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Build Status Build Status

Build Status Build Status

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Your own private Office in the Cloud

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Key features

  • View and edit text documents, spreadsheets, presentations & more
  • Collaborative editing features
  • Works in any modern browser – no plugin needed
  • Open Source – primarily under the MPLv2 license. Some parts are under other open source licences, see e.g. browser/LICENSE.


For many more details, build instructions, downloads and more please visit

Developer assistance

Please ask your questions on any of the bridged IRC/Matrix/Telegram rooms

Join the conversation on our Discourse server at

Watch the tinderbox status (if it's green) at

Development bits

This project has several components:

  • wsd/
    • The Web Services Daemon - which accepts external connections
  • kit/
    • The client which lives in its own chroot and renders documents
  • common/
    • Shared code between these processes
  • browser/
    • The client side JavaScript component
  • test/
    • C++ based unit tests
  • cypress_test/
    • JavaScript based integration tests

Further recommended reading with build details

Please consult the README files in the component's directory for more details:

iOS and Android apps

See the corresponding READMEs:


Head over to select gitpod from the dropdown and follow the steps.

Interesting things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your browser is not blocking windows/tabs from opening from the gitpod workspace URL (maybe add * to your browser's whitelist)
    • The GitPod tasks will run automatically and further instructions will be printed out right in the terminal
    • VNC tab will open automatically if not just click in the left icon Remote explorer and click 6080. You will see a tab completly black, that's normal.
    • As mentioned in those instructions if you are not using the VS Code desktop and if you are only relying on your browser please:
      • Do not try to click the URL from the make run out put instead copy that URL and execute firefox [paste URL here]
      • Head over to the tab where the VNC is opened (black page), you will see Firefox opening there, maximize and have fun.
      • You can also run cypress tests via GitPod but you will need to use Firefox, for that just prepend CYPRESS_BROWSER="firefox" to the desired command. Example: CYPRESS_BROWSER="firefox" make check for every test or CYPRESS_BROWSER="firefox" make check-desktop spec=impress/scrolling_spec.js for one specific test on desktop