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* Wed Oct 17 2018 resource-agents contributors
- release candidate 4.2.0 rc1
- CI: fixes for bash path, strncpy in GCC 8 and missing docbook-style-xsl
- CTDB: fix "ctdb_recovery_lock" validation
- CTDB: fix version string comparison for versions containing text (e.g. beta or rc)
- CTDB: fix incorrect DB corruption reports (ensure health check is run)
- Filesystem: support symlink as mountpoint directory
- IPaddr2: return OCF_ERR_GENERIC when failing due to IPv4 address collision
- LVM-activate: fix for dashes in volume group and logical volume names
- LVM-activate: read parameters for stop-action
- LVM-activate: return OCF_ERR_CONFIGURED for incorrect vg_access_mode
- LVM: added missing dash for activation parameters
- README: added links and IRC info
- SAPDatabase: add info to meta-data
- SAPInstance: add monitored services for ENSA2 (bsc#1092384)
- SAPInstance: implement reload action to avoid resource restarts after a non-unique parameter has been changed
- SAPInstance: improve SAP instance profile detection
- SAPInstance: improve stop-action logging
- Squid: use ss if netstat is not available
- VirtualDomain: add stateless support
- VirtualDomain: correctly create logfile and set permissions
- Xen: add utilization support for cpu and hv_memory
- aliyun-vpc-move-ip: new RA
- apache: retry PID check.
- aws-vpc-move-ip: check routing table during monitor probe action
- aws-vpc-move-ip: fix backward-compatibility
- aws-vpc-move-ip: use ip utility to check address
- awseip: fix allocation_id not found error
- awseip: update required IAM role permissions
- awsvip: get network-id from metadata
- awsvip: improve secondary-private-ip query
- configure: add Python path detection
- exportfs: fix square bracket stripping in clientspec
- findif: improve IPv6 NIC detection
- findif: only match lines containing netmasks
- galera: do not call ocf_attribute_target() for meta-data action
- garbd: support netstat and ss
- gcp-pd-move: new RA
- gcp-vpc-move-ip: new RA
- gcp-vpc-move-route: new RA (improved Python version of gcp-vpc-move-ip)
- gcp-vpc-move-vip: new RA
- iSCSITarget: support CHAP authentication for lio-t
- ipsec: add tunnel fallback option
- ldirectord: add manpage to systemd unit file
- lvmlockd: add cmirrord support
- mysql: remove obsolete DEBUG_LOG functionality (bsc#1021689)
- nfsserver: mount based on rpcpipefs_dir parameter
- nfsserver: run prepare_directory after bind_tree and stop var-lib-nfs-rpc_pipefs.mount
- ocf-binaries: use SSH-path detected by configure
- new Python library and dev guide
- openstack-cinder-volume/openstack-floating-ip/openstack-info: new RA's
- oracle: improve dbopen error
- pgsql: create replication slots after promoting master
- pgsql: dont change ownership of /dev/null
- pgsql: support PostgreSQL 11 or later
- podman: new RA
- portblock: support ss and netstat (partial)
- ra-dev-guide: update instructions for GitHub
- rabbitmq-cluster: get cluster status from mnesia during monitor
- rabbitmq-cluster: retry start when cluster join fails
- redis: do not use absolute path in pidof calls
- send_arp: dont use "-Wcast-align" due to false-positive fail on ARM.
- sfex: fix errors with latest gcc
- sg_persist: correctly pickup old keys
- spec: improved path-based Requires
- sybaseASE: new resource agent
- syslog-ng: add Premium Edition 6 and 7 support
- systemd-tmpfiles: configure path with --with-rsctmpdir
* Mon Mar 5 2018 resource-agents contributors
- stable release 4.1.1
- VirtualDomain: properly migrate VMs on node shutdown (bsc#1074014)
- mpathpersist: fixed issue with reservation key parsing in status()
- pgsql: create stats temp directory if it doesnt exist
- pgsql: improved validation for replication mode
* Mon Feb 26 2018 resource-agents contributors
- release candidate 4.1.1 rc1
- awseip/awsvip: improvements (incl multi NIC support)
- Filesystem: add support for cvfs
- redis: add support for tunneling replication traffic
- Raid1: ignore transient devices after stopping a device
- tomcat: fix invalid stop option
- oracle: log warning when using using sysdba instead of "monuser"
- crm_*: use new parameter names
- syslog-ng: fix to make commercial version supported as well
- lvmlockd: change lvm.conf to use lvmlockd
- mariadb: new RA for MariaDB master/slave replication setup with GTID
- mpathpersist: new RA
- lxd-info/machine-info: new RAs
- IPsrcaddr: only check for ifconfig on BSD/Solaris
- CTDB: cope with deprecated "idmap backend" smb.conf option
- CTDB: add new possible location for CTDB_SYSCONFIG
- oracle: fix alter user syntax for set_mon_user_profile
- db2: improve monitor and simplify STANDBY/.../DISCONNECTED
- ocf-shellfuncs: fix fallback name for ocf_attribute_target()
- CTDB: fix initial probe
- jira: new RA
- azure-lb: new RA
- IPsrcaddr: match exact route to avoid failing
* Tue Nov 28 2017 resource-agents contributors
- stable release 4.1.0
- ipsec: new RA
- apache: improved stop action
- db2: fix HADR promote when master failed
- ethmonitor: add intel omnipath support
* Tue Nov 14 2017 resource-agents contributors
- release candidate 4.1.0 rc1
- nfsserver: allow stop to timeout
- LVM-activate: add new RA for LVM activation
- docker: add docker-native healthcheck query
- aws-vpc-route53: Fix tempfile race (bsc#1059312)
- aws-vpc-move-ip: cleanup and improvements
- pgsql: add support for PostgreSQL 10
- rabbitmq-cluster/redis/galera use ocf_attribute_target
- ocf-shellfuncs: add ocf_attribute_target()
- rabbitmq-cluster: Use RMQ_CTL var everywhere instead of rabbitmqctl
- CI: add libxml2-utils to package list
- systemd-tmpfiles: create the resource-agents directory
- rkt: new RA
- lvmlockd: new RA
- galera: fix instance name in master_exists()
- Route: remove debug output
- Route: add family attribute to set address family
- galera: honor "safe_to_bootstrap" flag in grastate.dat
- VirtualDomain: add shutdown_mode attribute
- aws-vpc-route53: new RA (fate#322781)
- awseip/awsvip: fixes and improvements
- ZFS: new RA
- minio: new RA
- CTDB: don't fail on empty persistent directory (bsc#1052577)
- add hdbnameserver to monitor services
