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Ideally this website should be run through a sub-folder of Strata.

  1. Clone a copy of Strata and run rake clone. Or if you just want this website rake clone:cocoapods.
  2. Run rake db:migrate in Strata to update the database to the latest version.
  3. Add a .env file with in ENVIRONMENT variables, see sample.env.


  1. bundle exec foreman start

The server will run on http://localhost:5000

Things to note

  • Large scale design changes should be discussed in a new issue first.
  • By default the server will use the production search database in a development environment. This is so you don't have to run your own instance of search.

What is this?

This app is a Sinatra app. We use slim as a templating language, and flounder as our ORM against the trunk database.

A lot of the logic around search is based on work from @floere in picky. All of the CocoaPods-specific parts of search are in search.config.js.

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