Saitek/Logitech Flight panels for DCS-World. DCSFlightpanels also functions as a key-emulator for any game e.g. Flaming Cliff Series, Elite Dangerous, War Thunder, IL-2. Click "Releases" link below for latest release.
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# DCSFlightpanels

DCSFlightpanels primary use is for using Saitek/Logitech panels in DCS World.
Together with DCS-BIOS you can manage every control for the aircraft and use
the Radio Panel to operate cockpit radio equipment and also show data from the
aircraft in the Multipanel & Backlit Panel.
Using DCSFlightpanels as a key emulator it can be used in almost any game like
Elite Dangerous, War Thunder, Flaming Cliff Series, IL-2.
You can use multiple panels of each type and configure them separately.

DCSFlightpanels supports Simple Radio Standalone (PZ69 Radio Panel).

Saitek / Logitech Panels Supported:
* PZ55 Switch Panel (DCS-BIOS & KeyEmulator**)
* PZ70 Multi Panel (DCS-BIOS & KeyEmulator**)
* TPM (DCS-BIOS & KeyEmulator)
* PZ69 Radio Panel (DCS-BIOS & KeyEmulator** & KeyEmulator_SRS***)
* BIP Back Lit Information Panel (DCS-BIOS & KeyEmulator****)

**	LCD information can not be shown in key emulator (KeyEmulator) mode (no data from game available)
***	Simple Radio Standalone can be controlled with Radio Panel when using mode KeyEmulator_SRS.
****	BIP can be linked to PZ69 (keyemulator), PZ55, PZ70, TPM so that switching changes LEDs.

Tutorial #1 (Key emulation) :
Tutorial #2 (DCS-BIOS) :
Tutorial #3 (Formulas & DCS-BIOS) :

Support thread :
Demo video key emulation :
Demo video A-10C :
Demo video UH-1H :

Simple Radio Standalone :

Please consider donating if you like the software : 

v2.5.1 5 August 2018
F-18, L-39, M2000C added to selection list.
Disable Windows Enhanced USB Power Management option added.
A-10C, pressing ACT/STBY + Large Dial switches radio mode/function (on/off)
A-10C, pressing ACT/STBY + Small Dial changes frequency mode.
A-10C, while in PRESET Channel Mode large dial changes selected PRESET channel.
Refactoring of code.

v2.4.61 30 July 2018
DCSBIOSStringListener changed back regarding HEX byte length.
Added option to disable to Windows 10 USB Enhanced Power Management which was made by

v2.4.47 10 July 2018
A-10C, radio changes. 
Pressing ACT/STBY + Large Dial switches radio mode/function (on/off)
Pressing ACT/STBY + Small Dial changes frequency mode.
While in PRESET Channel Mode large dial changes selected PRESET channel.

v2.4.46 10 July 2018
Bugfix, SRS channel forced to freq when using small dial
Bugfix, removing PZ69 keyemulator display value caused error.
Bugfix, information not stored for key sequences.

v2.2.29 6 May 2018
Bug fix, edit DCS-BIOS on PZ70 caused error.

v2.2.24 6 May 2018
PZ55, PZ70, TPM, PZ69 can be linked to BIP. Switching on either of these panels then changes LEDs on the BIP.
Key emulator mode for PZ69.
SRS (Simple Radio Standalone) supported. (FC3)
Refactoring of event handlers (sender object)
Debug & error file now located where the .exe is located.

v2.3.1 7 April 2018
Key emulator option for PZ69 Radio Panel
SA342 NADIR dials for PZ69 DME position
SRS (radio) supported

v2.2.102 8 January 2018
Gazelle SA342 now fully supported
Formula sandbox added. Monitor DCS-BIOS values in real-time and make the formula that works for you.

v2.2.77 1 December 2017
AJS37 FR22 & TILS & Master Mode Selector Implemented (COM1 & NAV1)
Mi-8 R-828, automatic gain control added to ACT/STBY
Ka-50 ADF, ACT/STBY switches between INNER-AUTO-OUTER Beacon Mode
Mi-8 ARK-UD added to DME position. Large dial -> Preset Channels, small dial -> Mode, ACT/STBY = Wave Band
Ka-50 NAV2 : Datalink Master Mode Selector, Self ID Selector, Power ON/OFF

v2.2.63 17 November 2017
F-86 complete radio support
Spitfire HF-Radio & IFF supported
Ka-50, ABRIS dials can be controlled via radio panel
Mi-8, ADF correction made, main and backup ADF can be toggled 
Multipanel redone completely, each dial position enables it's own configuration, 100+ configurations!
Multipanel, all dial positions can be used
Formula textbox height increased
Small bugfixes

v2.1.743 9 October 2017
Radio panel (& full DCS-BIOS) support for FW-190D, Bf-109 K4 and P-51D
FIP support removed
Term "NONE" for key emulator mode changed to "KEYEMULATOR"
Error & debug log name change to DCSFlightpanels___.log
Popup window when searching for DCS-BIOS controls height increased

v 2.1.699 13 September 2017
Mi-8 support added
Added delay option when configuring DCS-BIOS commands for switches (after command)
Loads last profile
New menu option for closing open profile
Hanging problems solved. Process left hanging in Windows Task Manager
Project name changed from ProUsbPanels to DCSFlightpanels (DCSFlightpanels.exe)

v 2.1.614 3 September 2017
Ka-50 radio supported
Added code limiting HID traffic to radiopanels & multipanel (LCD updates)
Other refactoring in all radiopanel codes (Mig-21, A-10, UH-1H)

v 2.1.204 18 April 2015
MiG-21bis radio (RSBN/ARC/RADIO) supported.
A-10C VHF FM modified so that full frequency is used (5 digits) 30.000 -> 76.000.
Main window shows type of profile opened. 

