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Rebekka - FTP/FTPS client in Swift.
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Rebekka - an FTP/FTPS client in Swift. Utilizes CFFTPStream API from CFNetworking.

###Implemented FTP commands

  • Directory content listing.
  • Directory creation.
  • File upload/download.


#####As Embedded framework (iOS 8.0+)

  1. Add Rebekka as a submodule. git submodule add
  2. Drag-and-drop Rebekka.xcodeproj into your project. The project has two targets: Rebekka.framework for OSX project, RebekkaTouch.framework for iOS projects.
  3. Add new target in "Build Phases" -> "Target Dependencies".
  4. Click the + button at the top left of the panel and choose "New copy files phase".
  • Rename the new phase to "Copy Frameworks".
  • Set the "Destination" to "Frameworks".
  1. Add Rebekka framework to this phase.

To support iOS 7.0, you can add source code files directly into your project .


var configuration = SessionConfiguration() = ""
configuration.encoding = NSUTF8StringEncoding
_session = Session(configuration: configuration)
_session.list("/") {
    (resources, error) -> Void in
    println("List directory with result:\n\(resources), error: \(error)\n\n")
var configuration = SessionConfiguration() = ""
_session = Session(configuration: configuration)"/Users/foo/testdownload.png") {
   (fileURL, error) -> Void in
   println("Download file with result:\n\(fileURL), error: \(error)\n\n")
var configuration = SessionConfiguration() = "localhost:21"
configuration.username = "optimus"
configuration.password = "rollout"
if let URL = NSBundle.mainBundle().URLForResource("testUpload", withExtension: "png") {
   let path = "/Users/foo/bar/testUpload.png"
   _session.upload(URL, path: path) {
       (result, error) -> Void in
       println("Upload file with result:\n\(result), error: \(error)\n\n")


Swift 2.0 / iOS 8.0+ / Mac OS X 10.9+


The BSD 2-Clause License. See License.txt for details.

=========== Bonn, December 2015.

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