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Daniel Morsing


  • 2008-2012: Aarhus School of Engineering

    Bachelor of Engineering in Information and Communication Technology.

Work Experience

  • 2016 April - 2017 June: Distributed Systems developer at Datadog.

    Datadog is a systems monitoring platform that lets to see inside your system. It provides metrics, alerts, host maps and distributed tracing. My role at Datadog was mainly optimizing their data ingress systems, making sure that various time-series data could be efficiently stored.

  • 2015 August - 2015 November: Systems developer at InfluxData.

    InfluxData develops and operates a Time-series database for use in systems monitoring and sensor collection. My role was optimizing the aggregation algorithms, which operated on a Map-Reduce framework. Additionally, I worked on optimizing the data intake path and reducing garbage collection pauses.

  • 2014 January - 2015 May: Systems developer at CloudFlare Inc.

    CloudFlare is a web security and CDN provider. My role at CloudFlare consisted of maintaining and optimizing their DNS infrastructure, maintaining a WAN optimizing HTTP proxy and helping with internal Go programs.

  • 2012 April – 2013 September: Software developer at Skov A/S

    Skov A/S produces hardware and software for climate control and production monitoring in poultry and other livestock farms. My role at Skov was in developing production monitoring software on the companies' embedded Linux platform and developing new solutions for the poultry farming market.

  • 2010 August – 2010 December: Internship at Terma A/S

    Terma A/S builds embedded systems for F-16 fighter planes that provides integration between the various defense mechanisms in the aircraft. My role at Terma was in general support, by developing automated test solutions for their main product and integrating the existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system with their revision control system.

Key skills

  • Optimizing Go programs
  • Static analysis tools for Go
  • Compilers and language implementation
  • Unix systems programming
  • HTTP parsing and routing
  • DNS semantics and server implementation
  • Linux device drivers
  • Developing embedded systems
  • Database implementation

Programming languages

  • Expert Go programmer. Has contributed to compiler and runtime.
  • Seasoned C/C++ programmer
  • Basic knowledge of Python, PHP and Bash

Other skills

  • Fluent in English and Danish
  • Previous experience working remote