- VirtualDomain: new attributes migrateuri, remoteuri, migration_user
- Raid1: handle case when mddev is a symlink
- portblock: suppress dd output
- kamailio: fixes and enhancements for v5.0
- ocf-shellfuncs: improve locking (ocf_take_lock())
- anything: create PID directory if it doesnt exist
- anything: allow multiple instances of binfiles to be run (pidfile will be unique)
- mysql: properly detect read-only state
- iSCSILogicalUnit: add emulate_tpu, emulate_3pc and emulate_caw parameters
- fix builds when srcdir and builddir are seperated
- LVM: warn when cache mode is not writethrough
- nginx: fix return code when configfile check fails
- SAPInstance: Add IS_ERS parameter (bsc#1036486)
- systemd: add resource-agents-deps target
- ocf-shellfuncs: simplify ocf_run returned rc
- docker: add mount_points parameter to create directories used by container if they doesnt exist
- IPaddr2: add option for specifying IPv6's preferred_lft
- galera: fix master target during promotion with cluster_host_map
- rabbitmq-cluster: backup and restore policies
- DB2: fix HADR support for DB2 V98+
- pgsql: fix regex to detect async mode
- rabbitmq-cluster: fix to work on Pacemaker remote nodes
- oraasm: new RA for Oracle ASM Disk Groups
- pgsql: fix undefined variable
- ovsmonitor: new RA
- NodeUtilization: new RA
- CTDB: fix for --logfile being replaced with --logging
- pgsql: allow dynamic membership
- redis: wait for pid file to appear after start
- redis: add check and default for redis-check-rdb
- named: add support for rndc options
- docker: deal with image name correctly
- iSCSILogicalUnit: replace openssl with md5sum
- ra-dev-guide: fix description of OCF_ERR_ARGS
- clvm: remove reload action from metadata
- galera: fix the first bootstrap when cluster has no data
- galera: fix permission of temporary log file for mariadb 10.1.21+
- kamailio: add kamctl, kamgroup and extra_options parameters
- ocf_log: use same log format as pacemaker
- pgsql: replace "crm_failcount" with "crm_resource"
- ocf-shellfuncs: ocf_run: avoid shell glob expansion of log messages
- iSCSILogicalUnit: add lio-t IPv6-support
- iSCSILogicalUnit/iSCSITarget: protect targetcli invocations with locks
- mysql: set correct master score after maintenance mode
- varnish: add support for v4.0
* Thu Feb 2 2017 resource-agents contributors
- stable release 4.0.1
- galera: remove "long SST monitoring" support due to corner-case issues
- exportfs: improve regexp handling of clientspec (only strip brackets from edges to support IPv6)
* Tue Jan 31 2017 resource-agents contributors
- stable release 4.0.0
- LVM: fix partial activation detection
- Filesystem: add ZFS support
- specfile: add metadata.rng
- redis: use "CLIENT KILL type normal" to notify clients of master being demoted
- IPaddr2: add IPv4 collision detection
- galera: add "cluster_host_map" parameter to map Pacemaker hostnames to Galera hostnames
- multiple RA: fix grammar, spelling and typos
- pgsql: add support for PostgreSQL 9.6
- rabbitmq-cluster: reset Mnesia and fetch data when joining cluster
* Tue Jan 10 2017 resource-agents contributors
- release candidate 4.0.0 rc1
- CI: add metadata verification
- ocf_mkstatedir: fix path check
- IPaddr2: return success on stop with invalid IP
- Filesystem: check if there are any mounts mounted under the mountpoint
- specfile: make requirements general and update comments
- portblock: use -w (wait) to avoid "insufficient privileges" error
- rabbitmq-cluster: fix dump/restore users for RabbitMQ ver. 3.6.x and newer
- Updated mailing list/wiki references
- pgsql: fix tr replacement for replication slot names
- IPaddr2: log refresh arp packets at debug level instead of info
- IPaddr2: add option to enable sending refresh arp packets in monitor
- fix to ifcheck() to not suppress stdout of "ip"
- galera: prevent promote right after demote
- galera: make last commit parsing compatible with MariaDB 10.1.18+
- specfile: add requires netstat
- multiple RA: fixed issues discovered by ShellCheck
- apache: reduce log spam for success
- rgmanager: fix RNG schema for cluster config
- LVM: add error messages for partial_activation
- slapd: improved stop processing
- docker: clarify limitations of monitor_cmd in parameter description
- redis: restore rundir security context
- docker: reduce monitor log spam
- nfsserver: dont stop rpcbind, as other services might use it
- Filesystem: improved exit reason if mount fails
- Delay: set default startdelay lower than start timeout to avoid timeout with default values
- docker: use docker exec for monitor_cmd if supported
- add support for HANA Multi-Tenant Databases
- fix status clustered to check specified logical volume
- sg_persist: do not spill info output to stderr
- sg_persist: allow to run resource agent in debug mode
- sg_persist: fix matching of hex node ids
- tomcat: add systemd support and option to disable it
- oracle: add quotes for monuser and monpassword and inform user to start monuser with C## if it's a container database
- rabbitmq-cluster: allow automatic cluster recovery before forcing it
- nfsserver: systemd tests to make sure all services are running and monitored
- rabbitmq-cluster: add POSIX error codes to detect node failure
- rabbitmq-cluster: forget node before 2nd joining attempt
- exportfs: add IPv6 support
- galera: source settings from /etc/default/clustercheck
- pgsql: fix to adjust stop_escalate time when it is longer than the timeout
- heartbeat/ add missing agents
- exportfs: fix monitor reporting wrong state after the node has been fenced
- Rename ra-dev-guide.txt to ra-dev-guide.asc
- awseip: add support to associate secondary private IP with elastic IP
- garbd: new RA
- ldirectord: fix for IPv4/IPv6 mixed environments
- ocf-tester: fix to allow non-shell based agents.
- nfsserver: add support to detect which init script to use
- ldirectord: run initial check of all services on start to make sure all services always have the correct state
- pass start/stop timeouts to saphostctrl
- SAPDatabase: Add START_TIMEOUT and STOP_TIMEOUT parameters
- rabbitmq-cluster: backup and restore RabbitMQ users during resource restart
- iSCSILogicalUnit: add support for rbd store.
