shadow - a facility for making and testing changes before uploading them to the cluster
+ High: cib: Make registering per-op callbacks an API call and renamed (for clarity) the API call for requesting notifications
+ High: Core: Add a facility for automatically upgrading old configurations
+ High: Core: Adopt libxml2 as the XML processing library - all external clients need to be recompiled
+ High: Core: Allow sending TLS messages larger than the MTU
+ High: Core: Fix parsing of time-only ISO dates
+ High: Core: Smarter handling of XML values containing quotes
+ High: Core: XML memory corruption - catch, and handle, cases where we are overwriting an attribute value with itself
+ High: Core: The xml ID type does not allow UUIDs that start with a number
+ High: Core: Implement XPath based versions of query/delete/replace/modify
+ High: Core: Remove some HA2.0.(3,4) compatability code
+ High: crmd: Overhaul the detection of nodes that are starting vs. failed
+ High: PE: Bug LF:1459 - Allow failures to expire
+ High: PE: Have the PE do non-persistent configuration upgrades before performing calculations
+ High: PE: Replace failure-stickiness with a simple 'migration-threshold'
+ High: TE: Simplify the design by folding the tengine process into the crmd
+ Medium: Admin: Bug LF:1438 - Allow the list of all/active resource operations to be queried by crm_resource
+ Medium: Admin: Bug LF:1708 - crm_resource should print a warning if an attribute is already set as a meta attribute
+ Medium: Admin: Bug LF:1883 - crm_mon should display fail-count and operation history
+ Medium: Admin: Bug LF:1883 - crm_mon should display operation timing data
+ Medium: Admin: Bug N:371785 - crm_resource -C does not also clean up fail-count attributes
+ Medium: Admin: crm_mon - include timing data for failed actions
+ Medium: ais: Read options from the environment since objdb is not completely usable yet
+ Medium: cib: Add sections for op_defaults and rsc_defaults
+ Medium: cib: Better matching notification callbacks (for detecting duplicates and removal)
+ Medium: cib: Bug LF:1348 - Allow rules and attribute sets to be referenced for use in other objects
+ Medium: cib: BUG LF:1918 - By default, all cib calls now timeout after 30s
+ Medium: cib: Detect updates that decrease the version tuple
+ Medium: cib: Implement a client-side operation timeout - Requires LHA update
+ Medium: cib: Implement callbacks and async notifications for remote connections
+ Medium: cib: Make cib->cmds->update() an alias for modify at the API level (also implemented in cibadmin)
+ Medium: cib: Mark the CIB as disconnected if the IPC connection is terminated
+ Medium: cib: New call option 'cib_can_create' which can be passed to modify actions - allows the object to be created if it does not exist yet
+ Medium: cib: Reimplement get|set|delete attributes using XPath
+ Medium: cib: Remove some useless parts of the API
+ Medium: cib: Remove the 'attributes' scaffolding from the new format
+ Medium: cib: Implement the ability for clients to connect to remote servers
+ Medium: Core: Add support for validating xml against RelaxNG schemas
+ Medium: Core: Allow more than one item to be modified/deleted in XPath based operations
+ Medium: Core: Fix the sort_pairs function for creating sorted xml objects
+ Medium: Core: iso8601 - Implement subtract_duration and fix subtract_time
+ Medium: Core: Reduce the amount of xml copying occuring
+ Medium: Core: Support value='value+=N' XML updates (in addtion to value='value++')
+ Medium: crmd: Add support for lrm_ops->fail_rsc if its available
+ Medium: crmd: HB - watch link status for node leaving events
+ Medium: crmd: Bug LF:1924 - Improved handling of lrmd disconnects and shutdowns
+ Medium: crmd: Do not wait for actions with a start_delay over 5 minutes. Confirm them immediately
+ Medium: PE: Bug LF:1328 - Do not fencing nodes in clusters without managed resources
+ Medium: PE: Bug LF:1461 - Give transient node attributes (in <status/>) preference over persistent ones (in <nodes/>)
+ Medium: PE: Bug LF:1884, Bug LF:1885 - Implement N:M ordering and colocation constraints
+ Medium: PE: Bug LF:1886 - Create a resource and operation 'defaults' config section
+ Medium: PE: Bug LF:1892 - Allow recurring actions to be triggered at known times
+ Medium: PE: Bug LF:1926 - Probes should complete before stop actions are invoked
+ Medium: PE: Fix the standby when its set as a transient attribute
+ Medium: PE: Implement a global 'stop-all-resources' option
+ Medium: PE: Implement cibpipe, a tool for performing/simulating config changes "offline"
+ Medium: PE: We do not allow colocation with specific clone instances
+ Medium: Tools: pingd - Implement a stack-independant version of pingd
+ Medium: xml: Ship an xslt for upgrading from 0.6 to 0.7
* Thu Jun 19 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.6.5-1
- Update source tarball to revision: b9fe723d1ac5 tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 48
