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  • Added support for Xcode 5.

  • The ARCHS option is not set anymore and will use Xcode’s defaults. This fixes the build and archive issue with the new arm64 architecture. CocoaPods#1352

  • The default of the ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH setting has changed to YES in the Debug configuration. This means that if this is a static library, the application that links the library in will have to make the same adjustment, or the build will fail.

  • [Project] #add_system_framework has been removed in favor of PBXNativeTarget#add_system_framework.

  • [Command] Added new subcommand sort, to sort projects from the command line. This command is useful for sorting projects as well to easy comparison of existing projects.

  • [Project::Object] Added #sort.

  • [Project] Added #sort, #add_system_library.

  • [Project::ObjectList] Added #move and #move_from.

  • [PBXNativeTarget] Improve #add_dependency to avoid duplicates.

  • [PBXNativeTarget] Added #add_system_framework, #add_system_frameworks, #add_system_library, #add_system_libraries.

  • [PBXFileReference, PBXGroup] Added set_source_tree and #set_path.

  • [PBXGroup] Added find_file_by_path.

  • [AbstractBuildPhase] Added #file_display_names, #build_file, and #include.

Bug Fixes
  • [Command] Fixed opening existing projects.

  • [GroupableHelper] Improved handling of ambiguous parents.

  • Decode XML entities in project paths when reading workspace files. This prevents double-encoding the entities (for example, ') when writing the file. amolloy

  • Fix C-ext memory leak by closing and releasing the CFWriteStream used to write projects when done. #93 jasonprado




  • To initialize a project a path is required even is the project is being initialized from scratch.

  • To open an existing project should be used in place of, which now is deprecated for that purpose.

  • Project#save_as has been renamed to Project#save which uses the path provided during initialization by default.

  • The parameter to specify a subgroup of the helper methods to create file references and new groups (e.g. #new_file, #group) has been deprecated.

  • Removed PBXGroup#new_xcdatamodel_group.

  • [PBXFileReference] #update_last_known_file_type has been renamed to #set_last_known_file_type. Added #set_explicit_file_type.

  • [PBXGroup] Renamed #sort_by_type! to #sort_by_type.

  • [Project] #add_system_framework now adds the reference to the frameworks build phase of the target as well.

  • CoreData versioned models are now properly handled respecting the contents of the .xccurrentversion file.
    CocoaPods/CocoaPods#1288, #83

  • [PBXGroup, PBXFileReference] Improved source tree handling in creation helpers. Now it is possible to specify the source tree which will be used to adjust the provided path as needed.

  • Added PBXGroup#parent, PBXGroup#real_path, PBXFileReference#parent (replaces #group), and PBXFileReference#real_path.

  • Xcodeproj will automatically utilize the xcproj command line tool if available in the path of the user to touch saved projects. This will result in projects serialized in the exact format used by Xcode.

  • [PBXGroup] Improved deletion.

  • [PBXGroup] Added #recursively_sort_by_type.

  • [PBXGroup, PBXFileReference] Added #move.

  • [AbstractTarget] Added #add_build_configuration.


  • Frameworks are added using the last sdks version reported by the xcodebuild if the target links against the last SDK.

  • Improvements in the handling of file references to frameworks.

  • Improvements to the schemes logic.

  • Added support for resources bundle targets.

  • Project::Group#new_file will now create XCVersionGroup for xcdatamodeld file.

Bug Fixes
  • The file type of the frameworks file references has be corrected.
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