- awseip: new RA to manage AWS EC2 elastic IP
- awsvip: new RA to manage AWS EC2 secondary private IP
- oracle: inform user that monprofile must start with C## for container databases
- tickle_tcp: fix "Failed to open raw socket (Invalid argument)" issue
- symlink: handle missing directories in target
- mysql: handle non-standard mysql server port
- VirtualDomain: fix unnecessary error when probing nonexistent domain
- fix to evaluate parameter DBOSUSER in start and stop
- oracle: fix to be able to recover from ORA-01081
- oralsnr: fix status check fail when username is more than 8 characters long
- galera: don't bootstrap from a node with no grastate.dat when possible
- galera: fix monitoring of joining node for long running SST
- pgagent: new RA
- ocf_shellfuncs: set OCF_RESOURCE_INSTANCE default to "RESOURCE_ID" for meta-data
- ldirectord: add new "servicename" and "comment" options for alert e-mails
- / fix .clumanager/statd ownership
- rabbitmq-cluster: forget stopped rmq nodes with notify=true
- apache: ensure readable $TESTCONFFILE and improved error handling for testurl/testregex
- SAPDatabase: support Oracle 12c
- apache: add Debian support
- iSCSITarget: iSER enabled portal support
- SAPInstance: update SAP WebAS version support statement
- ldirectord: don't send "inaccessible real server" e-mails per child in fork=yes mode
* Wed Feb 3 2016 resource-agents contributors
- stable release 3.9.7
- ldirectord: fix unset failcount error
- iscsi: add portal check to open_iscsi_get_session_id()
- galera: use mysql's --tc-heuristic-recover if crash recovery is needed
- nfsserver: fix monitor for systemd
* Wed Jan 20 2016 resource-agents contributors
- release candidate 3.9.7 rc1
- add hostname attribute for NFS export (required for NFSv4+Kerberos support)
- new RA for Oracle Data Guard
- ocf_shellfuncs: suppress bash specific trace_ra log on dash
- sg_persist: remove uncalled for ocf_run calls
- multiple RA: replace error log messages with calls to ocf_exit_reason
- nfsserver: only do redhat specific stuff on redhat
- exportfs: don't increment fsid for single directory
- Filesystem: add tmpfs support
- move defaults to metadata
- nfsserver: /var/lock/subsys is non-standard, check for it first
- nagios: new RA
- docker: check for errors in the container name
- mysql: fix grep failure on MySQL 5.6 or higher when checking read_only variable
- VirtualDomain: new attributes migration_speed and migration_downtime
- fs: remove not-working tmpfs support
- add migrate_options parameter
- nfsserver: Use rpc-statd.service for NFS locking in EXEC_MODE=3 (bsc#955114)
- nfsserver: Add EXEC_MODE for systemd without nfs-lock.service (bsc#955114)
- IPaddr2: Add IPv6 DAD collision detection
- Filesystem: add overlay as supported filesystem
- ldirectord: dns_check and fallbackcommand enhancements
- IPaddr2: fix potential syntax error on if-then-else
- SAPDatabase: add Oracle 12 to list of supported databases (bsc#953991)
- fix issue where "removing old PID file" wasnt logged
- when mysql has been stopped, mysql stop returns success
- wait up to startup_wait seconds before failing if mysqld startup is slow
- fix 90s wait/killing of databases containing the name of the database being killed, and added cleanup code to kill remaining listener process
- Use DAD to check for IPv6 address collision
- iSCSITarget: fix to only create one IQN and add portals to it
- galera: document the bootstrap flow
- galera: start joining nodes during 'monitor' to allow long-running SST
- galera: add support for MYSQL_HOST and MYSQL_PORT from /etc/sysconfig/clustercheck
- redis: fix password parser
- pgsql fix exec_sql errors like "unknown variable select pg_ " in dash
- pgsql: fix get_my_location() sql regression
- docker: fix image variable name
- pgsql: Fix return code override in pgsql_real_start()
- slapd: add "maxfiles" parameter to set max number of open files (for ulimit -n)
- redis: use required client password when set
- send_arp: fix for infiniband, re-merge from upstream iputils arping
- CTDB: Preserve smb.conf permissions (bsc#935253)
- lxc: fix emergency stop functionality on 1.0
- tomcat: use runuser instead of su for SELinux enforcing mode
- pgsql: use runuser intead of su command for SELinux enforcing mode
- docker: image name check fixes
- iSCSITarget: properly create portals for lio-t implementation
- iSCSILogicalUnit: when deleting a LUN or initiator fails with lio-t, proceed with warning
- iSCSILogicalUnit: return OCF_NOT_RUNNING on monitor if backing path does not exist
- iSCSILogicalUnit: add check for leftover target/core entries for lio-t
- pgsql: delete old replication slot when creating a new slot.
- Filesystem: support RozoFS
- interpret listener stop results correctly
- dhcpd: use correct default chroot for RHEL based systems
- LVM: allow vgck failures if partial_activation is true
- redis: avoid 0 byte dump.rdb start failures
- docker: fix container_exist test
- redis: fixed start operation if replication sync takes > 20 seconds
- ethmonitor: add link_status_only option for skipping RX counter and arping tests
- clvm: fix issue with only first option of daemon_options being used
- IPsrcaddr: return correct error code during stop when misconfigured
- clvm: activate_vgs option for enable/disable of automatic vg activation
- galera: properly redetect bootstrap after demote
- galera: clear last know sequence number any time promote is even attempted
- asterisk: fix return code
- galera: retrieve last sequence number without using read-only mode
- redis: add wait_last_known_master option
- redis: only connect to active master instances
- redis: do not attempt to demote if redis is dead
- redis: reliable shutdown.
- pgsql: add support for replication slots
- redis: set executable bit to be able to greate docs (make rpm)
- rabbitmq-cluster: fix rmq_join_list() to only return online nodes
- rabbitmq-cluster: new RA
- Filesystem: support overlayfs
- sg_persist: use default binary setting in meta-data
- dnsupdate: use nsupdate_opts parameter
- nfsserver: merge options into existing /etc/sysconfig/nfs
- portblock: portno param can be a string like 137,138
- portblock: replace ancient heartbeat config with crm configure
- portblock: clarify TCP RST vs ICMP port unreachable
- VirtualDomain: enforce C locale in force_stop
- redis: retry on unknown error when starting
- redis: remove stop timeout and add placeholder master during election period
- CTDB: Change default socket location to CTDB's expected default.
- multiple RA: make sure that the pidfile directory exist
- multiple RA: create state-directory writable by the application
- Handle ORA-* error messages
- redis: new RA
* Thu Jan 29 2015 resource-agents contributors
- stable release 3.9.6
- VirtualDomain: add migrate_options parameter
- VirtualDomain: enforce C locale in status
- ocf-shellfuncs: add printenv to RA trace
- nginx: allow different URLs for level 10 and 20 monitor
* Tue Jan 20 2015 resource-agents contributors
- release candidate 3.9.6 rc1
- VirtualDomain: add sync_config_on_stop to sync the config to
other nodes
- Allow MySQL to run as user other than mysql
- Fix missed detection of write failure
- iscsi: run iscsi discovery only when necessary
- VirtualDomain: save the config before virsh undefine
- sg_persist: new RA
- ldirectord: Add Install section for systemd unit file.