Diff: 37 files changed, 1204 insertions(+), 234 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-0.6.4
+ High: Admin: Repair the ability to delete failcounts
+ High: ais: Audit IPC handling between the AIS plugin and CRM processes
+ High: ais: Have the plugin create needed /var/lib directories
+ High: ais: Make sure the sync and async connections are assigned correctly (not swapped)
+ High: cib: Correctly detect configuration changes - num_updates does not count
+ High: PE: Apply stickiness values to the whole group, not the individual resources
+ High: PE: Bug N:385265 - Ensure groups are migrated instead of remaining partially active on the current node
+ High: PE: Bug N:396293 - Enforce manditory group restarts due to ordering constraints
+ High: PE: Correctly recover master instances found active on more than one node
+ High: PE: Fix memory leaks reported by Valgrind
+ Medium: Admin: crm_mon - Misc improvements from Satomi Taniguchi
+ Medium: Bug LF:1900 - Resource stickiness should not allow placement in asynchronous clusters
+ Medium: crmd: Ensure joins are completed promptly when a node taking part dies
+ Medium: PE: Avoid clone instance shuffling in more cases
+ Medium: PE: Bug LF:1906 - Remove an optimization in native_merge_weights() causing group scores to behave eratically
+ Medium: PE: Make use of target_rc data to correctly process resource operations
+ Medium: PE: Prevent a possible use of NULL in sort_clone_instance()
+ Medium: TE: Include target rc in the transition key - used to correctly determin operation failure
* Thu May 22 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.6.4-1
- Update source tarball to revision: 226d8e356924 tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 55
Diff: 199 files changed, 7103 insertions(+), 12378 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-0.6.3
+ High: crmd: Bug LF:1881 LF:1882 - Overhaul the logic for operation cancelation and deletion
+ High: crmd: Bug LF:1894 - Make sure cancelled recurring operations are cleaned out from the CIB
+ High: PE: Bug N:387749 - Colocation with clones causes unnecessary clone instance shuffling
+ High: PE: Ensure 'master' monitor actions are cancelled _before_ we demote the resource
+ High: PE: Fix assert failure leading to core dump - make sure variable is properly initialized
+ High: PE: Make sure 'slave' monitoring happens after the resource has been demoted
+ High: PE: Prevent failure stickiness underflows (where too many failures become a _positive_ preference)
+ Medium: Admin: crm_mon - Only complain if the output file could not be opened
+ Medium: Common: filter_action_parameters - enable legacy handling only for older versions
+ Medium: PE: Bug N:385265 - The failure stickiness of group children is ignored until it reaches -INFINITY
+ Medium: PE: Implement master and clone colocation by exlcuding nodes rather than setting ones score to INFINITY (similar to cs: 756afc42dc51)
+ Medium: TE: Bug LF:1875 - Correctly find actions to cancel when their node leaves the cluster
* Wed Apr 23 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.6.3-1
- Update source tarball to revision: fd8904c9bc67 tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 117
Diff: 354 files changed, 19094 insertions(+), 11338 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-0.6.2
+ High: Admin: Bug LF:1848 - crm_resource - Pass set name and id to delete_resource_attr() in the correct order
+ High: Build: SNMP has been moved to the management/pygui project
+ High: crmd: Bug LF1837 - Unmanaged resources prevent crmd from shutting down
+ High: crmd: Prevent use-after-free in lrm interface code (Patch based on work by Keisuke MORI)
+ High: PE: Allow the cluster to make progress by not retrying failed demote actions
+ High: PE: Anti-colocation with slave should not prevent master colocation
+ High: PE: Bug LF 1768 - Wait more often for STONITH ops to complete before starting resources
+ High: PE: Bug LF1836 - Allow is-managed-default=false to be overridden by individual resources
+ High: PE: Bug LF185 - Prevent pointless master/slave instance shuffling by ignoring the master-pref of stopped instances
+ High: PE: Bug N-191176 - Implement interleaved ordering for clone-to-clone scenarios
+ High: PE: Bug N-347004 - Ensure clone notifications are always sent when an instance is stopped/started
+ High: PE: Bug N-347004 - Include notification ordering is correct for interleaved clones
+ High: PE: Bug PM-11 - Directly link probe_complete to starting clone instances
+ High: PE: Bug PM1 - Fix setting failcounts when applied to complex resources
+ High: PE: Bug PM12, LF1648 - Extensive revision of group ordering
+ High: PE: Bug PM7 - Ensure masters are always demoted before they are stopped
+ High: PE: Create probes after allocation to allow smarter handling of anonymous clones
+ High: PE: Do not prioritize clone instances that must be moved
