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Better documentation for mixin box-shadow #433

amra opened this Issue · 3 comments

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In documentation for 'box-shadow' are parameters named like $shadow-1, $shadow-2, ...

Each time I use it I must read the source code to get parameters right.
Please improve parameter names.


patches accepted =)


How are you using this mixin? I haven't had any problems using it. Perhaps we're using it differently.

For me it looks like this:

@include box-shadow(#000 0 1px 2px, #fff 0 1px inset);

When do you need to use named variables?


Check the parameters description for mixin box-shadow (on
box-shadow($shadow-1, $shadow-2, $shadow-3, $shadow-4, $shadow-5, $shadow-6, $shadow-7, $shadow-8, $shadow-9, $shadow-10)

E.g. what should I use for $shadow-4 parameter?

On same page is mixin single-box-shadow (
The mixin description is single-box-shadow($color, $hoff, $voff, $blur, $spread, $inset). It's easier to understand for me.

@dbussink dbussink referenced this issue from a commit in dbussink/compass
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Merge branch 'stable'
* stable:
  Fix failing test when updating to latest SASS
  Gemfile.lock should not be part of a library / gem
  fix typo
  Fix issue with parent directory references within the sass_path in the compass compiler.
  Version bump.
  Update changelog
  Return a non-zero exit code if there are any stylesheet compilation errors. Closes GH-432.
  Fix test failures.
  Better docs for the shadow mixins. Closes GH-433.
  Include the Compass logger to prevent "uninitialized constant Compass::Logger"
  Broken link fixed to what I think is the correct section of the SASS docs.
  grid-background vertical rhythm should be based off of $blueprint-font-size, rather than a static value.
  :focus should not use shorthand border property, since it only need to change the border-color
  update changelog
  Fix absolute path detection on Windows.
  Fix the mime type returned for svg images. Closes GH-442.

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