- kamilio: new RA
- Use the most specific matching route
- LVM: volgrpname is unique (meta-data update)
- ldirectord: Get correct user for sending email (bnc#910497)
- iSCSILogicalUnit: do not set write_back when creating
- portblock: Feature: reset_tcp_on_unblock_stop
- nfsserver: prevent error messages on platforms without rpcuser
- Xen: fix regression with xm and quoting (lf#2671)
- lxc: re-add LXCpre1.0 logic
- lxc: fix for missing lxc-ps command
- Route: some unique attributes are not unique (meta-data)
- IPaddr2 findif: accept dotted quad netmask
- VirtualDomain: For Xen, prefer xl to xen-list (boo#901453)
- Xen: Use xl list $domain return code in status check
- pgsql: PostgreSQL 9.3 compatibility for unix_socket_directories
- Only strip tag on stop if we are owner
- ocf-shellfuncs: set HA_LOGD depending on HA_use_logd
- mysql: avoid use of check_binary in common validation function.
- mysql: report error when validation fails during monitor yet
pid is still active
- docker: new RA
- mysql: do not report success on 'stop' if validation fails
- anything: fix output redirection
- mysql: fix unexpected operation error that caused by MySQL
client timeout.
- Middle: anything: Prevent stop failure, even if the job takes
time to stop.
- doc: Add pcs to man page example section
- multiple RA: exit reason support
- Build: add --compat-habindir option for HA_BIN backward
- iSCSITarget: monitor operation must pass before start is
considered complete
- iSCSILogicalUnit: monitor operation must pass before start is
considered complete
- iSCSILogicalUnit: Fixes the check for pre-existing LUN ACLs
- iSCSITarget: fixes syntax error caused by targetcli update
- Filesystem: when loading kernel modules wait for filesystem to
- ethmonitor: add infiniband status monitoring support
- Xinetd: refine exit codes when xinetd is stopped
- Xen: Properly quote domain name in call to create
- Xen: Use xenstore-ls to get status if available
- Xen: Replace use of xm with xl (bnc#882548)
- oracle: fix setting monitor user profile for other languages
- apache: Revised fix for init script reference on SUSE
- VirtualDomain: Try xenstore-ls if no emulator is set
- galera: new RA
- VirtualDomain: Add support for qemu-dm as emulator (bnc#885292)
- CTDB: add ctdb_rundir parameter and create on startup
- VirtualDomain: new parameter save_config_on_stop to enable
saving running VM's configuration
- Force kill processes with access to shared libraries
on mount point
- iSCSILogicalUnit: add targetcli support
- Filesystem: Add force_unmount option
- nfsserver: regenerate statd state file before starting nfs
- nfsnotify: new RA
- nfsserver: introducing nfs_no_notify option for suppressing
reboot notifications
- nfsserver: Keep statd directories synced with ha backup
- oracle: reset MONUSR password if expired
- oracle: try as sysdba if monitor as MONUSR fails
- oracle: Make monitoring user configurable (bnc#850589)
- Do not fail during stop if listener has already
- nfsserver: Add options for explicitly setting nfs daemon ports
- vsftpd: new RA
- Fix usage of findmnt to work for filesystems
containing bind mounts
- exportfs: allow multiple exports
- ldirectord: Update .spec file with systemd support (bnc#863250)
- ldirectord: Add systemd unit file (bnc#863250)
- nfsserver: Do not require shared info directory when cloned
- nfsserver: Allow dynamically setting rpc.nfsd options.
- iscsi: iscsi status fails with open-iscsi with support for
flash (bnc#878039)
- Med: rgmanager/fs: typo preventing passing some mount opts
- add an optional option for the rpc.statd
listening port
- Feature: addition of bind-mount resource agent for rgmanager
- exportfs: Do not fail during monitor and stop operations if dir
has trailing slash
- nfsserver: Do not fail monitor if lock services are enabled
- nfsserver: let systemd service files handle lock notifications
- 'no_kill' option for preventing auto destruction of vm
after timeout period
- Monitor kvm resources without requiring libvirtd to be
- nfsserver: preserve statd directory permissions during
sm-notify or else lock recovery fails
- kamailio: new RA
- On stop, kill sm-notify so /var/lib/nfs/statd can
be unmounted
- db2: Report OCF_ERR_GENERIC instead of OCF_NOT_RUNNING when
instance is not completely up
- Fix issues running named daemon as a non-root user
- rgmanager wrapper for the heartbeat db2 agent
- CTDB: do not fail monitor operation when ctdb socket does not
- exportfs: set unlock_on_stop_default=1 (bnc#864263)
- dnsupdate: new RA
- clvm: new RA
- mysql: handle $secs_behind = NULL
- dhcpd: Added a restart-function
- high: conntrackd: allow probe to return OCF_RUNNING_MASTER
- VirtualDomain: check process table for qemu-system-* too, not
just qemu-kvm
- VirtualDomain: avoid running "virsh uri" if hypervisor is set
- Add ability to set custom httpd binary
- db2: Allow db2 agent to work without crm_master binary
- VirtualDomain: Attempt to determine vm status even when libvirt
is unavailable
- VirtualDomain: Fixes parsing domain name from xml file.
- Fixes failure to unmount local fs when process runs
with cwd inside fs mount
- ldirectord: Fix sockaddr_in6 redefined error
- Pure-FTPd: Create pid directory if needed
- VirtualDomain: support more virsh domstate output formats
- varnish: Added support for ulimit -l and ulimit -n
- lxc: support up-to-date lxc-ps versions
- tomcat: Override default tomcat config with resource options
- nfsserver: nfsserver not starting due to missing etab file
- tomcat: Avoid unnecessary force kill of tomcat on stop
- tomcat: Avoid race condition in reading pid file on stop
- slapd: find the correct default slapd config in fedora
- tomcat: Detect start script location
- pgsql: Support for non-standard port and library locations
- fix netfs unmount/self_fence integration
- Med: Remove quotes around listener name
- IPaddr2/ Do a sanity check only on start and
- ldirectord: Disable HTTPS SSL certificate hostname checking
- tomcat: Monitor rotatelogs process and restart when it is
- jboss: Monitor rotatelogs process and restart when it is
- mysql: Fix for the issue of detecting an unconfigured slave
with empty master_host since setting empty master_host is not
allowed with 5.5
- IPaddr2/ Robust parameter checking for 'nic'
- VirtualDomain: Ensure it is possible to manage a libvirt domain
defined outside of VirtualDomain
- VirtualDomain: Fix ability to use default libvirt hypervisor
without explicitly setting agent attribute
- Fixes setting TOMCAT_USER correctly
- Do not fail on stop if config validation fails.
- Removes usage of fuser -kvm from based
- ldirectord: Use an alarm for LDAP check to ensure it times out
- exportfs: stop with no directory should succeed
- Xen: retry domain lookup in repeating monitor and stop
- Fixes lvm metadata corruption caused when activating by lv
using tags.
