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Contribution Guidelines

Adding to this list

Thank you for your suggestions to extend this list! Please consider the following points before proceeding:

  • The purpose of this list is to teach about Unicode codepoints. Please note, that other things are off-topic, for example, EBCDIC encoding, localization, books on writing Kanji, suggestions for new emoji.
    • A corollary: As it stands now, this list contains a well-balanced amount of emoji. Yes, we are aware of the Japanese Ogre and the Middlefinger. No, they are not special enough to be included, but thanks for asking! If an emoji has a very peculiar feature, that sets it apart from all other Unicode-encoded features, though, we’d love to have this one suggested.
  • When you issue a pull request, you agree that your contribution is in the public domain (guided by the CC0 license).
  • Use the format * [U+12345](link) CODEPOINT NAME - description.. The description should terminate in a full stop.
  • Put the character in the appropriate category (standalone, affecting others, record holder, fun stuff). The entries should be ordered by codepoint, unless there is a reason for a better order (e.g., records: place shortest/longest next to each other).
  • Make an individual pull request for each suggestion. This allows to better handle updates or comments on the proposed character.
  • If you find your character already on the list, feel free to amend or extend the description.

How to Create a Pull Request

See Sindre Sorhus’ guide on how that works exactly (with screenshots!). Please try to make title and description of the change request meaningful and explain, why the character should be added to the list.

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