v2.1.158 [1.4.2015]
TPM Panel supported
User gets error message if USB Instance IDs are found in the profile file that cannot be found in Windows.
New profile file format, easier to read with device Instance ID listed only once.

v2.1.120 [26 March 2015]
Bugfix, old settings not cleared when opening a new profile. Concerns all panels except Radio Panel.
Bugfix, Pitch down, Flaps down description not visible and corresponding entry in profile erroneous.
PZ55 Landing gear lights modification on how new values are treated.
Added option for user to have a description for DCS-BIOS tied switches, knobs, buttons.
Added TF-51D as new profile option for development purposes only

v2.1.102 [21 March 2015]
Duplicate error codes modified to be unique (Baldawg's problems)
Knob sensitivity added for PZ70 Lcd knob
Bugfix, pitch down, flaps down not working properly

v2.1.93 [15 March 2015]
Paul's UH-1H ADF freq correction math formulas added.
User friendly error messages added when editing DCS-BIOS Input and having an invalid input value
Several sync/swap bugs fixed (A-10C & UH-1H).
Added ACT/STBY delay option for the user. Too short and sync will be off. User can set optimal delay.
Input window text changed
Rearranged UH-1H radios on the PZ69.
UH-1H Intercomm (XPDR) revamped, UHF preset right LCD, Intercomm left LCD
UH-1H PZ69 Large knob operates Intercomm Master volume
UH-1H :
NAV 1  = ARN-82 VHF Nav
NAV 2  = ARC-131 VHF FM
ADF    = AN/ARN-83 ADF

v2.1.34 [9 March 2015]
UH-1H Radio Panel support
Bug fixes
Frequency swap now works (ACT/STBY)
Refactoring of key emulator code
Multiple DCS-BIOS controls can now be tied to a single switch/key/knob

v2.0 [* March 2015]
Now supporting:
Saitek Multi Panel PZ70
Saitek Radio Panel PZ69
Saitek Switch Panel PZ55
Back Lit Panel (BIP)

v1.7 [11 January 2015]
-Using [FSF]Ian's DCS-BIOS, now possible to set landing gear lights based on data from DCS

v1.6 [6 January 2015]
-Now using Windows HID driver.
-Uses mikeobrien/HidLibrary (see more under About)
-Possible to click LEDs in interface to have them changed (GREEN/YELLOW/RED/DARK).
-Threaded key presses. If a long key press is reissued while first issued is still being pressed then first is cancelled and second pressed.

v1.5 [20 April 2014]
-Added longer options for key presses. Few bug fixes.

v1.4 [17 April 2014]
-Added option for choosing Windows API:s for keyboard emulation. Alternatives are keybd_event() and SendKeys().

v1.3 [25 Feb 2014]
-Added option for checking for Digital Combat Simulator before sending key commands. This enables using the program for other simulators.

v1.2(BETA) [12 Feb 2014]
-Added sequenced key presses. Now possible to add unlimited number of key press sequences. ***VERSION IS BETA***

v1.1 [4 Feb 2014]
-Added log information when Flightpanels can't find DCS windows -> thus won't send virtual key presses.
 "DCS window not found. No key press created."
 NO OTHER CHANGES -> not an important update
v1.0 [3 Feb 2014]
-Added all Virtual Keycodes to configuration file for easier manual editing.
-Added Disable button. Clicking this button activates "Disable Mode" (Red exclamation mark visible). During this mode
 no key presses will be sent forward to the operating system/DCS. This is useful when you have respawned in a new airframe and you need
 to reset all the switches so as to reflect the status of the various components in the new airframe.
-No key presses will be forwarded unless a valid windows handle is aquired to a window named "Digital Combat Simulator" or "DCS". This ensures that
 Flighpanels do not forward key presses to other applications (windows).

v0.9 [22 Jan 2014]
Slight location modfication of image "KNOB BOTH/ALL" to the left. Aligment was slightly off with background image.

v0.8 [16 Jan 2014]
Added button images to application resources. They were referenced locally on the development computer.

v0.7 [15 Jan 2014]
Added error codes where messages boxes are shown for Exceptions.

v0.6 [15 Jan 2014]
Changed from TextBox.KeyDown to TextBox.PreviewKeyDown. This enables reading key presses like LCONTROL + END, LCONTROL + VK_C. Added support thread link to about page.

v0.5 [15 Jan 2014]
Added settings to store window location and size. Modified about page. Made window smaller (changes to layout grid). Added application icon. Added button to open profile in external text editor. Added tooltips for buttons.

v0.4 [14 Jan 2014]
GUI revamp. Complete change of main window GUI, control placement. Now using Grid, Canvas, StackedPanel for alignment of Controls.
Image of switch panel uses a Canvas. (100% XAML editing)

v0.3 [13 Jan 2014]
Changed Windows API from SendInput to keybd_event. After this LCONTROL, RCONTROL etc works in game & under OPTIONS -> CONTROLS. Added refresh button, to be used when editing the profile with text editor in the background. Proper About page.

v0.2 [12 Jan 2014]
Added key binding profile handling and length key presses. 

v0.1 [9 Jan 2014]
Initial release