- ldirector: fix using service name instead of port number
- Filesystem: remove SLES10 compatibility code
- Raid1: disallow md raid arrays as clone resources to avoid data
- apache: put back config file existence test
- VirtualDomain: Do not attempt graceful shutdown if force_stop
is enabled
- Med: Fix process name grep in exit_idle
- VirtualDomain: use virsh create instead of define to start it
- eDir88: multiple IP support
- apache: better handling of not installed apache
- jboss: add jboss_base_dir parameter to support multi-instances
on JBoss 6
- jboss: stop the JBoss daemon by sending a signal on JBoss 6
- jboss: add run_command parameter to change the start up script
- jboss: add jboss_version parameter to support JBoss 6
- tomcat: use root as the default for tomcat_user instead of
- tomcat: multiple tomcat instances based on CATALINE_BASE
- pound: add parameter maxfiles to set ulimit
- apache: remove unnecessary and imperfect checks from
validate_all (bnc#827927)
- pgsql: set only one node into sync mode when using 3 nodes or
- Med: Set RESTART_RETRIES back to 0
- Raid1: stop arrays even with block device file missing
- oracle/oralsnr: use /bin/sh in sudo calls (bnc#825517)
- apache: Properly check meta_timeout variable during graceful
- Raid1: set MDADM_NO_UDEV appropriately if udev is not used
- Raid1: wait for udevd to settle (bnc#821861)
- iSCSILogicalUnit: add tgt specific parameters bstype, bsoflags,
- apache: Attempt graceful stop before -TERM signal
- LVM: Warn user if initrd is older than lvm.conf when using
exclusive activation with tags
- LVM: Exclusive activation without clvmd using filtering with
- named: Attempt to autogen /etc/rndc.key using rndc-confgen tool
- mysql: really use log setting (bnc#823095)
- mysql: test properly for failed process start (bnc#823095)
- Med: Don't preserve SELinux context when copying files to
- Med: Cleanup rgmanager agent and add support for
Oracle 11g
- Med: Cleanup and add support for Oracle 11g
- Med: Cleanup and add support for Oracle 11g
- Faster filesystem start/stop through use of
'findmnt' command for 'is_mounted' function
- Addition of update-source option.
- LVM: Retry exclusive activation after deactivating vg
- LVM: Retry deactivating vg allowing udev to settle
- Fixes usage of ipv6 addresses with uppercase lettering
- LVM: Verify setup on start plus verify exclusive activation is
- Route: add IPv6 support
- build: Place resource state information in /var/run/... by
- DRBD: remove deprecated drbd agent.
- Always honor self_fence option when
- postgres-8: Shutdown postgres with SIGINT before forcing
- tools: send_arp.libnet: reuse ARP packets (debian#701914)
- ethmonitor: correctly detect when the network is unplugged.
- Raid1: do not test for device existence in the stop operation
- mysql: Attempt to auto-detect mysql binary default location.
- VirtualDomain: Support saving and restoring virtual machine
snapshot state files
- nfsserver: Cleanup shared nfs dir mount
- nfsserver: Enable file locking daemon when systemd is being
- nfsserver: Maintain SELinux permissions on failover for nfs v3
lock state
- nfsserver: Improve support for v3 file lock recovery
- nfsserver: Add systemd unit-file support when init scripts are
not present
- VirtualDomain: Properly detect defined lxc domains
* Thu Feb 7 2013 Linux-HA contributors
- stable release 3.9.5
- IPaddr2: support nic:iflabel format in nic parameter
- VirtualDomain: allow for custom migrateport
* Wed Jan 30 2013 Linux-HA contributors
- release candidate 3.9.5 rc1
- ocf-shellfuncs: RA tracing
- IPaddr2: make sure that some ARP send program runs
- pgsql: add check_wal_receiver parameter
- pgsql: support starting as Hot Standby
- nfsserver: improve rpc.statd support
- nfsserver: add option -n for rpc.statd (bnc#794479)
- nfsserver: make the retry time for sm-notify configurable
- nfsserver: make sm-notify running in the foreground configurable
- exportfs: handle '<world>' exportfs embelishment for '*' (bnc#791690)
- jboss: set JAVA_OPTS correctly
- pound: use correct default for control-binary
- pound: No error when stopping pound and no pound is running
- Squid: support systems using IPv6
- Xinetd: do not fail in stop if the daemon is not running
- Xinetd: improve finding Xinetd process (thanks to Vadym Chepkov)
- SendArp: add background parameter
- SendArp: fix monitor
- ocft: print the actual case names when testing
- ocft: make only the updated test-case file
- ocft: add "incremental" mode (ocft test -i)
- include a copy of LGPL license file
* Tue Nov 22 2012 Linux-HA contributors
- stable release 3.9.4
- IPaddr2: fix waiting the completion of IPv6 address allocation
- zabbixserver: RA for zabbix servers management
* Tue Nov 13 2012 Linux-HA contributors
- release candidate 3.9.4 rc1
- ocf-rarun: add the RA driver
- IPaddr2: use better test for infiniband (bnc#783353)
- IPaddr2: replace the findif binary by
- IPaddr2: add IPv6 support
- IPaddr2: really send arps in background if requested
- IPaddr2: use send_arp instead of ipoibarping if not available
- Filesystem: include ceph in the list of non-blockdev filesystems
- Raid1: stop processes using raiddev
- Raid1: manage multiple arrays
- Raid1: discover block size for dd (bnc#781137)
- exportfs: cleanup exportfs cache on stop (bnc#770210)
- iscsi: don't fail on stop of the iscsi server fails
- iscsi: use iscsiadm -m session -r in stop
- iscsi: do discovery in start only
- iscsi: check session status in monitor
- iscsi: add try_recovery parameter
- oracle: ignore password expiry warning in monitor (bnc#770250)
- oracle: connect as a regular user in monitor
- pgsql: add option recovery_end_command
- Xen: repair node_ip_attribute use
- SAPDatabase: improvement of cleanup of saphostctrl process
- SAPInstance: monitor-master not advertised (bnc#782482)
- SAPInstance: don't wait for timeout if the stop attempt failed
- SAPInstance: failes on sapcontrol message Unauthorized (bnc#782486)
- mysql-proxy: copy in-depth monitoring action from the mysql resource agent
- mysql-proxy: add test_table, test_user and test_passwd parameters
- mysql-proxy: implement "parameters" parameter
- mysql-proxy: add the 'plugins' parameter
- mysql-proxy: version specific checks
- mysql-proxy: admin plugin auto loading
- mysql-proxy: perform SELECT for OCF_CHECK_LEVEL 20 only
- mysql-proxy: create pid/socket directories if needed
- conntrackd: resync from other hosts in start
- slapd: Gracefully handle config check during probe
- tomcat: Correction of the time-out level of the stop processing.
- tomcat: Correction of the process alive monitoring.
