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WASI-enabled C/C++ toolchain
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src bump wasi-sysroot: use LC_ALL=c in sorting Apr 19, 2019
.gitignore produce deb and tars Mar 7, 2019
.gitmodules Prefer https over ssh url for wasi-sysroot submodule Apr 2, 2019
Dockerfile produce deb and tars Mar 7, 2019
Makefile Fixes #15 Apr 16, 2019 Update to current wasi-sysroot. Apr 1, 2019 produce deb and tars Mar 7, 2019 Allow llvm-project path change; version from llvm-config. Apr 5, 2019 produce deb and tars Mar 7, 2019 build system fixups Mar 6, 2019
wasi-sdk.cmake Spell "WASI SDK" consistently. Mar 19, 2019
wasi-sdk.control initial commit Mar 6, 2019


Quick Start

Download SDK packages here.

About this repository

This repository contains no compiler or library code itself; it uses git submodules to pull in the upstream Clang and LLVM tree, as well as the wasi-sysroot tree.

The Sysroot portion of this SDK is the wasi-sysroot.

Upstream Clang and LLVM 8.0 can compile for WASI out of the box, and WebAssembly support is included in them by default. So, all that's done here is to provide builds configured to set the default target and sysroot for convenience.

One could also use a standard Clang 8.0, build a sysroot from the sources mentioned above, and compile with "--target=wasm32-unknown-wasi --sysroot=/path/to/sysroot".

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