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Multi-functional file manager for the Nintendo Switch

Discord Server


Clone the repo recursively. Build using the latest version of LibNX and DevkitPro. Don't forget to build the git submodules too!

How to use

Main UI

Up / Down buttons to move up and down the list

Left button quickly jump up through the list

Right button quick jump down through the list

A to open a file / folder

Y to open and close the sub menu

Minus to open the settings

Plus to quick exit

Text Editor

Up / Down change lines

A edit line

Left deletes a line

Right adds a line

B save options

Image Viewer

B exit

Left / Right buttons to rotate the image

Up / Down buttons to zoom

Left stick to move


Up / Down to move up and down the list

A to select item


LibNX and DevkitPro for making the toolchain.

Spitzfire for the original logo which I modified.

Nichole Mattera / AtlasNX for making the INI parser library I am using.

WerWolv for showing me how to mount save files in Horizon.

XorTroll for Goldleaf which I took some of the updater code from.

nlohmann for making the JSON library I am using.

Everyone in the Team AtlasNX dev chat for general help in this and other projects.


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