- ldirectord: Added READDQUIESCENT parameter
- sfex: fix sfex_init for 64-bit big endian platforms
- SendArp: exit with the right code when not properly configured
- Squid: fix getting PIDs of squid processes (lf#2653)
- portblock: use end-of-word instead of space at the end of the line
- named: use pgrep instead of searching in ps(1) output
- named: fix monitor if named_rootdir is set to /
- VIPArip: fix exit codes
- VIPArip: make start idempotent
- tools: add
- tools: add send_ua binary for IPv6 support in IPaddr2
- ocft: new test for Raid1
* Fri May 25 2012 Linux-HA contributors
- stable release 3.9.3
- dhcpd: new RA to manage ISC DHCP servers
- Filesystem: add nfs4 to the list of well known types
- IPaddr2: fix regression introduce in d93b5fd, nic=lo always
- iSCSILogicalUnit: correctly match for target IQN and backing
device name (iet and tgt)
- jboss: implememnt rotating of console log
- mysql: improve handling of reset slave
- oracle, oralsnr: get rid of eval
- slapd: pass bind_dn correctly to ldapsearch
* Wed May 16 2012 Linux-HA contributors
- release candidate 3.9.3 rc1
- asterisk: new resource agent
- named: new RA to manage bind servers
- pound: new RA for Pound HTTP/HTTPS reverse-proxy and
- rsyslog: new RA to manage rsyslog servers
- slapd: new RA to manage OpenLDAP servers
- varnish: new resource agent
- apache: add support for IPv6 in monitor
- apache: create /var/run/apache2 if it doesn't exist
- apache: fix sysconfig includes & enable status for default SUSE
- conntrackd: test for socket existence in monitor instead of
process grep
- conntrackd: rename parameter "conntrackd" to "binary"
- CTDB: Add smb_fileid_algorithm parameter (bnc#696978)
- CTDB: Improve monitor op (check output of ctdb status,
- CTDB: Set ctdb_start_as_disabled=no by default (bnc#712410,
required by samba 3.6)
- exportfs: allow expanding the fsid parameter to produce correct
exportfs options
- exportfs: don't grow /var/lib/nfs/rmtab indefinitely
- exportfs: fix monitor action for special characters and common
- Filesystem: add support for glusterfs (lf#2620)
- Filesystem: add tmpfs to the list of supported filesystems
- Filesystem: allow to force cloning for local mounts
- Filesystem: don't use direct dd option in monitor depth 20 for
non-blockdevice fs
- Filesystem: fix determining if the device is a block device
- Filesystem: improve read/write checks for CHECK_LEVEL 10, 20
- Filesystem: repair the fast_stop parameter use (its value was
always false)
- Filesystem: support ceph
- Filesystem: remove a status file only when OCF_CHECK_LEVEL is
set to 20
- IPaddr: add back the local_start/stop_script code
- IPaddr: remove colon at the end of the interface name
- IPv6addr: always use the provided nic and cidr_netmask when
- IPv6addr: handle a link-local address properly in send_ua
- iscsi: do not rely on iscsid.startup being set correctly
- iscsi: proceed if iscsid is not running if iscsid.startup is
present in iscsid.conf
- iSCSILogicalUnit: fix default for scsi_sn
- iSCSITarget: treat an empty "implementation" parameter
- jboss: add the java_opts parameter for java options
- ldirectord: precedence error with perl v5.8.8 in IPv6 code
- LVM: drop vgck(8) from monitor
- LVM: force dmevent monitoring for clones
- LVM: use ls instead of vgdisplay in status
- lxc: fix LXC_status to work with lxc-0.7.5 or later
- mysql: improve replication support
- mysql: check mysql status more thoroughly before stopping
- mysql: fix validation return codes
- mysql: support 5.5 slave status message format
- nfsserver: Support of multiple IP addresses (bnc#684143)
- nfsserver: don't run sm-notify in foreground (bnc#759616)
- ocf-shellfuncs: fix loglevel variable scope in ha_log
- ocft: new tests for named, IPv6addr, oracle, Xinetd
- ocft: several improvements
- oracle: improve managing IPC objects
- oracle: improve matching instance specific files and processes
- pgsql: support for replication
- postfix: multiple fixes
- Raid1: support for multiple MD arrays, as specified in raidconf
- SAPDatabase: add support for Sybase ASE and SAP HANA database
- SAPDatabase: correcting the unique values of RAs parameters
- SAPDatabase: replace method for checking responsiveness of
- SAPDatabase: version 2.00 make use of saphostagent
- SAPInstance : correcting the unique values of RAs parameters
- slapd: always set the exit code correctly in monitor
- tomcat: remove pidfile before start, it may prevent some tomcat
releases from starting
- VirtualDomain: add a functionality that modifies utilization of
resource automatically
- VirtualDomain: if the configuration file is missing on stop
exit with success
- VirtualDomain: honor virsh "in shutdown" state
- Xen: add support for HVM ACPI graceful shutdown
- Xen: wait in migrate_from for the migration to finish instead
of bailing out immediately
- Tools: findif: Use most specific matching route (bnc#740738)
- Tools: send_arp.libnet: fix for big endian platforms
- doc: add the RA developer's guide
* Wed Jun 29 2011 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- stable release 3.9.2
- ethermon: new resource agent
- iscsi: fix regression in 3.9.1 for open-iscsi version 2.0-872 (lf#2562)
- pgsql: fix regression in 3.9.1 in directories on probes
- VirtualDomain: if there's no config exit on stop with success
- doc: add sfex_init(8) man page
* Wed Jun 15 2011 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- stable release 3.9.1
- ocf-tester: tolerate OCF_ERR_INSTALLED on probes and missing binaries
- pgsql: improve configuration check and probe handling
* Wed Jun 01 2011 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- release candidate 3.9.1 rc1
- first release since establishing joined repository with RHCS agents
- build: new spec file and autoconf to support both agents' sets
- build: use ./configure --with-ras-set=linux-ha to configure for
heartbeat RA set
- build: create compatibility symlinks in autofoo not in spec
- build: GNUmakefile removed
- lxc: new RA to manage lxc linux containers
- symlink: new RA to manage symbolic links
- db2: new implementation with master/slave mode
- oracle: improve oracle process list test (bnc#673027)
- exportfs: backup and restore rmtab to ensure smooth client
failover on node failures
- CTDB: Allow stop to succeed when using pkill on ctdbd (bnc#695829)
- mysql: --skip-slave-start option is default now
- mysql: set connect timeout to 10 seconds rather than 1 second
- mysql: keep replication state (prevents data loss on master reset)
- mysql: don't rely on state information from pacemaker, but
check if the instance is in the read-only mode
- mysql: if test parameters are all set, assume OCF_CHECK_LEVEL=10
- mysql: support for master/slave for more than two nodes
- mysql: don't wait for replication to finish, when not replicating
