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Saitek/Logitech Flight panels for DCS-World. DCSFlightpanels also functions as a key-emulator for any game e.g. Flaming Cliff Series, Elite Dangerous, War Thunder, IL-2. Click "Releases" link below for latest release.
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DCSFlightpanels primary use is for using Saitek/Logitech panels in DCS World. Together with DCS-BIOS you can manage every control for the aircraft and use the Radio Panel to operate cockpit radio equipment and also show data from the aircraft in the Multipanel & Backlit Panel. Using DCSFlightpanels as a key emulator it can be used in almost any game like Elite Dangerous, War Thunder, Flaming Cliff Series, IL-2. You can use multiple panels of each type and configure them separately.

DCSFlightpanels supports Simple Radio Standalone (PZ69 Radio Panel).

Saitek / Logitech Panels Supported:

  • PZ55 Switch Panel (DCS-BIOS & KeyEmulator**)
  • PZ70 Multi Panel (DCS-BIOS & KeyEmulator**)
  • TPM (DCS-BIOS & KeyEmulator)
  • PZ69 Radio Panel (DCS-BIOS & KeyEmulator** & KeyEmulator_SRS***)
  • BIP Back Lit Information Panel (DCS-BIOS & KeyEmulator****)
  • ** LCD information can not be shown in key emulator (KeyEmulator) mode (no data from game available)
  • *** Simple Radio Standalone can be controlled with Radio Panel when using mode KeyEmulator_SRS.
  • **** BIP can be linked to PZ69 (keyemulator), PZ55, PZ70, TPM so that switching changes LEDs.
  • For Mods use FC3 Profile

Tutorial #1 (Key emulation)

Tutorial #2 (DCS-BIOS):

Tutorial #3 (Formulas & DCS-BIOS)

Support thread

Demo video key emulation

Demo video A-10C

Demo video UH-1H

Contributors : Tossler, ZoeESummers, Capt. Zeen

(28.12.2018 My poor Git skills led to a reset in the repo with all old commits and contributors to be erased)

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