Counterparty Improvement Proposals
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chiguireitor Updated to account for latest implementation details
Most implementation details impose restrictions on what we can do with our current enhanced_send format and P2WSH addresses. There's also a bigger Fundraising goal as the implementation was miscalculated on difficulty and milestones more spread out to account for progressive code improvement.
Latest commit 217f95e Oct 16, 2018

This is the repository for Counterparty Improvement Proposals, also known as "CIPs". People wishing to submit CIPs, first should propose their idea or document to the spec-proposals channel on the Counterparty Slack chat. After discussion and copy-editing and acceptance, it will be published here, normally as a pull request merge.

The CIP process will follow the Counterparty Improvement Proposals (CIP) process as closely as is reasonably possible. We are fairly liberal with approving CIPs, and try not to be too involved in decision making on behalf of the community. The exception is in very rare cases of dispute resolution when a decision is contentious and cannot be agreed upon. In those cases, the conservative option will always be preferred.

Having a CIP here does not make it a formally accepted standard until its status becomes Active. For a CIP to become Active requires the mutual consent of the community.

Those proposing changes should consider that ultimately consent may rest with the consensus of the Counterparty users.

Number Title Owner Type Status
1 CIP Purpose and Guidelines Devon Weller Process Active
2 Counterparty Payment URI Scheme Devon Weller Informational Accepted
3 Reset Token & Divisibility Statuses JP Janssen Standards Draft
4 Subassets Jeremy Johnson Standards Accepted
5 Broadcast Voting Meta Protocol Ruben de Vries Standards Draft
6 P2SH data encoding Ruben de Vries Standards Accepted
7 Blockchain Validated Asset Metadata (BVAM) Devon Weller Informational Draft
8 CIP Implementation Bounties Robby Dermody Process Accepted
9 Enhanced Asset Send Joe Looney Standards Active
10 Multi Peer Multi Asset Send (MPMA) John Villar & Javier Varona Standards Accepted
11 Shorten Transaction Type ID Namespace Devon Weller Standards Accepted
12 Memo Requirement through Broadcasts Jeremy Johnson Standards Active
14 Instant Lottery JP Janssen Standards Deferred
15 Segwit Support Devon Weller Standards Accepted
16 Scheduled Distributions Dan Anderson Standards Draft
17 Automated Feed with Bitcoin and Counterparty Data JP Janssen Standards Pre-Draft
18 Configuration flag to change API query limit defaults John Villar Standards Active
19 Finish upgrade of Counterparty to use latest Bitcoin and Indexd John Villar Standards Draft