- mysql: store replication state in separate attributes for each master
- VirtualDomain: correctly create migration URI when target is an FQDN
- VirtualDomain: properly wait until domain_name is non-empty
- ldirectord: add a support of "netmask" directive for IPv6
- ldirectord: fix fwmark behavior for IPv6
- ldirectord: ignore children in Net::DNS
- iscsi: add support for open-iscsi version 2.0-872 (lf#2562)
- postfix: issue error if 'postfix abort' failed
- postfix: improve exit codes on installation problems
- postfix: use monitor to test if postfix works after the start action
- ocft: fix make command for compatibility with mawk/Debian (lf#2600)
- ocft: test case for pgsql
- ocft: test case for postfix
- ocft: test case for iscsi
- doc: improve man pages output
- doc: add examples for master/slave resource agents
* Wed Feb 16 2011 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- stable release 1.0.4
- ocft: testcases for db2, LVM, and Filesystem
* Fri Feb 11 2011 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- release candidate 1.0.4
- add GPLv3 license file (bnc#655700)
- ocf-shellfuncs: allow ocf_run to return the actual exit code
- ocf-shellfuncs: handle properly syslog facility set to none (bnc#621818)
- ocf-shellfuncs: correctly identify root by id only (bnc#602312)
- RA: add OCF_ROOT/lib/heartbeat directory (development)
- RA: set the HA_RSCTMP directory to /var/run/resource-agents (lf#2378)
- build: install jboss
- conntrackd: new RA
- exportfs: new RA
- nginx: new RA
- fio: new RA for IO load simulation
- Filesystem: allow cloning of some filesystems as read-only (lf#2440)
- Filesystem: add fast_stop parameter (lf#2402)
- Filesystem: Clarify metadata and improve non-clone warning
- Filesystem: new run_fsck parameter
- LVM: add partial_activation parameter (lf#2490)
- IPaddr2: fix reference to Infiniband arping binary (bnc#668447)
- IPaddr2: optionally flush kernel routing table on interface stop
- IPaddr2: exit with the right code when not properly configured
- IPaddr2: exit early and with the right code if the ip parameter is not set
- IPaddr2: unique_clone_address should work without CIP (lf#2442)
- IPaddr: return the correct code if interface delete failed
- IPv6addr: allow link-local addresses in case the interface name is provided
- IPv6addr: interface index in /proc/net/if_inet6 may be longer than 2
chars (lf#2462)
- IPsrcaddr: exit with the right code when not properly configured
- IPsrcaddr: add the cidr_netmask parameter
- Tools: findif: differentiate between error conditions
- nfsserver: fix the default string for the notification parameter
- nfsserver: don't use -v in the notify cmd with rpc.statd
- iSCSITarget: fix race for target IDs when using IET (lf#2432)
- iSCSITarget: follow changed IET access policy
- Raid1: Support attempting to re-add mirrors on deep monitor action
- Raid1: Fix graceful stop code path
- Raid1: Handle stop for failed arrays properly (bnc#618775)
- sfex: output log messages also to stderr in sfex_init
- sfex: add the sfex_stat command
- sfex: wait in the start and stop actions until sfex_daemon starts/exits
- Xen: implement stop of a migrating domain (bnc#656227)
- Xen: check the allow_mem_management boolean properly (bnc#637525)
- Xen: Always run destroy in stop sequence.
- Xen: use xen-list command for status check if available (bnc#628735)
- Xen: use xen-destroy for stop, if available.
- Xen: Allow node configurable attribute to specify which IP to
use for live migration (bnc#628735)
- VirtualDomain: fix spurious stop failures
- VirtualDomain: don't timeout in stop before escalating to "forced stop"
- ManageVE: add migration capability
- MailTo: don't check if user exists for email address (might be an
alias or remote)
- CTDB: Remove hard-coded timeout on start op
- CTDB: Don't manage Samba and Winbind by default
- CTDB: Deprecate (and make optional) smb_private_dir param (bnc#623788)
- tomcat: Ensure name of tomcat resource is only used on start operation
and expose JAVA_OPTS variable for use
- tomcat: Fix to ensure default OCF_RESKEY_xx values are observed
- tomcat: Add CATALINA_BASE parameter, defaults to CATALINA_HOME,
permits multiple tomcat instances
- tomcat: Use Tomcat stop TIMEOUT -force to improve stop
- Dummy: migrate_from/to: correct OCF_RESKEY_CRM_meta_migrate_xxx
variable names
- Dummy: make method reload work
- anything: add the workdir parameter
- mysql: clone and master-slave functionality
- mysql: add replication monitoring
- mysql: check for write permissions after creating pid and socket directory
- mysql: make client binary path configurable
- pgsql: cd to pgdata before running commands (fixes permission error)
- pgsql: add optional username, password, and sqlcode parameters for monitor
- pgsql: add new "config" parameter
- pgsql: properly implement pghost parameter
- pgsql: socketdir parameter to manage non-default UNIX socket directories
- oracle: reduce output from sqlplus to the last line for queries (bnc#567815)
- db2: Replace call to db2_local_ps with db2nps
- db2: guard against a hanging db2stop by spawning this into the
background. Use db2_kill after grace period.
- db2: add multi partition support
- db2: improve behaviour on probes
- db2: support for v9.x instances (bnc#608952)
- SAPDatabase,SAPInstance: improve LD_LIBRARY_PATH processing (bnc#640026)
- SAPInstance: prevent premature expansion of [:upper:] [:lower:] when
producing sidadm uid
- SAPInstance: Moved testing of SAP profile directory and START profile
to a later stage (only when needed), for more robustness
- SAPInstance: fix return codes in probes
- SAPInstance: New parameter: SHUTDOWN_METHOD
- SAPInstance: ensure enqueue failover in monitor_clone on process
- SAPInstance: don't rely on op target rc when monitoring clones (lf#2371)
- SAPDatabase: prevent premature expansion of [:upper:] and [:lower:]
when producing sidadm/orasid/db2sid uids
- SAPdatabase: Changed Oracle recovery method from "recover automatic
database" to "end backup"
- SAPDatabase: Adapt process search pattern for DB/2 9.5
- SAPDatabase: start listener only if database processes are found
- SAPDatabase: avoid continuous output to syslog in monitor with SAP
7.20 and J2EE_ONLY=1
- ldirectord: http: connect to server instead of protocol (Debian#594958)
- ldirectord: add implicit support for submission RFC4409
- ldirectord: example configuration for a submission virtual service
- ldirectord: Shutdown write-side of client connection after writing has
- ldirectord: port number mismatch of imaps and pops
- ldirectord: Oracle compatibility
- ldirectord: don't exit on timeout in HTTP/HTTPS check
- ldirectord: allow underscore in service name
- ldirectord: use $1 instead of \1 in pattern replace (bnc#605086)
- Tools: ocf-tester: Extend to cover initial probe (monitor_0) test.
