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All fixes for previous iso version moved here.

Click here first for important changes in the new iso.

Experimental save on exit in directory for casper-boot.

Fixes for MintPup-jwm-icewm-hybrid-07.05.2016.iso:

1. Some Firefox functions as "Open link in new tab" do not work. The latest Firefox version in the repository is special Mint build. I guess it will be fixed in time. Till then if you use Firefox downgrade it to the official Ubuntu version:

sudo apt-get -t trusty install firefox

2. Change /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list to:

deb trusty main restricted universe multiverse
deb trusty-updates main restricted universe multiverse

deb trusty-security main restricted universe multiverse
deb trusty partner

deb rebecca main upstream import  #id:linuxmint_main
deb rebecca main #id:linuxmint_extra

Now you can upgrade the system if you like:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

3. Some scripts changes:

All fixes above included in mintpup-trusty-mp1_0.0.1_i386.deb

I don't see any reason to update the iso image yet. It is useful the way it is. Just install the above maintain pack deb. What it does you can read inside the postinst scripts:


mv -f -t /etc/apt/sources.list.d /opt/temp/official-package-repositories.list
mv -f -t /usr/local/bin /opt/temp/apt2sfs-cli-fullinst
mv -f -t /opt/bin /opt/temp/ffmpeg2sfs
mv -f -t /opt/bin /opt/temp/sfs-get-mint
rmdir /opt/temp

if [ -x "`which update-menus 2>/dev/null`" ]; then

Probably any new fixes will be provided the same way.

4. Upgrading newer xserver-xorg-video-intel package will fail to startx if you run MintPup on old machine with intel GPU like this one:

lspci | grep VGA
00:01.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82810 DC-100 (CGC) Chipset Graphics Controller (rev 03)

The fix is to install xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.99.910-0ubuntu1.7_i386.deb to restore the included in the iso driver. Or you can create /etc/X11/xorg.conf driver and change intel to vesa driver with nano from command line with the newer driver.

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