+ High: PE: Fix error in previous commit that allowed more than the required number of masters to be promoted
+ High: PE: Group start ordering fixes
+ High: PE: Implement promote/demote ordering for cloned groups
+ High: TE: Repair failcount updates
+ High: TE: Use the correct offset when updating failcount
+ Medium: Admin: Add a summary output that can be easily parsed by CTS for audit purposes
+ Medium: Build: Make configure fail if bz2 or libxml2 are not present
+ Medium: Build: Re-instate a better default for LCRSODIR
+ Medium: CIB: Bug LF-1861 - Filter irrelvant error status from synchronous CIB clients
+ Medium: Core: Bug 1849 - Invalid conversion of ordinal leap year to gregorian date
+ Medium: Core: Drop compataibility code for 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 clusters
+ Medium: crmd: Bug LF-1860 - Automatically cancel recurring ops before demote and promote operations (not only stops)
+ Medium: crmd: Save the current CIB contents if we detect the PE crashed
+ Medium: PE: Bug LF:1866 - Fix version check when applying compatability handling for failed start operations
+ Medium: PE: Bug LF:1866 - Restore the ability to have start failures not be fatal
+ Medium: PE: Bug PM1 - Failcount applies to all instances of non-unique clone
+ Medium: PE: Correctly set the state of partially active master/slave groups
+ Medium: PE: Do not claim to be stopping an already stopped orphan
+ Medium: PE: Ensure implies_left ordering constraints are always effective
+ Medium: PE: Indicate each resources 'promotion' score
+ Medium: PE: Prevent a possible use-of-NULL
+ Medium: PE: Reprocess the current action if it changed (so that any prior dependancies are updated)
+ Medium: TE: Bug LF-1859 - Wait for fail-count updates to complete before terminating the transition
+ Medium: TE: Bug LF:1859 - Do not abort graphs due to our own failcount updates
+ Medium: TE: Bug LF:1859 - Prevent the TE from interupting itself
* Thu Feb 14 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.6.2-1
- Update source tarball to revision: 28b1a8c1868b tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 11
Diff: 7 files changed, 58 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-0.6.1
+ set default-action-timeout to the default (20s)
+ update ra parameters lists
+ Medium: SNMP: Allow the snmp subagent to be built (patch from MATSUDA, Daiki)
+ Medium: Tools: Make sure the autoconf variables in haresources2cib are expanded
* Tue Feb 12 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.6.1-1
- Update source tarball to revision: e7152d1be933 tip
- Statistics:
Changesets: 25
Diff: 37 files changed, 1323 insertions(+), 227 deletions(-)
- Changes since Pacemaker-0.6.0
+ High: CIB: Ensure changes to top-level attributes (like admin_epoch) cause a disk write
+ High: CIB: Ensure the archived file hits the disk before returning
+ High: CIB: Repair the ability to do 'atomic incriment' updates (value="value++")
+ High: crmd: Bug #7 - Connecting to the crmd immediately after startup causes use-of-NULL
+ Medium: CIB: Mask cib_diff_resync results from the caller - they do not need to know
+ Medium: crmd: Delay starting the IPC server until we are fully functional
+ Medium: CTS: Fix the startup patterns
+ Medium: PE: Bug 1820 - Allow the first resource in a group to be migrated
+ Medium: PE: Bug 1820 - Check the colocation dependancies of resources to be migrated
* Mon Jan 14 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.6.0-2
- This is the first release of the Pacemaker Cluster Resource Manager formerly part of Heartbeat.
- For those looking for the GUI, mgmtd, CIM or TSA components, they are now found in
the new pacemaker-pygui project. Build dependancies prevent them from being
included in Heartbeat (since the built-in CRM is no longer supported) and,
being non-core components, are not included with Pacemaker.
- Update source tarball to revision: c94b92d550cf
- Statistics:
Changesets: 347
Diff: 2272 files changed, 132508 insertions(+), 305991 deletions(-)
- Test hardware:
+ 6-node vmware cluster (sles10-sp1/256Mb/vmware stonith) on a single host (opensuse10.3/2Gb/2.66Ghz Quad Core2)
+ 7-node EMC Centera cluster (sles10/512Mb/2Ghz Xeon/ssh stonith)
- Notes: Heartbeat Stack
+ All testing was performed with STONITH enabled
+ The CRM was enabled using the "crm respawn" directive
- Notes: OpenAIS Stack
+ This release contains a preview of support for the OpenAIS cluster stack
+ The current release of the OpenAIS project is missing two important
patches that we require. OpenAIS packages containing these patches are
available for most major distributions at:
+ The OpenAIS stack is not currently recommended for use in clusters that
have shared data as STONITH support is not yet implimented
+ pingd is not yet available for use with the OpenAIS stack
+ 3 significant OpenAIS issues were found during testing of 4 and 6 node
clusters. We are activly working together with the OpenAIS project to
get these resolved.
