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In Situ TAC - Copernicus Marine Service

In Situ TAC collects, manages and disseminates the relevant in situ data to operational users by connecting national and international observational networks

Popular repositories

  1. Set of python notebooks illustrating how to download, process and visualize CMEMS instac netCDFs.

    Jupyter Notebook 8 4

  2. Set of python notebooks showing how-to discover and process CMEMS In Situ TAC datasets

    Jupyter Notebook 4 2

  3. Binder set up for training notebooks

    Jupyter Notebook 1 1

  4. Download files from a SCV containing the ftp links/paths to the desired In Situ files

    Jupyter Notebook 1

  5. Notebook material 4 binder display (load on remote server)

    Jupyter Notebook

  6. Set of matlab rutines for O2 Real Time Quality Check




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