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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if my VICE app has been running for more than 48 hours?
  2. Can I extend the 48hr time limit on the VICE app?
  3. Can I request the CyVerse team to build the VICE app for my interactive tool if I don't have Docker image?
  4. I'm getting this error (or similar) with my docker file:

You must set a unique PASSWORD (not 'rstudio') first! e.g. run with: docker run -e PASSWORD=<YOUR_PASS> -p 8787:8787 rocker/rstudio

A: Make sure the environmental password is set for rStudio: ENV PASSWORD "rstudio1". You can also try using this base image for rStudio: cyversevice/rstudio-base:latest or cyversevice/rstudio-verse:3.6.0. For bioconductor images, use upendradevisetty/bioconductor:1.0.

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