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Here's a list of the people who've contributed to this package.
The Inform program and its libraries:
Graham Nelson <>
All the people at
Graham Nelson <>
Gareth Rees <>
Demo games:
Graham Nelson <>
Roger Firth <>
Tutorial material:
Gareth Rees <>
David A. Cornelson
Ethan Dicks
All the people who contributed include files:
A. C. Murie
Adam Stark <>
Alan Trewartha <>
Allen Garvin
Andrew Clover
Andrew MacKinnon
Andrew Plotkin <>
C. Knight
Chris Hall <>
Chris Klimas
Daniel Barkalow
David A. Cornelson
David Fillmore <>
David Glasser
David Griffith <>
David Wagner
Denis Moskowitz <>
Emily Short <>
Erik Hetzner <>
Francis Irving <>
Fredrik Ramsberg
Graham Nelson <>
Gunther Schmidl <>
Jayson Smith
Jesse Burneko
John Cater <>
John Colagioia <>
Jonathan Rosebaugh
L. Ross Raszewski <>
Marnie Parker <>
Michael Coyne <>
Mike Phillips <>
Neil Brown <>
Neil Cerutti <>
Nicholas Daley <>
Patrick Kellum <>
Peer Schaefer <>
Roger Firth <>
Sam Hulick <>
Stefano Gaburri
Volker Lanz
Other contributed stuff:
Gareth Rees <>
Glenn Hutchings <>
Package maintenance:
David Griffith <>
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