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Workaround for Hot Masternode on windows


You are running a Hot Masternode on Windows Server 2012 and/or Windows Server 2016.
The Masternode status always reaches status "MISSING".
The command masternode status executed in debug console, always gives this output:
Masternode not found in list of available masternodes. Current status: Not capable masternode:
You have double checked your configuration, everything seems Ok, yet simply your Masternode refuses to go online.


As a workaround you have several options. Any of them is a variant of the Hot / Cold masternode setup. In this guide, you will be driven to setup a Hot / Cold Masternode on the very same Windows Server.

Cold wallet (GUI wallet)

Case 1: You already have a running deviant-qt wallet.

Probably, because you are checking this workaround, you already installed the wallet. In this case, close your wallet. Rename your deviant.conf in deviant.conf.bak. Create a new deviant.conf with only two lines:


You can do this in whichever way you like. Here is an example via command line.

cd %APPDATA%\DeviantCore
move deviant.conf deviant.conf.bak
echo rpcport=22619 > deviant.conf
echo listen=0 >> deviant.conf

Adj deviant.conf

If your setup matches this case, you already did the preparation steps. Also, you already have a proper masternode.conf.

Case 2: You need to install the wallet.

In this case, follow the guide. I suggest using the standalone executables, and uncompressing them in folder C:\Deviantcoin.

Suggested location

Fill your deviant.conf with only two lines:



Start your wallet and check preparation steps in order to be ready to execute the masternode.
Add your line to file masternode.conf:
The values above are explained in the Preparation steps, except {YOUR PUBLIC IP}.
You can check your public ip by opening the url:

Hot wallet (CLI wallet)

With the Hot wallet, we will use the deviantd.exe that is shipped within the wallet package. To setup the deamon without being in conflict with the wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new data directory
    With cmd prompt:
    mkdir %APPDATA%\DeviantCoreMN

With the explorer:
New datadir

  1. Create the management scripts directory
    scripts dir

  2. Create the management scripts:
    3.1. Start daemon script
    Open the notepad, and paste these lines in it:

C:\Deviantcoin\dev-\deviantd.exe -conf=%APPDATA%\DeviantCoreMN\deviant.conf -datadir=%APPDATA%\DeviantCoreMN

start script

Save as "Dev-MN.bat" in folder C:\Deviantcoin\scripts Note: Select "All files" in "Save as type:", otherwise it will be saved as "txt" with a hidden extension.

Save as Dev-MN

3.2 deviant-cli script
Open the notepad, and paste these lines in it:

C:\Deviantcoin\dev-\deviant-cli.exe -conf=%APPDATA%\DeviantCoreMN\deviant.conf -datadir=%APPDATA%\DeviantCoreMN %*

cli script

Save as "deviant-cli.bat" in folder C:\windows\system32 Note: select "All files" in "Save as type:", otherwise, it will be saved as "txt" with a hidden extension.

Save as cli

  1. Fill deviant.conf
    Open the notepad, and fill it with info for your system using this template:
masternodeprivkey={MN PRIV KEY} 
externalip={YOUR PUBLIC IP}:22618

In this guide, the following deviant.conf has been used:

deviantd deviant.conf

  1. Start the Hot wallet
    Browse the directory until you reach C:\Deviantcoin\scripts, then execute Dev-MN.bat

start daemon

This action will open a window. Do not close it, otherwise, you will kill the daemon.

daemon window

  1. Check the sync process
    By this step, the daemon is running. You need to wait for it to fully sync before starting the masternode. You can check the sync status with following command:
    deviant-cli.bat mnsync status

cli mnsync

You can proceed forward when this line appears in the output: "IsBlockchainSynced": true

Start the masternode

To start the masternode, open the GUI wallet, then select the "Masternodes" tab. Use the "Start Missing" function. Insert the password when needed.

start missing

Check masternode status

To check to see if the start is really succesful, you can use this command:
deviant-cli.bat masternode status

masternode status

Do not forget!

  1. Enable Windows firewall
  2. Unlock executables (right-click on every deviant* executables in folder C:\Deviantcoin\dev-, then flag the "unlock" checkbox).

Troubleshooting the configuration

File / Parameter Cold - GUI wallet - deviant-qt Hot - CLI wallet - deviantd
Data Directory %APPDATA%\DeviantCore %APPDATA%\DeviantCoreMN
deviant.conf GUI dev.conf CLI dev.conf
masternode.conf GUI mn.conf CLI mn.conf

Note: The screenshots of masternode.conf files are cutted. You just have to note.:
Cold - GUI wallet - deviant-qt --> filled file uncutted
Hot - CLI wallet - deviantd --> default file (not filled with your data) uncutted