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can't iterate from Float #19

jerodsanto opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I have a model with a float attribute and when I turn csv on for its form I get the following type error:

can't iterate from Float

Removing this field from the form makes everything work as expected.

I'm on Rails 3.0.5 using ActiveRecord, form_for and csv gem 3.0.0.beta.7.


Can you provide some example code? Which validations are on the attribute?


Also, is this a Rails error or a javascript error?

If it is Javascript take note that there is now a new javscript file starting with 3.0.0.beta.7: rails.validations.js


It's a Rails error. The field is called duration and the validation on it is:

validates_inclusion_of :duration, :in => 0.25..10, :message => "must be between 0.25 and 10.0 hours"

I recently upgraded this app to Rails 3 and haven't had a chance to switch to the new validates API. If you think that will help here I will give it a try.

The form is pretty vanilla. Here is the related label and field:

<%= form.label :duration, "Duration (hours)" %>
<%= form.text_field :duration, :autofocus => true %>

Ok, I see it. I should have this fixed soon and push a new beta out later tonight. Thanks for the bug report.


Fixed in 209a250


Confirmed, it works! Thanks for this.

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