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@craigmaloney craigmaloney Pepper *is* the only living member of Chaosah. Added explanation of why that is. Dec 5, 2016 37b0158
@lbrtw lbrtw There are more living practitioners of Chaosah than just Pepper Dec 5, 2016 9a3b9e1
@craigmaloney craigmaloney Added the Hereva Cartography Company, updated the image of Hereva's Description. Nov 28, 2016 043539a
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@craigmaloney craigmaloney Make the Space Program more 'permanent'. They already launched a rocket. ;) Nov 14, 2016 22862c4
@ThorinSchmidt ThorinSchmidt added mention of the ants' Space Program as seen in Episode 19 Nov 12, 2016 d30a8b2