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DevExtreme ASP.NET Data

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This extension enables DevExtreme client-side widgets to consume data from the server in ASP.NET applications. A widget communicates with the server in the following manner: the widget sends data loading options (filtering, grouping, sorting, and other options) to the server, the server processes data according to these options and then sends processed data back to the widget. In this way, you delegate all intensive data operations from the client to the server, thus significantly improving the performance of DevExtreme widgets. This extension can be used directly with the widgets as well as with ASP.NET MVC Controls.

Installation and Configuration

The DevExtreme.AspNet.Data extension consists of two parts: server-side and client-side. Learn how to install and configure both the parts from the following topics:

Using CI Builds

To get CI builds, follow the instructions given here. Note that these builds are supposed to be used for getting urgent bug fixes and testing not-yet-released functionality. In other cases, prefer release builds.

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