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Code for Africa (CfA)

Africa’s Largest Civic Technology + Open Data + Data Journalism Initiative


  1. sensors.AFRICA sensors.AFRICA Public

    sensors.AFRICA is a citizen-science focused project by Code for Africa that seeks to address data gaps by providing low cost sensors, which people can use to measure and monitor the quality of the …

    JavaScript 18 7

  2. PesaYetu PesaYetu Public

    PesaYetu, an easy-to-use visualization tool that helps journalists quickly find, analyse and compare government budget data to help fact-check claims about resource allocations, public procurement …

    JavaScript 11 6

  3. GotToVote GotToVote Public

    GotToVote is a toolkit of simple web and SMS services that help citizens get to the ballot box informed and ready to vote. Kenya version accessible at

    JavaScript 208 69

  4. openAFRICA openAFRICA Public

    openAFRICA aims to be largest independent repository of open data on the African continent. This repo contains the primary deployment scripts and files. Accessible at

    Dockerfile 27 9

  5. sourceAFRICA sourceAFRICA Public

    Forked from documentcloud/documentcloud

    sourceAFRICA is the continent's largest repository of documentary evidence and other "actionable documents" from investigative journalists and civic watchdogs. Forked from, and bu…

    Ruby 11 9

  6. GenderGap.AFRICA GenderGap.AFRICA Public

    GenderGap.AFRICA is a tool designed to help users calculate the gender pay gap in any African country. Accessible at

    JavaScript 9 4


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