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Using Coldcard with Bitcoin Core


Core has not always supported BIP32 hierarchical keys, and it does not presently support BIP44 derivation. Instead it uses derivation like this:


It will also, as of 0.16, do Segwit in P2SH by default. In time, bech32 will become the default address format.

Setup Steps

  • generate a new seed phrase on the Coldcard
  • export the xpub file from Coldcard (USB or MicroSD)
  • import that xpub as a new wallet in core
  • display balances

Day-to-day Operation

  • generate unsigned transactions
  • get that onto the Coldcard, and sign it there
  • use core to broadcast the new txn for confirmation

Use of "dumpwallet" command

  • You can do a "dumpwallet" command and get the xprv associated with your wallet. We can import that, and then you'd need to destroy the existing wallet files, backups of those, and so on.

  • Our output file, called public.txt, can be compared to dumpwallet's output, but:

    • you must find the section with appropriate derivation path for core
    • core puts the addresses into a random order, not sequential like ours
    • segwit, and p2sh segwit choice has to match
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