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-# jQuery.continutions
+# jquery.continuations
-## Overview
+## First things first
+The first thing you need to know is what an Ajax Continuation actually is. [You can read about them here](
-jQuery.continuations provides a standarized way of processing Ajax responses via [the Continuation object]( The idea is that for most cases,
-your server side code will be generated responses that are similar in structure and you want to build a conventional approach to processing those requests.
+## Now, let's talk about the pipeline
+The continuation objects are processed by what we call our "pipeline" of policies. It tends to make more sense if you read about the pipeline before the policies themselves. [You can read all about that here](
-## How it works
+## Cool, now what's a policy?
+Their structure is simple but they're extremely powerful. [Go here to find out why](
-jQuery.continuations hooks into jQuery via the $.ajaxSetup method and provides a global success callback. The callback that is registered kicks off the
-$.continuations.process pipeline.
+## How do I make my own?
+See [Creating a custom policy](
-## Processing pipeline
+## USEFUL (more advanced) topics
+A few other things that you should know about jquery.continuations:
+* [correlatedSubmit does a lot of work for you](
+* [You can specify custom properties](
-The processing pipeline is orchestrated through [continuation policies]( jQuery.continuations comes with several policies that are registered by default:
+### Additional Reading
+Some links for more information on jquery.continuations:
-(_Matches when the error collection is not empty_)
-Publishes 'ContinuationError' topic through amplifyjs
+### Dependencies
-(_Matches when the refresh property is true_)
-Simply refreshes the page
-(_Matches when the url property is not empty_)
-Navigates the window to the specified url
-(_Matches when the following properties exist: payload, topic_)
-Publishes the specified topic and payload through amplifyjs
-## Request Correlation
-Before each request is initiated, a custom header is appended (X-Correlation-Id). This value originates from one of two sources: 1) randomly assigned for a request 2) the id of the form responsible for the request.
-> Note: It's up to your web framework to handle setting the header into its response.
-Assuming that you are sending the header back down through your response, jquery.continuations handles it from there by doing two things:
-**The AjaxCompleted topic**
-This topic is published through the jquery.continuations event aggregator facade (we use amplify). The message that is published contains a correlationId property with the appropriate value.
-**The continuation processing pipeline**
-Before the continuation is processed, the correlationId property is set.
-> jQuery.continuations also integrates with jquery.form by providing a correlatedSubmit method to any form ($('#myForm').correlatedSubmit())
-## Custom Policies
-An example of how to register a custom policy:
-> $.continuations.applyPolicy({ custom policy... })
+* jquery.continuations.js a dependency on jQuery (>= 1.6.2).
+* jQuery.continuations.forms.js has a dependency on jquery.continuation.js and jQuery.form (>= 2.94)
+* jQuery.continuations.amplify.js has a dependency on jquery.continuations.js and amplify.core.js (>= 1.1.0)

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