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ConsoleKit2 is a framework for defining and tracking users, login sessions, and seats.
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What is ConsoleKit2?

ConsoleKit2 is a framework for defining and tracking users, login
sessions, and seats. It allows multiple users to be logged in at the
same time and share hardware for their graphical session. ConsoleKit2
will keep track of those resources and whichever session is active
will have use of the hardware at that time.

What is a seat?

A seat is a collection of sessions and a set of hardware (usually at
least a keyboard and mouse).  Only one session may be active on a
seat at a time.

What is a session?

A session is a collection of all processes that originate from a single
common ancestor and retain knowledge of a secret.  As an implementation
detail, this secret may be stored in the process environment by the
login manager under the name XDG_SESSION_COOKIE.

Minimum Requirements

* Autotools (for building ConsoleKit2)
* Gettext 0.15
* glib 2.40
* X11
* zlib
* libkvm (required for OpenBSD, FreeBSD, kfreebsd, and DragonFlyBSD)
* xsltproc
* gtk-doc (optional)
* GObject Introspection (optional)
* PolicyKit/Polkit 0.92 (optional)
* PAM (optional)
* libudev or libdevattr (optional, for session-controller support)
* libdrm (optional, for session-controller support)
* proplib (optional, for session-controller support on DragonFlyBSD)
* xmlto (optional, for documentation)
* inotify (optional)
* RBAC (optional)
* pm-utils (optional, but required for suspend/hibernate on Linux)
* cgmanager + libnih (recommended on Linux, for process tracking)
* selinux (optional)

Additionally, on Linux CONFIG_AUDITSYSCALL=y is required for to work (PAM support).

More Information

Documentation is available at:

Report bugs and feature requests to:

Translation is handled with Transifex, please register at:

The main development follows the standard github work flow and happens at:

ConsoleKit2 is a fork of ConsoleKit since it is no longer maintained.
Information on ConsoleKit can be found at:
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