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  • Implemented recording a reference to the init() method of a class for locations where a class object is initialized (issue #49)
  • Fixed issue where some virus scanners had a false positive detection for the SourcetrailPythonIndexer (issue #48)
  • Updated to jedi 0.15.0
  • Fixed crash when looking up names for some builtin symbols



  • Updated to jedi 0.14.1 and parso 0.5.1 to fix issues #26, #28 and #30
  • Fixed opening and reading source files when using Python 2



  • Changed commandline api by moving the current main functionality of indexing a source file to the "index" command
  • Added new "check-environment" command that can be used to check whether a given Python environment will be usable by the indexer



  • Added exception handling for accessing jedi definition, so that these exceptions only cause one symbol to be unsolved and the rest of the file will still be indexed
  • Switched to reading source code using UTF-8 encoding by default



  • Updated to Sourcetrail database format version 24
  • Implemented recording unsolved symbol locations as "unsolved", so they can be displayed as such by Sourcetrail
  • Implemented allowing to record multiple references for one source location (e.g. when different code paths result in different functions being called)
  • Implemented printing of detailed error if provided python environment is invalid
  • Fixed an issue where global symbols defined in iterable argument are recorded as child of "unsolved symbol" (issue #40)



  • Added support for Python 2
  • Implemented recording "unsolved symbol" when an exception occurred during name resolution of a symbol
  • Implemented resolving usages of "super()"
  • Implemented recording errors if imported symbol has not been found
  • Merged multiple definitions of a local symbol
  • Fixed some name hierarchy related issues



  • Implemented recording global variables
  • Implemented recording source locations for import statements (issue #4)
  • Implemented recording usages of module names within the sourcecode
  • Implemented indexer to prepend package names when solving names of symbols
  • Implemented recording qualifier locations that can be clicked within Sourcetrail but won't show up if the qualifying symbol is activated
  • Implemented recording "unsolved symbol" nodes if the indexer has not been able to deriva a symbol's definition or name
  • Changed handling of local variable definitions so that now a single symbol for all (re-)definitions of the same variable within a scope is recorded
  • Improved AST logging in "--verbose" mode by printing value and location of visited nodes
  • Improved logging by always prepending severity information
  • Changed the CLI by adding an optional "--environment-directory-path" parameter that allows to set the python environment used for resolving dependencies within the indexed code
  • Changed the CLI by allowing relative paths for the "--source-file-path" and "--database-file-path" parameters
  • Added compatibility check to verify if the currently used version of SourcetrailDB supports everything currently used by SourcetrailPythonIndexer (issue #8)
  • Fixed CI pipeline did not fail if tests fail



  • Added license info to release packages.
  • Implemented recording of references (e.g. calls, usages) of built-in functions and classes.
  • Multi-line strings will now be recorded as atomic source ranges, which prevents Sourcetrail from splitting them up in the snippet view.



  • Added downloadable all-in-one release packages for Mac and Linux. The Windows release did not change.



  • First official release of the SourcetrailDB project.
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