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auth-source-pass (aka. auth-password-store)

The auth-source-pass package, formerly known as auth-password-store, integrates Emacs' auth-source library with password-store. The auth-source library is a way for Emacs to answer the old burning question “What are my user name and password?”. Password-store (or just pass) is a standard unix password manager following the Unix philosophy.

The auth-source-pass project is a password-store backend for auth-source.


This package has been included in Emacs 26 (still unreleased). If that suits you, you can just start using it. Otherwise, install it from melpa (the name is still auth-password-store).

Regardless of the version you choose, please report issues to auth-password-store's issue tracker. Please make sure to specify which version you use.


Add the following to your init.el file:

(require 'auth-source-pass)


auth-source-pass follows the first approach suggested by the Password-store project itself for data organization to find data. This means that the filename of the file containing the password for a user on a particular host must contain the hostname. The file itself must contain the password on the first line, as well as a user field containing the username on a subsequent line.

If you have several accounts for the same host, you can name your files in 2 different ways:

  • user1@host.gpg and user2@host.gpg, or
  • host/user1.gpg and host/user2.gpg

If you use several ports (sometimes called services) in the same host (e.g., web and mail), you can add a colon and the port number (or service name) at the end of the filename: e.g., host:443.gpg or host:imap.gpg.

Pass in Emacs

Users of this package may also be interested in functionality provided by other Emacs packages dealing with pass:


Yes, please do! See CONTRIBUTING for guidelines.


See COPYING. Copyright (c) 2015 Damien Cassou & Nicolas Petton.