- Tools: ocf-tester: set and export some common meta variables (lf#2524)
- Tools: ocf-tester: meta-data also should never be affected by missing
- Tools: ocf-tester: show output from the agent in case of error
* Tue Apr 13 2010 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- stable release 1.0.3
- meta-data: improve timeouts in most resource agents (reduce the number of warnings by the shell)
- RA: log messages to stderr if attached to a terminal
- ocf-shellfuncs: tests to check for clone/ms resources
- ocf-shellfuncs: don't output to stderr if using syslog (prevents double logging from the RA and lrmd)
- make sure that OCF_RESKEY_CRM_meta_interval is always defined (lf#2284)
- ocft: new RA test suite
- VirtualDomain: bail out early if config file can't be read
during probe (nbc#593988)
- VirtualDomain: spin on define until we definitely have a domain name
- VirtualDomain: fix incorrect use of __OCF_ACTION (the stop operation may timeout otherwise)
- Filesystem: prefer /proc/mounts to /etc/mtab for non-bind mounts (lf#2388)
- IPaddr2: don't bring the interface down on stop (otherwise IPv6 addresses may be removed)
- oracle/oralsnr: improve exit codes if the environment isn't valid
- oracle/oralsnr: improve logging
- Route: don't assume that OCF_RESKEY_CRM_meta_clone_node_max is set to a number (lf#2375)
- Route: add route table parameter (lf#2335)
- sfex: don't use pid file (lf#2363,bnc#585416)
- SFEX daemon: fix logging
- ldirectord: fix the configfile default (bnc#589457)
- drbd: fix metadata (bnc#588684)
- IPsrcaddr: modify the interface route (lf#2367)
- ldirectord: Allow multiple email addresses (lf#2168)
- vmware: fix set_environment() invocation (lf#2342)
- vmware: updated to version 0.2
- apache: return the right exit code from monitor (bnc#578628)
- iSCSILogicalUnit: fix monitor for STGT
* Mon Feb 01 2010 Dejan Muhamedagic <> and others
- stable release 1.0.2
- EvmsSCC, Evmsd, LinuxSCSI, drbd, pingd: marked as deprecated (lf#2244)
- CTDB: new resource agent for clustered samba
- postfix: new resource agent
- proftpd: new resource agent
- AoEtarget: new resource agent to export ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) targets
- Squid: new resource agent
- VirtualDomain: new resource agent (manage virtual domains using libvirt/virsh)
- anything: new resource agent for arbitrary daemons
- mysql-proxy: new resource agent
- iSCSITarget/iSCSILogicalUnit: two new resource agents
- portblock: fast reconnect/tickle ACK (new feature)
- IPv6addr: new nic and cidr_netmask parameters
- mysql-proxy: log_level and keepalive parameters
- Filesystem: implement deep monitor operation
- apache: monitor operation of depth 10 for web applications (lf#2234)
- SAPDatabase + SAPInstance: New versions from SAP
- CTDB: auto-generate cluster-specific part of smb.conf (lf#2308)
- ClusterMon: don't fail in stop if the process is missing (bnc#569957)
- Filesystem: allow configuring smbfs mounts as clones
- IPaddr2: CLUSTERIP/iptables rule not always inserted on failed monitor (lf#2281)
- IPaddr2: behave if the interface is down (lf#2147)
- IPaddr2: check binaries when it makes sense
- IPaddr2: fix invalid default value for OCF_RESKEY_clusterip_hash (bnc#553753)
- IPaddr2: include netmask in search for the right interface
- IPaddr2: remove all colons from the mac address before passing it to send_arp (lf#2165)
- IPsrcaddr: replace 0/0 with proper ip prefix
- IPv6addr: recognize network masks properly
- IPv6addr: supply checksum for ICMPv6 packets
- IPv6addr: ifdef out the ip offset hack for libnet v1.1.4 (lf#2034)
- IPv6addr: supply checksum for ICMPv6 packets
- LVM: Make monitor operation quiet in logs (bnc#546353)
- MailTo: Provide a default for MAILCMD (bnc#534803, bnc#556366)
- MailTo: allow multiple word subject line
- Raid1: improve monitor function (bnc#546551)
- Route: improve validate (lf#2232)
- Squid: make the regexp match more precisely output of netstat
- VIParip: Pathname needed to be configurable (lf#1331)
- VirtualDomain: avoid needlessly invoking "virsh define"
- VirtualDomain: destroy domain shortly before timeout expiry
- VirtualDomain: fix forceful stop (lf#2283)
- VirtualDomain: loop on status if libvirtd is unreachable
- Xen: Remove instance_attribute "allow_migrate" (bnc#539968)
- apache: make sure that proxies are not used for monitor
- iSCSILogicalUnit: add support for SCSI ID, SCSI SN, Vendor ID, and Product ID
- iSCSILogicalUnit: add support for per-LU parameters
- iSCSILogicalUnit: set default for SCSI SN, truncate SCSI ID default to 24 bytes
- iSCSILogicalUnit: use a 16-byte default SCSI ID
- iSCSITarget, iSCSILogicalUnit: add support for tgt
- iSCSITarget: reintroduce "tid" parameter
- iSCSITarget, iSCSILogicalUnit: identify targets by IQN, not by tid
- iSCSITarget, iSCSILogicalUnit: support LIO
- iSCSITarget: add support for CHAP authentication
- iSCSITarget: add support for restricting target access
- iSCSITarget: be more persistent deleting targets on stop
- include ldirectord (formerly known as heartbeat-ldirectord)
- iscsi: replace wrong variable reference (bnc#499291)
- jboss: Added JBoss support
- ldirectord: fix setting defaults for configfile and ldirectord (lf#2328)
- ldirectord: fix various bugs in OCF RA (lf#1949)
- mysql: escalate stop to KILL if regular shutdown doesn't work
- mysql: handle monitor and stop properly on invalid environment
- nfsserver: use default values (lf#2321)
- nfsserver: validate should not check if nfs_shared_infodir exists (lf#2219)
- nfsserver: use check_binary properly in validate (lf#2211)
- nfsserver: exit properly in nfsserver_validate (lf#2173)
- oracle/oralsnr: export variables properly
- oracle: drop spurious output from sqlplus
- pgsql: remove the previous backup_label if it exists
- portblock: add per-IP filtering capability
- portblock: fix invalid exit codes on monitor
- postfix: fix double stop
- scsi2reservation: fix wrong logic in check for scsi_reserve
- vmware: make meta-data work and several cleanups (lf#2212)
- shellfuncs: make the mktemp wrappers work
- ocf-shellfuncs: add mercurial repository version information
- ocf-shellfuncs: add ocf_is_probe function
- doc: add resource agents' man pages including examples
* Thu Oct 23 2008 Lars Marowsky-Bree <> and MANY others
- beta release 2.99.2
- LVM: stop correctly in case vol group does not exist
* Tue Sep 23 2008 Lars Marowsky-Bree <> and MANY others
- beta release 2.99.1
* Tue Aug 19 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> and MANY others
- beta release 2.99.0