- Pending bugs encountered during testing:
+ OpenAIS #1736 - Openais membership took 20s to stabilize
+ Heartbeat #1750 - ipc_bufpool_update: magic number in head does not match
+ OpenAIS #1793 - Assertion failure in memb_state_gather_enter()
+ OpenAIS #1796 - Cluster message corruption
- Changes since Heartbeat-2.1.2-24
+ High: Add OpenAIS support
+ High: Admin: crm_uuid - Look in the right place for Heartbeat UUID files
+ High: admin: Exit and indicate a problem if the crmd exits while crmadmin is performing a query
+ High: cib: Fix CIB_OP_UPDATE calls that modify the whole CIB
+ High: cib: Fix compilation when supporting the heartbeat stack
+ High: cib: Fix memory leaks caused by the switch to get_message_xml()
+ High: cib: HA_VALGRIND_ENABLED needs to be set _and_ set to 1|yes|true
+ High: cib: Use get_message_xml() in preference to cl_get_struct()
+ High: cib: Use the return value from call to write() in cib_send_plaintext()
+ High: Core: ccm nodes can legitimately have a node id of 0
+ High: Core: Fix peer-process tracking for the Heartbeat stack
+ High: Core: Heartbeat does not send status notifications for nodes that were already part of the cluster. Fake them instead
+ High: CRM: Add children to HA_Messages such that the field name matches F_XML_TAGNAME
+ High: crm: Adopt a more flexible appraoch to enabling Valgrind
+ High: crm: Fix compilation when bzip2 is not installed
+ High: CRM: Future-proof get_message_xml()
+ High: crmd: Filter election responses based on time not FSA state
+ High: crmd: Handle all possible peer states in crmd_ha_status_callback()
+ High: crmd: Make sure the current date/time is set - prevents use-of-NULL when evaluating rules
+ High: crmd: Relax an assertion regrading ccm membership instances
+ High: crmd: Use (node->processes&crm_proc_ais) to accurately update the CIB after replace operations
+ High: crmd: Heartbeat: Accurately record peer client status
+ High: PE: Bug 1777 - Allow colocation with a resource in the Stopped state
+ High: PE: Bug 1822 - Prevent use-of-NULL in PromoteRsc()
+ High: PE: Implement three recovery policies based on op_status and op_rc
+ High: PE: Parse fail-count correctly (it may be set to ININFITY)
+ High: PE: Prevent graph-loop when stonith agents need to be moved around before a STONITH op
+ High: PE: Prevent graph-loops when two operations have the same name+interval
+ High: te: Cancel active timers when destroying graphs
+ High: TE: Ensure failcount is set correctly for failed stops/starts
+ High: TE: Update failcount for oeprations that time out
+ Medium: admin: Prevent hang in crm_mon -1 when there is no cib connection - Patch from Junko IKEDA
+ Medium: cib: Require --force|-f when performing potentially dangerous commands with cibadmin
+ Medium: cib: Tweak the shutdown code
+ Medium: Common: Only count peer processes of active nodes
+ Medium: Core: Create generic cluster sign-in method
+ Medium: core: Fix compilation when Heartbeat support is disabled
+ Medium: Core: General cleanup for supporting two stacks
+ Medium: Core: iso6601 - Support parsing of time-only strings
+ Medium: core: Isolate more code that is only needed when SUPPORT_HEARTBEAT is enabled
+ Medium: crm: Improved logging of errors in the XML parser
+ Medium: crmd: Fix potential use-of-NULL in string comparison
+ Medium: crmd: Reimpliment syncronizing of CIB queries and updates when invoking the PE
+ Medium: crm_mon: Indicate when a node is both in standby mode and offline
+ Medium: PE: Bug 1822 - Do not try an promote groups if not all of it is active
+ Medium: PE: on_fail=nothing is an alias for 'ignore' not 'restart'
+ Medium: PE: Prevent a potential use-of-NULL in cron_range_satisfied()
+ snmp subagent: fix a problem on displaying an unmanaged group
+ snmp subagent: use the syslog setting
+ snmp: v2 support (thanks to Keisuke MORI)
+ snmp_subagent - made it not complain about some things if shutting down
* Mon Dec 10 2007 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.6.0-1
- Initial opensuse package check-in