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proustr 0.4.0

Breaking change

The sentiment lexicon is no longer included in this package. It has been moved to the {rfeel} package, for license compatibility reasons.

New funs

  • pr_keep_only_alnum()

Small updates

  • Cleaned the proust_char() output a little bit.

proustr 0.2.2


  • stop_words are now only ISO, and exported as a tibble with a chr column
  • new function to unacent a vector

proustr 0.2.1


  • package now has his own pkgdown \o/
  • dataset has one less column (which was useless)
  • removed a dependency

proustr 0.2.0


  • new pr_ functions
  • put a bunch of tests
  • built is now available with travis
  • stopwords with non ascii characters are now handled


  • Cleaner dataset
  • bug corrections
  • new dataset
  • new functions proust_random(), proust_sentiments() and proust_stopwords().
  • books alone are no longer Rd exported
  • new vignette